Diane Rehm and guests are discussing the fate of the newspaper industry on NPR.

Listen now or watch this space.

Rieder: Many newspapers are at risk. Nobody has a business model to replace print. This isn’t about newspapers as print project but preserving the reporting we need.

Rehm: is unsure how long the agreement between the Globe unions and the NY Times Co will hold.

Hall: Most journalists don’t want the government involved (in enabling media ownership). I’m not saying (Kerry’s plan) is what we should do, but we do have public broadcasting, we license TV stations, we talk about nonprofit foundations. Newspapers need to innovate. We could have tax breaks, we could have subscription subsidies, we could pay for young people to have a newspaper subscription.

Rehm: Warren Buffet said the newspaper side of the Washington Post is already failing.

Hall: It’s not written that you can’t do journalism online, but newspapers do the expensive work.

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