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How Your Posture Can Help You Feel Powerful at the Office

body languageWant to walk in the hallways at work like you own the place? Want a strut that says, “Look at me?”

Per a piece on Psychology Today, Thaima Lobel, Ph.D., says powerful individuals “stand up.” In fact, it’s been proven in studies that people who stand or sit in powerful poses and also expand in space are perceived as being more powerful. Read more

Mediabistro Course

Mediabistro Job Fair

Mediabistro Job FairLand your next big gig! Join us on Janaury 27  at the Altman Building in New York City for an incredible opportunity to meet with hiring managers from the top New York media companies, network with other professionals and industry leaders, and land your next job. Register now!

Four Ways to Succeed at Work Without Really Trying

love my jobOkay, we couldn’t resist! We should all try, right?

This piece on Psychology Today caught our eye. After all, it’s hump day and chalking things up to a midweek slump, we’re ready for Friday to arrive already. Who’s with us?

So, we need a little inspiration to keep our juices flowing until the end of the week. In her blog post, Peggy Drexler, Ph.D. points out several ways to focus on the good and simultaneously outshine the bad.

1. Focus on what you’re good at. Let’s face it, it’s easy to dwell on the tough projects or slight shortcomings like the inability to speak in public but she writes about highlighting all of the things you ace.

“Instead of laser focusing on your faults, or even improving your workplace weaknesses, incorporate into every workday something at which you excel: managing others, say, or writing compelling briefs. Similarly, instead of obsessing over a goal you didn’t reach, move on and focus your energy on current successes, and ones soon to come.” Read more

John Gray’s New Book, ‘Work With Me,’ Dishes Gender Blind Spots & How to Overcome Them

If you’re a fan of author John Gray, Ph.D., you’re schooled by now on his countless relationship books such as Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Well, after years of conducting research and workshops along with consulting, he and co-author Barbara Annis, have a new book dropping tomorrow called Work With Me. The book tackles eight gender blind spots in the workplace and how to deal with them.

The New York Post interviewed Gray who mentioned women feel like they’re being excluded from situations that may lead to career advancement such as not being invited to get drinks with the guys.

One solution, said Gray, is to actually involve the guy. Instead of blaming him (that could lead to becoming defensive and antagonistic), he suggested focusing on results and possible solutions. “He becomes the solution, not the problem.” Read more

Want to Boost Your Happiness at Work? Stop Quarreling

This blog post about quarreling on Psychology Today caught our eye.

Why, you ask?

Because so many of us do it at work and may not even realize we’re fighting tooth and nail to “win.” And sometimes, as pointed out by Rick Hanson, Ph.D., neuropsychologist and author, we may not even by quarreling with a person — it may be sticktuitiveness after slamming a desk drawer on your finger. Read more

3 Reasons to Volunteer & Become More Efficient at Work

It feels like we were literally just celebrating the new year, right? February is right around the corner and we literally just discovered that January is National Thank You Month.

Well, according to Tracy Packiam Alloway, Ph.D., director of the Center for Memory and Learning in the Lifespan at the University of Stirling, UK, there are a few  reasons why we should give back to the community by showing thanks.  Read more

Five Easy Ways to Remember Names and Faces

Ever go to a networking event with nametags? Ah, nametags. We’re big fans.

Now, have you ever gone to an event sans nametags? Someone introduces his or her name to you and with a shake of a hand and within the same moment, you can’t remember the name at all?

Never fear. According to a blog post on PsychologyToday, Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. provides several tips to remember names along with faces. Read more

Brush Up Your Resume With Nine Punctuation Tips

There’s nothing like a little grammar lesson on a Friday afternoon, right?

Our friends at JIST Publishing outlined several ways to polish that resume and make it shimmy and shine (okay, okay so we’re a bit punchy here on a Friday). David F. Noble, Ph.D., author of Gallery of Best Cover Letters, includes over 300 sample cover letters and 20 resumes in his book.

Lucky for us, here are a few punctuation tips that even the brightest of journalists may find refreshing, as pointed out in the JIST blogRead more