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What’s Your Favorite Interview Question? Contest Highlights Top Five

interviewWhat’s your favorite interview question of all-time? We can tell you one of our least favorites, that’s for sure: “What’s your biggest weakness?” But alas, we digress.

A post on recruiting forum ERE got us thinking. People submitted their favorite interview questions through a contest with straightforward ones and oddball ones like, “What’s your favorite palindrome?” Read more

Mediabistro Course

Mediabistro Job Fair

Mediabistro Job FairLand your next big gig! Join us on Janaury 27  at the Altman Building in New York City for an incredible opportunity to meet with hiring managers from the top New York media companies, network with other professionals and industry leaders, and land your next job. Register now!

Austin-Based Company Hosts Arcade Parties to Recruit Job Seekers

pinballIf you’ve been wined and dined by a potential employer, more power to you!

While some job candidates may have a typical office interview, others are experiencing innovative ways to learn about a company and their culture. Read more

For New Site Hironomy, Think LinkedIn Meets eHarmony

rosesNew site alert! This one piqued our interest. LinkedIn, eHarmony and a recruiter walk into a bar…

Okay, we’re getting punchy again here in MediaJobsDaily land! The co-founder of new recruiting site Hironomy envisions his company as LinkedIn and eHarmony. Here’s why: The site aims match candidates based on their cultural fit, behavioral aptitudes and cognitive aptitudes.

The site looks at candidates to see whether they match a job, a team and an organization. The ultimate scenario, “the Hironomous fit” occurs when “job seekers are presented with opportunities to work for a company that shares their values, values their talent & ambitions and offers them with opportunities to grow professionally.” Read more

Should You Use Pinterest to Showcase Your Portfolio?

By now we all know how important it is to have a consistent and professional presence on LinkedIn and Facebook but with the rapid growth of Pinterest, experts are saying it’s important to build your portfolio there as well.

And by experts we mean recruiters! According to a recent post on ERE, Dr. John Sullivan writes, “Many users use it to show off their work, so recruiters can use it to spot great designers.”

Considering the site’s demographics lend themselves well to “targeting women or young people as recruiting prospects,” Dr. Sullivan mentions companies are getting on board on using Pinterest for recruiting. Since it’s such a visual platform, in particular graphic designers may bode well by pinning their own work to get noticed.

Plus, recruiters may start using it more frequently to post screen grabs of job announcements. Given his advice to fellow recruiters, it seems we should all lend an ear by what they’re doing, yes?

In the piece he wrote, “Make your pictures easy to find by including the most popular keywords and hashtags. You should also include QR codes and links to your careers page or your LinkedIn profile if you want to communicate directly with interesting prospects. And don’t forget the important benefit that your brand image will likely improve because you’re using this hot app.”

Study Shows Internal Candidates Perform Better Than External Ones

A study published in the Administrative Science Quarterly revealed jobs filled by internal and external applicants. Although it’s from an HR perspective, it essentially showcases statistical benefits for recruiters to hire internal candidates over external ones.

So, far as we’re concerned if you’re in a rut and just want out (as in the exit door to another employer), job seekers may want to hang in there and pursue internal opportunities.

As explained in a post on ERE, the study concluded that internal candidates performed better than people who were hired from the outside. Technically, internal candidates are more valuable than external ones. Not only that, newbies took about three years to achieve the performance levels similar to their colleagues who were promoted internally!

As HR execs and recruiters rely on this data, they may weigh internal candidates more heavily than external ones. And why shouldn’t they? Internal candidates already know the company’s culture and protocol.

Although the study revealed results based on financial services institutions and not media companies, the methodology and results spread the word about the importance of internal candidates and bench strength.

Does Job Hopping Hurt Your Hiring Chances? New Study Says It Doesn’t

Sure, we’ve all jumped around from time to time but does a stream of several gigs in a short time span really impact your shot at getting hired?

As reported by ERE, an online gathering site for recruiters, a recent study by Evolv’s analytical team discovered the answer is no.  A candidate’s work history is a poor predictor of future job tenure. So yes, this is good news!

Results showed absolutely no correlation between the number of positions a job candidate reflected on a resume and how long they’ll last on a future job. A candidate’s resume may raise a red flag to the hiring manager if he or she has held three jobs in the past three years, but according to the results, that doesn’t mean he or she is more likely to leave the new job than someone who worked for the same employer for three consecutive years.

The study examined the number of various full-time jobs participants held during the past five years and how many full-time jobs they held less than six months. As it turns out, employment outcomes revealed there wasn’t an impact based on the number of jobs someone held or how many short-term gigs they held either.

While the good news reflect work history isn’t correlated to future success and job hoppers shouldn’t be quickly dismissed, according to the piece on ERE, in reality, it happens.  Recruiters may size up a candidate’s history and incorrectly predict a short-lived tenure at their employer.