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Archives: December 2012

Many Americans Set to Lose Extended Unemployment Benefits

Here’s a staggering thought: Approximately 2.1 million Americans are set to lose their extended unemployment benefits on December 29 if the folks in Washington don’t renew them. This is part of a package deal related to tax increases and spending cuts better known as the fiscal cliff.

That’s not all — as per the National Employment Law Project (NELP), an additional 930,000 Americans are going to run out of unemployment insurance early in the new year when their 26 weeks expire. (During the recession, the federal government provided up to 73 weeks of jobless benefits in addition to the 26 weeks most states were able to provide.) Read more

Four Things to Implement to Improve Your Life Today

Ever notice how a fun weekend trip results in a happy, productive Monday back at the office?

Although job advice and insight is an important part of our mission here at MJD, we can’t be remiss about looking at the overall picture. Whether that includes the environment you work in, soft skills or achieving a work-life balance, it’s all good.

As per this post on Forbes, there are four things to implement that may begin improving your life today! Something tells us if even one item is added to your daily routine, you may see some positive shifts in your work life as well. Read more

Three Quintessential Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

During a job interview, you’re likely assessing the temperature of the water, how’s it going and most importantly, how it will end. As in next steps.

Well, according to a piece on Forbes, there are a few essential questions to ask to make yourself memorable in comparison to other candidates and land the follow up interview and eventually the job. Read more

Why Bosses and Employees Should Never Be Friends

Whether you’re a seasoned manager or newly promoted, the boss/buddy line can be hard to detect. Of course you want to be liked by your employees, and striking the right interpersonal chord is important for everyone’s fulfillment. But being too friendly can erode your authority.

In the latest Mediabistro feature, workplace experts help clear up some murky waters when it comes to drawing the line between the personal and professional.  Here’s an excerpt:

1. Remember Who’s The Boss
“Attempting to be friends with your employees makes providing feedback and performance appraisals difficult and puts you at risk for claims of favoritism,” said Devora Zack, CEO of Only Connect Consulting, Inc. and author of Managing for People Who Hate Managing. “Your team needs a leader, not a buddy,” she said. “In the end, they’ll like you more when you focus less on being liked and more on offering guidance and support.”

For more, read How to Stay on the Right Side of the Boss/Buddy Line. [subscription required]

Pitch Tips From the Ultimate Pitchman, Anthony ‘Sully’ Sullivan

Want to ace your next freelance pitch or job interview for that matter?

Take it from Anthony “Sully” Sullivan (yes, he’s the guy who peddles OxiClean and other products), it’s all in the sass and call to action.

According to an interview with The New York Post, Sullivan revealed a great pitch must be concise. “It has to have a little bit of humor. It has to have a reason to be there. At the end of it, it has to have a call to action, like to purchase something.”

As for the interview itself, pitch yourself with your polish. That is, your look, your overall appearance and how you present yourself. As we often hear as writers, “Show, don’t tell.” Read more

The Correlation Between Career Success & Endurance Sports

Have you ever wondered how power players in the office arriving prior to 9 a.m. have already managed to complete a full-on workout that began early in the morning?

Turns out, there may be something to their drive and ambition at work and on the treadmill.

According to a new piece on Fortune, there’s a correlation between career success and marathoners. For starters, as per USA Marathon, the piece mentions marathon finishers in the U.S. spiked from 300,000 runners in 2000 to 525,000 in 2011. Read more

Americans Seeking Unemployment Benefits Dropped For Fourth Consecutive Week

Here’s good news on a Friday during the holiday season!

According to The Labor Department, the number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped significantly for a fourth consecutive week.

Weekly applications for benefits dropped by 29,000 last week to the lowest in two months — a total of 343,000!  This marks the second lowest number during this calendar year. Read more

Four Career Lessons From the 12.12.12 Concert

Rock on! If you were glued to your TV, laptop or mobile device last night for the 12.12.12 concert to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief, you’re not alone.

After all, according to its site it was broadcast to more than two billion households worldwide!

Let’s face it — these guys may be aging but they sure can rock!

As Bruce Springsteen took the stage to open the show, here at MJD of course, we were channeling our inner careerist. One by one as each entertainer illuminated the stage, we were reminded yet again of quintessential career tips that hold true over time. Read more

Cubes: VIP Tour of AOL and The Huffington Post

Combine tasty treats, sleek design, and the now famous ‘Sitting Cameramen of Astor Place’ and you get the latest episode of “Cubes.”

In this episode of Cubes, the MediabistroTV crew is invited into the New York Headquarters of AOL and The Huffington Post. Hosted by the founding editor of The Huffington Post and president of HuffPost Live, Roy Sekoff, the crew visits the cavernous Huffington Post newsroom where hundreds of writers sit keyboard to keyboard under the watchful gaze of Arianna Huffington herself who plays the always gracious hostess by offering up some tasty Greek Christmas cookies. After burning through the sugar high, the guys mingle with the ghosts of journalism past in the HuffPost Live newsroom where live news is served up eight hours a day by tables of writers, producers and editors who always know what time it is in Funkytown.

You can view our other MediabistroTV productions on our YouTube Channel.

Glassdoor Releases ‘Best 50 Places to Work’ Results: Facebook Tops the List, Edelman Makes Top 10

Every year Glassdoor issues its annual list of the 50 best places to work and although Facebook had its fair share of press for its IPO, it earned the top spot in this year’s list.

The social media site also earned the top spot in 2011. Here’s a look at the top 10:

1. Facebook

2. McKinsey & Company

3. Riverbed Technology

4. Bain & Company

5. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

6. Google

7. Edelman

8. National Instruments

9. In-N-Out Burger

10. Boston Consulting Group

The list is based exclusively on reviews submitted by people who know the company culture: Employees! According to its press release, almost half a million company reviews were submitted to Glassdoor the past year.

The review asks a plethora of questions including satisfaction with the company overall and key workplace factors, such as career opportunities, compensation and benefits, work/life balance, senior management. It also covers cultures and values.

According to the press release, Robert Hohman, Glassdoor CEO and co-founder, stated, “Due to greater workplace transparency, information about what it’s like to work at particular companies is becoming increasingly influential as job seekers and employees consider their next career move.”