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Archives: February 2013

Four Rookie Moves to Stop Making at the Office

Let’s say you’ve been in media for oh, about 10 years now. Guess what? You could be making some major blunders at the office that make you look green. Really green.

If you want to look like a polished pro, it’s time to ditch the following habits that are making you look like a rookie, as pointed out by a blog post on U.S. News & World Report.

1. You’re late. We’re not talking about being late one day because your train was 40 minutes late to the station or because you got a flat tire. We’re talking repeated tardiness to the point where you not only show up late, you’re disheveled as well. The piece points out, “Nothing says, ‘I’m unreliable,’ quite like working on your own schedule with complete disregard for the needs of others.” Read more

Burned Freelancer Takes Client’s Website Hostage

From our friends at PRNewser here is a story no freelancer ever wants to see: a web designer who claims he wasn’t paid for his work has replaced his client’s website with a ransom note.

The site, which used to be a website for a chain of gyms in California, now looks like this:

While we understand Frank Jonen’s position and sympathize, this also makes us hurt a little on the inside.

Fellow freelancers are saying that it’s what everyone ever stiffed on payment has wanted to do. Other clients? May decide to never hire Jonen based on this stunt.

And of course the move makes other clients think “horror show” when they consider hiring a freelancer — any freelancer.

According to AdWeek, the client–Fitness SF–is now saying that Jonen is trying to “blackmail” them.

Here’s a tip for freelancers who don’t want to be stiffed. If the money stops coming, STOP WORKING. Immediately. Don’t do a little more “because they’re so nice” or “because they promised to pay you.” Just don’t.

Perfecting the Pitch Part Two: Extroverts Versus Introverts

Ah, the lovely personality. Extroverts pitching fellow extroverts are often on the same page but when it comes to pitching or reporting to an introvert, all bets are off. Same goes for the opposite scenario.

Therefore, we checked in with Karen Siff Exkorn, founder of and one of the nation’s top corporate trainers and keynote speakers for Fortune 500 companies, for the scoop. You may recall yesterday we featured her tips for body language when it comes to pitching and altering your own. Since the interview veered into pitching extroverts and introverts when you’re the opposite personality, we figured it deserves its very own blog post.

Okay, here goes: If you’re an extrovert and you talk loudly and quickly, it could be game over before it even began if you’re pitching to an introvert who is a soft and slow talker.

The solution? The author of Fifty Two Shades of Blue-ish suggests, “Start shifting your voice, tempo and volume to match theirs and slowly turn up the dial.”

Essentially the mind-set is to meet them where they are and slowly amp it up to your “level of energy and passion.”

In addition to knowing your audience, an extrovert should be cognizant of the time of day. For instance, if it’s an 8 a.m. meeting, try to dial down your high octane energy level for people who haven’t had their first cup of coffee yet.

As for an introvert pitching an extrovert, well for starters that may feel uncomfortable. As the expert points out, most sales people are extroverts. She advises, “If you are an introvert, act as if.” Actually play a role to be “bigger than you normally are.”

So, how can you do this if you’re normally shy? Focus on your passion.

For instance, when she coaches introverts to deliver show stopping keynote speeches, the expert asks them about what they’re passionate about and that gets them talking. “Harness that energy into the delivery.”

Perfecting the Pitch: How to Read Your Potential Client’s Body Language

Have you ever started a pitch meeting only to look at several poker faces wondering whether or not they’re going to give your project the green light?

Wonder no more. After speaking with Karen Siff Exkorn, founder of and one of the nation’s top corporate trainers and keynote speakers for Fortune 500 companies, we’re confident about perfecting the pitch meeting courtesy of her pointers. Read more

Four Ways to Cultivate Your Personal Brand

When we first read this piece on Freelancer’s Union, we had an a-ha moment. After all, who isn’t working on their personal brand in the office and offline, too?

1. Be likeable. Ain’t that the truth? Be nice, be professional but above all, be likeable. Be personable, speak and write the way you talk and don’t talk down to people. Be honest to a client or internal group about your capabilities and shortcomings — if you’re asked to do something and haven’t done it before, it’s okay to say you don’t have experience in that area.

Of course, you can always add a positive spin saying you look forward to learning something new but above all, be transparent. When we’ve spoken to hiring managers time and time again and two potential employees or freelancers have similar work experiences, they ultimately extended an offer to the person who was more likeable. Read more

Three Ways to Prime Yourself for a Leadership Role

As you look to step on higher rung in your career ladder, never fear! According to a piece in U.S. News & World Report, there are a few ways to wire yourslf to become a good leader.

1. You’re a level-headed strategist.  In the piece, Andrew Graham, president and CEO of Forum Corp., indicates if you’re good at thinking the big picture to not only create strategies but execute them, you’re well on your way. “Since strategy is a basic building block of solid leadership, mastering this skill will easily help you keep the big picture in mind.” Read more

Cubes: VIP Tour of Ogilvy Public Relations

Ogilvy Public Relations graciously opened its doors to the MediabistroTV crew, letting the team run wild through the red and white themed former chocolate factory that’s been renovated to house all of the Ogilvy properties.

Kimberly Ryan played host in showing off the clean open concept space where Ogilvy Public Relations staffers do their relating with the public under the watchful thoughts of founder David Ogilvy who reminds everyone to “Tolerate Genius.”

For more mediabistroTV videos, check out our YouTube channel, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV

New Survey Reveals 30 Percent of Office Romances Resulted in Marriage

This just in…move over, step aside HowAboutWe. If you’re looking for romance this Valentine’s Day, it might be found in your very own office.

According to a new Careerbuilder survey, 39 percent of participating employees mentioned they dated a co-worker at least once during their career. Not only that, but wedding bells rang for 30 percent of people who dated a co-worker! Not too shabby odds, eh? In fact, most respondents indicated they were open about their office romance and didn’t keep it hidden. Read more

Three Ways to Ace the Long Distance Performance Review

It’s a virtual workplace, right? So, it’s no surprise when you’re doing your mid-year or even year-end review that your boss may be conducting it from San Francisco while you’re working from home in Boston.

Whatever the case, there are a few ways to make an indelible, positive impression on your supervisor throughout the year from a distance.

Assuming your boss follows these guidelines to review your performance from the Harvard Business Review, you should be good to go. Read more

One Employer Makes Happiness a Requirement on the Job

How’s this for employer satisfaction? Okay, it’s more like employee performance and happiness.

Apparently at the food chain Pret A Manger, an employee set of rules include a few requirements of “Pret behaviors” such as being “enthusiastic,” “genuinely friendly” and “happy to be” themselves.

As first reported in the London Review of Books, the fast food chain enforces behaviors with a “regime of surveillance and assessment.”

Creeped out yet?  Read more