Sure, when you head into an interview you’re primped and ready for the hard-hitting questions like where you see yourself five years from now, however you may be asked three important questions that may be weighed heavily by the hiring manager.

According to a post on Inc., Jeff Haden says the interviewers who adhere to the following technique will get the most out of the interview. In turn, assuming you’re the job seeker in this situation, there are three questions to be prepared for. (And if you’re the hiring manager, it seems like the following three questions will pave the way to get a comprehensive picture of the candidate.)

For starters, Haden recommends the job interviewer start at the very top, asking the candidate’s work history from then until now. In the piece he writes, “Move quickly, and don’t ask for detail. And don’t ask follow-up questions, at least not yet.”

As the candidate explains each job, he suggests interviewers ask the following questions… Read more