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Layoffs Anticipated at Time Inc.

pink slipAccording to WWD, Time Inc. staffers are gearing up for some pink slips.

Rumors are racing as employees anticipate layoffs to come as early as next week. Just last month its CEO Joe Ripp informed employees the company was going to reduce costs before it spins off later this year from Time Warner. Read more

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Bossnapping Occurs in France as Employees Brace Themselves for Pending Layoffs

executives fightingHave you ever imagined kidnapping your boss? Um, neither have we but this story from France made us wonder why it’s not uncommon over there! Hmmm.

According to Fortune, 200 employees working at a Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. plant in Amiens took two executives hostage on Monday by preventing them from leaving their facility. Sounds like the workers weren’t happy about Goodyear’s intentions of shutting down the factory and pink slipping 1,200 employees. Read more

New ADP Report Shows Job Growth

job searchAs 2013 winds down, there’s good news to share. According to an ADP report issued yesterday, the U.S. private sector added 215,000 jobs in November.

Numbers are based on literally millions of paychecks ADP handles each month. As for the really good news? The number was approximately 40,000 to 50,000 higher than predictions by economists, so says Business Insider.  Read more

Three Signs You Might Get the Pink Slip

firedIf you’ve ever gotten the pink slip, raise your hand!

Now that we’re all friends and have been there/done that at one time or another, it’s likely there were signs ahead of time. Whether or not we chose to ignore them is another topic but a few indicators were probably alive and well.

Per this piece on BBC, there are a few clues that can give you the heads up as to whether or not a reduction in force is going to happen. Granted, we don’t want to create panic but instead it’s the notion of proceeding rapidly with caution and circulating that resume. Read more

CEO Talks Candidly About Layoffs: ‘It Sucks Emotionally’

If you’ve ever been downsized, unfortunately you’ve been on the receiving end of the pink slip.

But what about the people who have to do make the difficult decision to downsize their company?

As per a piece on, Cheezburger founder and CEO Ben Huh dished candidly about his most difficult week ever by reducing his company by one-third of its staff. Read more

Instead of Doling Out Pink Slips, Some Japanese Companies Put Employees in ‘Banishment Rooms’

We shouldn’t live in a bubble so what you’re about to read will bring a new perspective to a basic¬†conference room. While some Japanese companies are reluctant to show employees the door, they embrace banishment rooms.

Looking to pink slip an employee? Fughettaboutit! As per the Asahi Shimbun, companies are transferring surplus employees and giving them mundane tasks to accomplish. The goal is for employees to reach a point of despair and simply quit on their own.

And we’re not talking about boutique companies. As mentioned in the piece, two subsidiaries of Panasonic Corp., Hitachi Ltd., Sony Corp., an NEC Corp. subsidiary and Seiko Instruments, Inc. have all employed banishment rooms. Read more

Worst Countries For Employees to be Laid Off: The U.S. & Switzerland

Ever wonder where the worst place is to be let go from your job? Wonder no more. The U.S. took the top spot and Switzerland followed in second place.

According to eFinancialCareers, our country and Switzerland favor the employer and make it simple for them to trim headcount. Here’s why: Every state in our country aside from Montana has “at will” employment.

Essentially employers can lay off its people for any time and for any reason. Sure, it is not supposed to be discriminatory but at will also means they’re not legally required to dole out money. Read more

Two ‘Kansas City Star’ Reporters Must Decide Their Own Job Fate

Here’s something we didn’t see coming. Sure, when reporters get downsized usually management decides who stays and who goes.

Well, in the case of The Kansas City Star, two reporters have been told one of them will stay and the other one will go and get this — they will be the ones to make the decision!

As pointed out by JimRomenesko, Karen Dillon and Dawn Bormann have been tasked with the difficult decision. Read more

Martha Stewart Omnimedia Announces Layoffs

Unfortunately, on the heels of the monthly jobs report there will be more job seekers pounding the pavement and they include employees of Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

Late yesterday The New York Times announced the company is going to layoff about 70 employees and will cut back two of its four publications. This equates to almost 12 percent of the total number of its employees.

For instance, Everyday Food will scale back its magazine and publish five issues each year instead of 10. Plus, it won’t be sold as a publication by itself and instead, subscribers to Martha Stewart Living will receive it as a supplement.

In addition, Whole Living Magazine, is looking for a buyer. According to the newspaper, execs are in talks to sell the publication, they already plan to stop printing it by the end of this calendar year if it hasn’t been sold.

As a result of the cutbacks, Martha Stewart’s business will now rely on its two flagship publications, Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Technically, when looking at the company’s history the lay offs and reductions in publishing shouldn’t be a total shock. Income has steadily decreased across its publishing, merchandising and broadcasting arms.

Plus, the company slashed $12.5 million in broadcasting costs when it cut daily programming with the Hallmark Channel. The Martha Stewart Show ended its live audience on that channel and soon announced a new weekly show, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, was going to air on public television.

Sadly though we’ve had to report more than enough layoffs recently; hopefully next week and in the weeks to close out the year there will be an uptick in media companies expanding in the digital and broadcasting space.

‘Las Vegas Review-Journal’ Lays Off Six Employees

The week is almost at its close but unfortunately, we don’t go unscathed with head count.

In other words, The Las Vegas Review-Journal is the latest publication to anounce layoffs.

According to JimRomenesko, the announcement was made on Tuesday. Five editors and one art director are among the casualties. They are going to hire one person to manage news/business and will apparently hire another person to oversee features/sports. As per the site, impacted editors have been encouraged to apply for the openings.