New York Times Living With Less
Three members of the NYTimes newsroom joined us at the Circus to show off some of the online, interactive multimedia they’ve worked on. This Washingtonian certainly didn’t know about some of these videos and applications…despite the fact that many of these get play on the front page of they seem to have a mysterious ability to slip under people’s radar, as we’re not the only ones who were mystified by some of this stuff.

Obviously, Word Train is a biggie. But did you know that Word Train got reused with the recession, now called Living With Less? The recession’s also spawned a share-your-frugal-tips-through-Twitter feature called Survival Strategies.

On the political side, they’ve done a pick-your-own cabinet feature called If You Were President, and a pick-your-own Supreme Court nominee. They used user-submitted photos for inauguration coverage. They had 3600 submissions and approved 900 photos.

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