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Archives: November 2012

Does This Video Make You Want To Intern At

In what has to be the weirdest intern recruitment video ever*, TheStreet reporters talk about….everything besides why you might want to intern here. The tongue-firmly-in-cheek video has reporters talking about how their interns from last year “can’t be working” (“actually, they’re interning at Bloomberg now,” says another), points out that the Wall Street bull statue’s “bollocks are bigger than its brain,” and then shows viewers how close TheStreet’s offices are to Zucotti Park, where “thousands of jobless kids just like yourselves rose up against the greedy investment banks. The same greedy investment banks that keep business journalists like us employed.”

*Ok not really. This video aired at the 2012 Financial Follies, a sort of White House Correspondents Dinner for New York financial journalists. On the other hand, it’s all about interns, and can’t help but leave some sort of impression in interns’ brains. Do you find the jokes funny? Does the vid make you more or less likely to want to intern at TheStreet?

Four Job Hunting Tips on Cyber Monday

Okay, so we know Cyber Monday is really all about shopping for a bargain basement price on a new flat screen TV or an adorable new monogram tote bag but when it comes right down to it, why can’t it be Cyber Monday for job seekers, too?

Extra! Extra! Jobs on sale are going once, going twice…sold!

So, if you’re not as punchy as we are on this get back to work manic Monday, no worries there. That said, there are four tips to keep in mind as you search for a new job. Read more

How To Reward Employees (Without Spending More)

Managers may think that all an employee wants is a promotion or a raise. But did you know that non-monetary rewards can be more effective motivators? In the latest Mediabistro feature, managers and workplace experts tell how you can reward your staff without expanding your budget. “Most studies show that employees don’t actually perform better for more pay, once they have enough to live fairly comfortably,” said career strategist and former HR consultant Mark R. Gerlach. “So rewarding them in more meaningful ways can lead to higher satisfaction.” So what are some of these more meaningful ways? Here’s an idea: Read more

How to Handle a Technologically Challenged Boss

Ever have a boss who’s a little slow on the technology uptake?

Maybe he or she can’t exactly draft an email without taking half an hour or perhaps he or she’s always the slowest to learn the new voicemail system that’s being implemented.

Well, you’re not alone if this has happened to you and according to today’s New York Post, there are ways to tactfully help without being disrespectful.  Read more

New Survey Reveals Nearly 20 Percent of Workforce Will Spend Thanksgiving With Co-Workers

As everyone gears up for Thanksgiving, it turns out co-workers are beginning to feel a lot more like family these days.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, almost one in five employees plan to spend the holiday with co-workers. When broken down by region, Atlanta, Dallas, and Washington DC have the highest percentage of people indicating they’ll spend the day with colleagues.

Results varied slightly by age as well. The 18 – 24 and 25 to 33 demographic has the highest percentage of respondents indicating they’ll break bread (or in this case, turkey) with colleagues at 24 percent.

Numbers dipped slightly for 35-44 and 55+ to 18 percent while the lowest percentage bottoms out at 15 percent for the 45-54 age group. Read more

Unemployment Rate Fell in 37 States in October

There’s good news to cheer about here on Thanksgiving Eve!

As indicated by USA Today, unemployment rates dropped in 37 states last month even though the national jobless rate rose.

For instance, something is going on in South Carolina since the rate fell from 9.1 percent to 8.6! Next up, Alaska’s rate decreased from 7.5 percent to 7.1 and then Wisconsin’s rate fell from 7.3 percent to 6.9. Read more

Thanksgiving Career Gratitude: Be Sure to Thank the Turkeys!

If you’re in a career rut or keep pounding the pavement, you’re not alone. And although Thanksgiving usually marks the time of year to count your blessings, maybe this period of time is a blessing in disguise as well.

(And yes, in case you’re wondering, your friends at MJD are going to get sappy on you so don’t say we didn’t warn you…)

In fact, Kristina Leonardi, NYC-based career/lifestyle coach, points out in her weekly blog post to “thank the turkeys.”

She writes, “Why not also be grateful for the funky, not-so-positive, annoying and pain-in-the-you-know-where stuff as well: The people, things and situations that challenge us, push our buttons or make us feel uncomfortable.” Read more

Five Career Lessons Learned from Elmo & Big Bird

By  now you’ve probably heard via PR Newser that Sesame Workshop has announced Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, has resigned.

Scandal aside, it couldn’t prevent us from thinking about all of the puppeteers at Sesame Street. Seriously. There are several pointers we can learn from all of their brightly colored careers.

1. Do what you love and do it every day for as long as you can. Seriously. Carroll Edwin Spinney has played Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch since 1969. (We gasped, too — had no idea Big Bird and Oscar were played by the same puppeteer!) Read more

Facebook Launches Social Jobs App, It’s ‘Not A Linkedin Killer’

“Not a Linkedin killer” is about the nicest thing anyone could think of to say about Facebook’s new social jobs partnership, which lets members search job postings from Monster, BranchOut, Work4Labs,, and Jobvite.

Josh Bersin, writing on Forbes, said that the new app is “a fairly poorly implemented search system which doesn’t even come close to the services offered by LinkedIn or” “I don’t think Facebook put a lot of energy into this ‘partnership,’” he added.

Former HR guy Lance Haun had some even harsher words: “If I were Facebook, I would quietly remove the server that hosts the application, toss it into San Francisco Bay and start over, never to speak a word of it again.”

The search is indeed a bit tricky (to say the least). And confusing. See below:

Using Facebook’s app to search Monster jobs for “PR” in Washington, DC yields zero results (click to enlarge):

Yet performing the same (or a very similar, in any case) search on yields plenty (click to enlarge):

Believe it or not, getting zero results is actually an improvement over what some people were seeing; Haun searched for HR jobs in California and was given results for restaurant jobs in Great Britain. So seen from that light, getting nothing is fairly good.

As folks are saying, this half-baked effort isn’t going to destroy LinkedIn for now, but if Facebook took the time to put together a seriously killer aggregation engine, then with its huge user base, watch out world.

Four Signs It’s Time to Reboot Your Job Search

Got resumes? If you’re still sending out resumes by the bundle and not getting any phone calls, it may be time to reboot your search.

Check that, it’s definitely time to reboot. Sure, we know the economy is tough and all but when your peers are getting new jobs and moving on and you’re not having as much success, it’s time to do something different. Read more