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Archives: February 2013

Five Tips to Assimilate Into a New Job

When we read this piece on Lifehacker about tips you wish you got on your first job or first job in a new career path, it really resonated.

Sure, there are the main ones like ask questions, realize no task is beneath you/you’re the newbie, and learn the company culture but the following tips really hit home.

For us media folks, it’s so important to stay organized and never miss a deadline. Being on time at work and with your work isn’t only essential to surviving, it’s essential to thriving and exceeding on the job. Read more

British Company Monitors Productivity By Requiring Workers to Wear Armbands

When we heard about what British grocery chain Tesco is doing, it made us cringe. So naturally, we just have to share.

As per the Irish Independent, employees at the Dublin distribution center must wear armbands. Not just any ol’ armband, mind you. It actually measures their productivity! Talk about Big Brother watching, this device micromanages its employees to the point when it recognizes one of its employees takes a bathroom break!  Read more

Three Ways to Become More Likable at Work

Ever notice that sometimes getting promoted or landing a new freelance gig boils down to whether or not people like you?

Better yet, don’t answer that. Sometimes if you’re passed over, you may not come to terms with someone else was more liked (notice we didn’t say more experienced).

Often times when two resumes are almost identical, the decision to move forward with one person over the other comes down to whether or not someone knows them and if they’re downright likable and have the ability to play in the sandbox with everyone else.

And it’s not just about promotions and new gigs; being likable extends itself beyond new jobs and is often worth its weight in gold.  Read more

‘Stress in America’ Survey Reveals Stress Management Varies By Generation

According to a Stress in America survey published by the American Psychological Association, our ability to manage stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle is altered by our generation.

That is, as per the study Millennials (18 to 33) and GenXers (34 to 47) apparently have the highest stress levels compared to Boomers (48 to 66) and Matures (67 years and up). That said, the latter two groups also report stress levels that are higher than what they deem to be a healthy dose of stress. (Oxymoron, yes?) Read more

O‘s Adam Glassman on the Worst Thing You Can Do in a Job Interview

If only he had enough hours in a day. That’s the most challenging part of Adam Glassman‘s gig as creative director of O Magazine, a post where he’s constantly navigating the worlds of graphic design and fashion.

And, of course, working for Oprah means that you’ll always have more interested candidates than open positions to fill. In the latest installment of Mediabistro’s So What Do You Do? series, Glassman discusses the one thing that applicants do to sully their chances.

“First of all, I think everyone should do their homework. You need to know who you’re interviewing with — not just the human being, but also the publication,” he said. “And I can tell you numerous times people have come in and they’ve never picked up an issue of O Magazine. And I have to tell you something: that doesn’t fly. There are so few jobs out there right now for young people, and there are a lot of people looking for a job. The moment you say that to me, the interview is over, basically, in my mind.”

For more, read So What Do You Do, Adam Glassman, Creative Director at O Magazine?

Three Ways to Beat Stress By Breathing, Being & Believing

When we read this piece on Freelancer’s Union we did a collective nod of agreement. That is, if we were in a room with you and its expert, Dr. Neil Patel, Medical Director at Collective Primary Care, the practice serving the members of Freelancers Medical. He dished advice on how to stay chill when your under pressure.

1. Breathing. If you’re headed into a heated meeting at the day job or about to enter a high profile pitch meeting as a freelancer, one of the best ways to calm yourself is to simply breathe. Read more

Four Ways to Infuse Life Back Into Your Job Search

Feeling stalled? Got the winter blues? A bit down and out? All of the above? You’re not alone.

Considering job hunting doesn’t happen quickly and it’s a marathon, not a sprint, there are a few ways to keep your eye on the prize.

1. Celebrate mini victories. In job searching, interviewing, negotiating and closing your own deal, we need all the patience we can get. It takes time as well as persistence and in the end the only real tangible thing to hold onto is the job offer. So, how can you hold onto sticktuitiveness for the end goal when that’s the only thing that may seem to matter and it’s nowhere in sight? Read more

Elevator Pitch: ‘Hoppit’ Helps You Find Bars and Restaurants to Fit Your Style

In this episode of “Elevator Pitch,” Alan Meckler speaks with Steve Dziedzic about his social app ‘Hoppit.’ And when we say social app, we’re not talking the 140 characters or less kind.

“Hoppit” is an ambiance search engine that serves up restaurants and bars based on their atmosphere. Watch and see if “Hoppit” can help Alan find the perfect bar or romantic restaurant.

For more videos, check out mediabistroTV, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV

Want to Boost Your Happiness at Work? Stop Quarreling

This blog post about quarreling on Psychology Today caught our eye.

Why, you ask?

Because so many of us do it at work and may not even realize we’re fighting tooth and nail to “win.” And sometimes, as pointed out by Rick Hanson, Ph.D., neuropsychologist and author, we may not even by quarreling with a person — it may be sticktuitiveness after slamming a desk drawer on your finger. Read more

Four Major Resume Faux Pas & How to Avoid ‘Em

Please don’t be that guy or gal. You know, the type who has a four page resume printed on lavender colored and scented paper. Puhleeze.

When we read this post on Forbes about major blunders job seekers make with their CV, we couldn’t agree more. If you’ve been accustomed to making these blunders please quietly nod in agreement and make a pact with yourself to heed our advice to never do it again.

1. There’s not enough “white space.” This could go on and on — the fonts are too small (and while we’re discussing fonts, please don’t use Comic Sans. Actually, please don’t use Comic Sans at any point. Ever. It lacks a professional, polished look.) Read more