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Archives: November 2012

New Government Report Reveals Extending Unemployment Benefits Creates New Jobs

How’s this for irony? According to a report from the Congressional Budget Office (and as first reported by the Associated Press), extending long-term unemployment benefits will create new jobs!

Extending benefits for another year would potentially add 300,000 jobs to the economy.

As per the piece, although maintaining unemployment benefits has a price tag associated to the tune of $30 billion for the government, it would result in the unemployed population spending more thereby increasing a demand for goods and services and creation of new jobs.

The CBO report demonstrated when one dollar from an unemployment payment gets spent, the economy yields a bump. It actually gets amped up by $1.10!

Keep in mind typical unemployment benefits have lasted up to 26 weeks for eligible workers who lost their employment and seek unemployment. Thanks to the recession circa 2008, the federal government has increased the length of time and offered additional assistance up to 47 weeks.

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Movember Takes Over Offices as CEOs Grow Moustaches

Happy Friday, one and all! On the account that it is indeed the last work day of the week, here at MJD we decided to lighten things up.

Got moustaches? Seriously.

As pointed out by The Wall Street Journal, Andrew O’Dell certainly does. The chief executive of Pereira & O’Dell advertising agency has been growing a ‘stache in the name of the Australian-born Movember. Read more

LinkedIn ‘Open Endorsers’ Ruining It For Everyone

First there were LIONs, or LinkedIn Open Networkers—essentially people who would friend anyone who asked, presumably in order to win a meaningless pissing contest on the Internet about who had the most internet friends.

Now we’ve learned from Tim Tyrell-Smith that there are Open Endorsers, or people who will endorse you for all your skills if you do the same for them.

(Quick backtrack primer on endorsements, since they’re one of Linkedin’s newest features: Your connections can now indicate that you’re good at Skill X with one click. Much less work than writing a full recommendation, but about as meaningful as clicking “Like” on someone’s status update, we suspect. However, there’re rumors swirling that your endorsements will affect how you rank in search, so like many other changes social media companies have forced on us, we have to play along to stay competitive in this personal branding world.)

Okay, but ‘open endorsers’ are idiots. Here’s the profile of a person who tried to connect with Tyrell-Smith:

Useless. All noise, no signal.

If LinkedIn ranks people in search results based on the relative distribution of endorsements within their profile, fine. If we start getting compared to the people with 99+ endorsements in every skill ever, just because that guy agreed to say “yes” to all his friends, coworkers, and random strangers on the Internet, we’re doomed. Thanks a lot, idiots!

Four Career Lessons Learned From the Late Zig Ziglar

When we heard about Zig Ziglar’s passing yesterday, we couldn’t help but think about how the man was literally a brand before branding was king.

Upon reading his illustrious obituary, there are several career pointers we can all learn from the man whose birth name was actually Hilary Hinton Ziglar.

1. Be patient. After all, the best is yet to come! If you ask someone on the street what the man was best known for, perhaps a few words would come to mind: “Motivational speaker and author.” As pointed out in his obituary in the Los Angeles Times, his first book, See You at the Top, was published in 1975. What’s the significance of this date, you ask? He was 49 years-old when he became an author! Read more

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Bloomberg LP Removes Time Stamps on Emails

Journalists at Bloomberg LP may be breathing a sigh of relief this week.

That is, according to the New York Post, the time stamp on emails has now been removed. Apparently it revealed to everyone when employees swiped in and out of the building.

One employee revealed to the newspaper, “It was way overdue.”

The time stamp has been in effect ever since the company was founded; it stamped the time and status on every single email. Considering it was stamped by messages sent by reporters and salespeople, what if you have to leave the office early to interview a source? Or arrive late one morning? Yes, all of the time stamps were previously included on emails. Read more

Three Ways to Talk to Strangers & Improve Your Networking Skills

If you’re not exactly swift at working a room, no worries there. There’s a fine art to networking as a skill to be honed.

According to a new book by David Topus, there are several ways to make inroads in networking by connecting randomly with strangers.

His book, Talk to Strangers: How Everyday Random Encounters Can Expand Your Business, Career, Income, and Life, outlines an essential reminder. Anyone we encounter may be the owner of something we need or want whether it’s personally or professionally and vice versa, we may be able to offer something valuable to them as well. Read more

Got Work? Four Things Bosses Should Never Say to Employees

As we head into the thick of the holiday season, spirits may tend to be a little bit brighter and lighter at the office. That is, if you don’t have a boss who’s a Scrooge!

Maybe your boss isn’t exactly tactful? According to a piece in Forbes, there are several things a boss should never say to his or her staff.

1. Don’t Say,“I pay your salary. You have to do what I say.”  As pointed out in the piece, this one’s a no brainer. It pretty much dictates to employees and has an overwhelming sense of threat. Power plays, anyone? On the contrary, successful bosses empower their employees by leading by example and even rolling up their own sleeves to jump in and get the job done. Read more

This Just In…NBC News Will Start Paying College Interns

Good news! Starting this spring, NBC News will begin paying its interns!

According to the Maynard Institute, a “well-placed source at the network” has revealed the big news. Details are unclear because the number of available internships and actual salary amounts haven’t been determined.

Perhaps other news outlets will begin paying their interns as well?

Keep in mind, according to the piece, ABC News and CNN pay their interns and CBS News and Fox News create arrangements for the college/university to provide course credit. Read more

Employees Get Fired For Ditching the Flu Shot Mandate

Every now and then we come across an employment-related news story that makes us do a double-take.

This is one of them.

As posted on AOL Jobs, TriHealth fired 150 of its employees the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for not complying with a mandate.

What type of mandate, you ask? Well, the Ohio-based health center had a mandate for every single member of its work force to get the flu vaccine. Keep in mind it was being offered for free on its premises. All of the employees were apparently given one month to comply with the mandate. Read more