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Who Works Where In Social Media: A List Of Who To Talk To

Getting your foot in the door in any industry is never easy, but we imagine it’s even tougher in an industry that’s changing as fast as the speed of tech. So if you’re trying to parlay your love of Twitter into a paying gig, we sympathize.

That’s why it’s so awesome that Jeremiah Owyang, web strategist, has compiled this list of who works where in social media. If you’re interested in being a community manager for a tech company, for example, there’s sixteen names to look up, contact, and network with. If you want to be a social media strategist at Trader Joe’s, maybe you want to email the one at Whole Foods and ask her how she got her gig. Heck, even Cirque Du Soleil has a social media manager, and she’s listed too.

This is a goldmine for anyone looking to get into the field, so best of luck!

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Job Title To Watch: ‘Community PR Agent’?

Can organized communities drive innovation, and will they need representation? That’s the question (a bit of a mouthful!) that blogger Jeremiah Owyang, web strategist, posed over the weekend.

What he means: Communities —and here we mean not necessarily physical communities but online groups of people organized around a common topic— have already started to gain power as they support one another and band together. He cites UserVoice , GetSatisfaction or Ideastorms as examples “that allow communities to define what features they want with products.” To this list we’d add The Consumerist, which has had great success recently helping stiffed consumers get their money back from companies that don’t seem to respond to normal customer service channels.

So the big question is: Do these communities need PR?

With communities in the driver seat over product, a shift will happen as communities can define the spec of future products and therefore multiple brands will bid for their business. As a result, we should expect the agency model to flip over, where PR agencies start to represent communities of customers –rather than brands.

What if these communities (we’re likely all part of at least one) started to band together and used UserVoice to define what we want? What if a savvy agency saw this, and decided to take our ideas to market on our behalf?

Some have asked why PR is the right skill set for this. But why not?

Careers On The Move

While jobs in media maybe vanishing like the dinosaurs, there is still hope on the horizon. Jobs in other sectors are actually expanding and with a little reevaluation, you might find your skills are applicable to a variety of new openings that are emerging. MediaJobsDaily would like to bring your attention to jobs that might fly under the radar or escape your attention as viable opportunities.

Community Manager
In this era of web 2.0 a new job is evolving that is one part publicist, one part marketer and one part journalist. For many companies the role of the community manager is still being formed, but the majority of people in this position agree that the key element is to listen and report. Community managers typically tend a company blog, respond to user questions on a multitude of platforms&#151like Frank at Comcast’s Twitter page&#151and bring information from users/customers back to the company.

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