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Oh blogs, blogs, blogs! You’re ruining the news market with your free information and your constant updating. So what are you talking about that’s getting everyone so hyped up they just have to pass your stories along?

According to Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism 62 percent of the most linked-to stories by blogs and social media sites were about the economy this week. According to another Pew report, traditional news organizations only covered this topic 41 percent of the time during the same period. Last week 65 percent of all stories linked and viraled from blogs were about the economy. Only 53 percent of the stories from traditional media outlets were on the economy last week.

Perhaps the problem is that traditional media is not doing enough to cover the topic that users are interested in reading about right now. Then again the shear mass of the blogisphere may simply be out doing the power of traditional media outlets. The pew survey tracks topics that appear in the more than 100-million blogs and other social media Web pages concerned with national news and public affairs. That’s a lot of coverage!

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