mylittleo.jpgMichael Locke, who worked at Time Inc. for more than a decade and who was laid off in November, is launching an online news network concentrating on his neighborhood of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill in Brooklyn.

The site’s name?

“My Little O.”

According to Locke and Folio:, which is reporting on the new network, My Little O (*snerk*) is going live in early September. My Little O (*snort*) will be an “uncluttered, comprehensive local news site that is interactive, informative and fun,” he told Folio.

Locke says he’s starting small in order that My Little O will successfully penetrate (oh god) the community.

Also part of My Little O (ha) are advertising/marketing firm Solveris, as well as a team of freelancers, who are all presumably trying to make My Little O….bigger.