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CEO Talks Candidly About Layoffs: ‘It Sucks Emotionally’

If you’ve ever been downsized, unfortunately you’ve been on the receiving end of the pink slip.

But what about the people who have to do make the difficult decision to downsize their company?

As per a piece on, Cheezburger founder and CEO Ben Huh dished candidly about his most difficult week ever by reducing his company by one-third of its staff. Read more

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Cheezburger Network CEO Ben Huh’s Career Advice for Entrepreneurs

When Cheezburger Network founder and CEO Ben Huh was starting his career, he had one rule: Only take a job if you can work directly with the CEO. In doing so, he says, “I probably learned 10 percent of the things that they’d try tell me, but that 10 percent was a hell of a lot better than 10 percent I could have learned elsewhere.” In part three of our Media Beat interview, he explains, “When I joined companies, I didn’t care where I got in; I only cared about where I got out.”

Huh says, “The best advice I can give [entrepreneurs] is to start,” adding, “What’s really important.. is the first-time entrepreneur puts that risk fear aside.” He admits “it’s that first step that’s probably the hardest to take,” but as Huh has proven, it can really pay off.

He also talks about taking inspiration from others to create an original product, why you should never get too comfortable at a job, and the qualities he seeks in new hires.

Part 1: Ben Huh on Growing the Cheezburger Network: ‘We’re Looking for that Nugget of Passion’(WebNewser)

Part 2: Ben Huh: ‘Users Have Far More Control Over the Business than What We Were Used To’ (WebNewser)

You Can Has Job With The Cheezburger Network

If you’d like to curate pictures of captioned cats, fails, and adorable sleeping animals, you can work for Ben Huh at the Cheezburger Network.

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flickr: VirtualErn

“We look for people who can build communities,” Huh told Mashable in a video interview. And you don’t need to live in Seattle.

Hard-hitting journalism it ain’t, but a few of us undoubtedly prefer kittens to cops.

A bonus quote from the interview (Huh’s kind of an awesome nerd), when asked what he’ll be doing in five years: “Five years from now, scientists have predicted that cats will evolve thumbs, and then we’ll be serving them.”