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Even Associations Can’t Protect Us; NAA Cuts 39 Jobs

The Newspaper Association Of America has just cut 39 positions, or almost 50% of its staff, and announced it will no longer print physical copies of Presstime.

President and CEO John Sturm (who got creamed by Colbert last month) was direct about it: “Industry economics compelled this round of staff reductions—to ensure we remain an affordable value to our members,” he wrote in a memo.

These guys are supposed to be the ones looking out for us, and now they’re in trouble too? Come on, haven’t we hit bottom yet?

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The Colbert Report Talks To Newspaper Journalist (Again)

Editor-at-large of Hearst Newspapers and the San Francisco Chronicle, Phil Bronstein, decided to take a turn on The Colbert Report last night. Even though he ran John Sturm, head of the national publisher’s organization (NAA), through the ringer last week, Bronstein thought it was important to go on the show and risk ridicule, to try and convince TV viewers that the internet is killing the newspaper industry. Make sense to you? Yeah, we weren’t quite sure either. Tell us how you think he did.

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Phil Bronstein
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Colbert On The Newspaper Industry

And now for something a little lighter:

Stephen Colbert sat down with NAA president John Sturm to talk about the death of newspapers. Let’s see how it went:

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