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Three Ways to Keep Your 2014 Goals On Target

midnightCan you believe it’s almost July 4th weekend? We can’t believe it either! And in turn, that means the middle of the year is swiftly approaching.

As you reflect upon your goals and how you’re achieving them, there are three ways to rock out the next six months.

As pointed out in a piece by Amanda Augustine, TheLadders’ resident career expert, there a few key points to keep in mind… Read more

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Not Getting Enough Rejections? Your Goals are Too ‘Safe’

rejectionA headline on Business Insider caught our attention today: “If you’re not getting rejected, your goals aren’t ambitious enough.”

It’s time to dream bigger. Seriously.

Chris Dixon, entrepreneur and partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, actually values rejection. Instead of viewing it as a failure, he flips it upside down. Dixon merely views rejection as a way to emphasize his lofty goals. Read more

Four Career Tips From Mount Everest Climber

mountainsWe refuse to live and work in a silo. After all, who would choose to block out the world?

That’s why we get inspired by all different walks of life. Meet Adrian Ballinger, CEO/founder and lead guide of Alpenglow Expeditions. He’s the only climber ever to reach three 8,000-meter peak summits in less than a month. That means he climbed Mount Everest twice and Lhotse once!

(We’re beginning to feel like major slackers. But anyway…)

We figure Ballinger knows a thing or two about goal setting and achieving lofty ambitions no matter how high (okay, bad pun, we know!). Read more

Four Ways to Achieve Realistic, Attainable Goals in the New Year

successIf you’re like us, you’re setting mega resolutions for the new year. After all, if the resolutions are within reach, they’re not lofty enough, right?

That’s why this piece in The New York Post makes us pause. Columnist and HR executive Greg Giangrande offers succinct tips that pack a punch. It sounds like the key to making resolutions and goal-setting stick is to be focused and persistent in small, simple steps.

1. Start small with your networking. If you’re not exactly into working the room, he suggests resolving “to make just one new connection each quarter.” Whether you attend one industry event, reach out to a new contact or invite a connection on LinkedIn out for breakfast, it’ll get you into a really good habit.

2. Update your resume. This is so true especially if you’re not even looking for a new job. He writes in the piece, “It’s always smart to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what skills you have. You don’t have to do anything with it — but you’ll be amazed at what you may be inspired to do next once you’ve done that simple task.” Read more

Want to Ramp Up Your Career in the New Year? Look at Successful Dieters for Inspiration

scaleHave you ever noticed when you’re truly focused on achieving a goal, everything else falls into place? You’re so focused, determined and persistent that other things around you look like a similar goal? Maybe it’s just us?

Anyway, we read this post on LinkedIn by John C. Abell, their senior editor, and it resonated with us. Although his post is about the habits of highly successful dieters since he lost 80 pounds on Weight Watchers, we couldn’t help but make the connection to highly successful achievers. (And if you want to drop a few pounds in the new year, his tips make total and complete sense). Read more

Three Must-Haves For Your Career This Fall

autumnWell, it’s officially autumn and 2013 is in the home stretch now. Inspired by this post on The Daily Muse, there are a few ways to buckle down this fall.

1. Set year-end goals. The piece points out, “Take a look at your last performance review and your current workload, and think about one big thing outside of your typical day-to-day duties you can focus on this quarter. Is there a long-term, back-burner project you’d love to wrap up by the end of the year (or a new one you’d love to pitch to your boss)?”

We know you can do it — set aside blocks of time (even 20 minutes) on a daily basis to get focused on your goal. Read more

Three Ways to Keep Your Career From Going Stale

We got inspired by a piece on Brazen Careerist which points out several ways to keep your career fresh.

The thing is, we’re big advocates of always keeping your career on top of your game. That is, don’t wait until you’re out of a job to revamp that resume. Do it now instead! Don’t wait until you can’t stand your job to start networking; constantly be in touch with various contacts here and there regardless.

Without sounding too preachy, here are a few other pointers you can continually work on to keep your career prowess in your control and oh-so-very polished.

1. Monitor your social media accounts. Instead of cleaning up your Facebook photo albums right before a big interview, why not continue monitoring the photos you’re tagged in? In the post, Kelly Gurnett writes, “What business dust bunnies and everything drawers have you been neglecting?”

In addition to keeping photos squeaky clean, make sure your LinkedIn profile is accurate. If you’ve won awards recently (and even not-so-recently), feel free to add them. Beef up your profile with new skills you’ve learned and honed. If old information is no longer relevant, feel free to tweak or even delete it. Spruce up your profile pics and make sure they’re recent. Read more

Four Ways to Help Your Team Advance

There’s no “i” in team, right? What better way to propel your career and feel the satisfaction of group collaboration than having your team succeed right there along with you, right?

According to a recent post on The Daily Muse, there are several ways to move forward, in particular if you’re managing a team right now. And if not, and you’re on the track for managing editor or even a promotion to oversee a few associates, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about ways to achieve group goals. Read more

Five Ways to Let Go (Yes, Let Go) of Long-Term Goals

We’re so goal-oriented over here at MediaJobsDaily, you’d think we’re over-achievers or something!

Well, according to a piece in The New York Times, maybe we should all exhale for a moment and stop focusing so much on the long-term.

Carl Richards, certified financial planner in Utah and author of The Behavior Gap, indicates we may not have enough money to reach all of our goals. (So, in this case goal isn’t exactly related to becoming a managing editor but rather, traveling to the Acropolis, saving money for a rainy day or a retirement fund.)

His solution? He writes in the piece, “I believe it’s time we let go of outcome-based goal setting and instead focus on the process of living the lives we want right now. Letting go of outcome-based goals can bring us freedom.” Read more