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Think Your Job May Be on Pink Slip List? Here are Four Clues

pink slipIf you’ve been on the chopping block, perhaps you’ve seen the pink slip signs coming. You know, the ones which reveal themselves to you in due time like colleagues who start rescheduling meetings with you three and four times.

Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, their list of warning signs is pretty much on track with what we’ve seen, too. Read more

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Really?! Women Get Fired Via Facebook Page

fb logoAbout six months ago we brought you the story about a worker getting fired via text message.
Well, we now hear that women in New Zealand were fired on their fast food store’s private Facebook page. What is this world (and in this case, management) coming to? Seriously.
As per AOL Jobs, 20 year-old Taryne Cullen worked for a franchise called Pita Pit for a year. When she returned to work after having knee surgery, Cullen noticed her name was missing from the work roster. Keep in mind the shop had new management by the time she returned. Read more

Bossnapping Occurs in France as Employees Brace Themselves for Pending Layoffs

executives fightingHave you ever imagined kidnapping your boss? Um, neither have we but this story from France made us wonder why it’s not uncommon over there! Hmmm.

According to Fortune, 200 employees working at a Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. plant in Amiens took two executives hostage on Monday by preventing them from leaving their facility. Sounds like the workers weren’t happy about Goodyear’s intentions of shutting down the factory and pink slipping 1,200 employees. Read more

Downsized Journalist Raises More Than $7,000 to Pay Rent

moneyOn the brink of becoming homeless, former journalist Craig Lindsey got crafty.

The former Raleigh News and Observer writer has been unemployed for the past three years and his unemployment benefits ceased last January. He needed $900 to cover his rent and leveraged Indiegogo on New Year’s Eve to get it done. Lindsey wrote on the site, “I’m just looking to see if anyone can help with a few dollars on this most of dire of weeks.”

Well, as per Indiegogo, the former journo has raised $7,825! His profile indicates:

“As I go into my fourth year of joblessness, with little to no prospects on the horizon, I’ve often felt I made a huge mistake choosing this line of work. I also feel I’ve made a bigger mistake moving to an area where there’s not a lot of demand for my line of work. I don’t have family here, so I don’t even have that to fall back on. My friends try to help me out when they can, but they have their own troubles. I only ask if you can help me on this endeavor, and I will be eternally grateful.” Read more

Buffalo Bills Fan Loses Job After Falling Out of Upper Deck

pink slipIf you think your behavior outside the office doesn’t impact your employment, think again.

You may have already seen the cringeworthy video but in case you haven’t, Rob Hopkins attended Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday’s game when the Bills took on the New York Jets.

After sliding down a safety railing in the 300 level seats, he lost his balance and fell over the railing into 200 level seats, thereby plummeting an astonishing 30 feet. Read more

Three Signs You Might Get the Pink Slip

firedIf you’ve ever gotten the pink slip, raise your hand!

Now that we’re all friends and have been there/done that at one time or another, it’s likely there were signs ahead of time. Whether or not we chose to ignore them is another topic but a few indicators were probably alive and well.

Per this piece on BBC, there are a few clues that can give you the heads up as to whether or not a reduction in force is going to happen. Granted, we don’t want to create panic but instead it’s the notion of proceeding rapidly with caution and circulating that resume. Read more

Meredith Announces 80 Pink Slips

Despite several expansions and acquisitions, it seems Meredith Corporation is preparing for a downturn.

As reported by The New York Post, yesterday Meredith announced cutbacks of 80 people. A spokesperson confirmed that specific number to the newspaper after rumors swirled the pink slips were going to exceed 100.

The company issued a statement: “We must dedicate resources to meet the demands of the evolving business landscape, and operate as efficiently as possible. As part of the process, today we are announcing selected work-force reductions of 80 employees companywide. These actions will enable us to allocate additional resources to our key strategic-growth intiatives.”

As The New York Post pointed out, it appeared the media company led by CEO Stephen Lacy was doing well as of late. In 2011, Meredith purchased Family Fun from Walt Disney for about $20 million. Plus, it grabbed Everyday with Rachael Ray from Reader’s Digest and also purchased Eating Well, as the article reported.

Even in January things seemed to be in full glory when Meredith purchased Despite these big moves, the layoffs are reportedly the result of a sudden decrease in advertisements; the first quarter of 2012 reflected ad page reductions of 17.8 percent.