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Want to Boost Happiness? Survey Suggests Stop Looking at the Clock

midnightTick tock goes the clock.

Want to be a happier, more productive worker? Stop looking at the clock.

As per a piece in The Wall Street Journal, new research shows folks who work in strict schedules based on the clock are less happy than colleagues who work in looser environments. Generally speaking, the former group feels like they have less control over their lives.  Read more

Gotta Dance (at Work)! New Zumba TV Spot Showcases Conference Room Moves

Need a little pick me up? Here’s a video bringing new meaning to productivity boosters at work by shaking things up. And by that we mean dancing!

Whether or not you’re a Zumba fan, their new TV ad highlights their dance moves everywhere and we do mean everywhere, including the office. Yes, that means the conference room. Take a look…

Three Ways to Become More Mindful at Work

yogaIf you’ve ever been checked out at work, you’re not alone. But when we say checked out we really mean not being engaged when you’re supposed to be. It’s one thing to check out and surf Mediabistro during a conference call but it’s quite another to be zoning when you’re working on deadline.

Dr. Stephen McKenzie’s new book provides pointers to be mindful at work while simultaneously reducing stress to achieve more. Read more

Three Ways to Deal With the Empty Nest Syndrome at Work

graduation capIf you’ve seen a few pictures here and there in your Facebook feed with friends sending their oldest young adult off to college, you’re not alone.

And if you’re one of the parents posting the pictures, chances are you’re feeling a mixed bag of emotions — joyful exuberance for your offspring combined with a sense of nostalgia and weepiness.

In fact, the adjustment may be more difficult for the empty nesting parent than their college-bound kid. Here are a few ways to keep things in check back at the office. Read more

The Truth About Conference Calls: Survey Shows People Zone Out

conf call phoneIf you’re on a conference call while you’re reading this post, you’re like most people zoning out during conference calls.

According to a new survey conducted by Intercall, more than one-quarter of participants admitted they have fallen asleep during a virtual meeting. Other respondents revealed they’ve made other calls, snacked, exercised and played video games.

Apparently 47 percent of respondents have said — get this — they have actually gone to the restroom during a call! And even if you’ve been among the faithful listeners sitting at your desk, chances are you got distracted by emails, texts or the internet.  Read more

Survey Shows Half of Employees Show Up Hungover

bottlesAccording to a new study published by Blowfish, approximately 50 percent of employees revealed they arrived at the office hungover.

In addition, 28 percent mentioned they were tardy to the office because they were out partying the night before and 17 percent admitted they called out sick because they were simply too hungover from the previous night. Read more

‘The Inner Edge’ Author Shares Three Ways to Boost Focus & Efficiency

successWe checked in with Dr. Joelle K. Jay, principal with Leadership Research Institute (LRI) and author of The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership, to get the scoop on ways to revolutionize work life to become more focused and efficient.

1. Find focus. It’s the age-old notion of being busy rather than productive. She explains, “The goal is to create windows of focus in which you can strategically build a sound structure for your tasks. Once you see your tasks, organized and in writing, prioritize and frame the tasks at hand.”

Her advice? Give yourself a time-out for two to five minutes. “Set an alarm on your phone to make sure you stay within your parameters. Spend that two to five minutes without distraction, just you and an empty pad of paper, crafting your to-do list. The defined parameter can help you find focus and slow down, and take control.” Read more

Have You Outgrown Your Job? Three Telltale Signs

Tech Writing FIAre you dragging yourself to get to the office on a Monday morning, dreading the upcoming week? Downright bored from start to finish? You may have simply outgrown your job.

Courtesy of a piece on Business Insider, here are a few telltale signs.

1. You’re bored. Let’s face it — being intelligent is a blessing and sometimes a curse. You’re too smart for your job and constantly underwhelmed by your assignments. Per the piece, this will make it challenging for you to concentrate and stay focused. If you rely on sugar, coffee and oh yes, more sugar to stay alert then it’s time to look for a new gig. Read more

How to Effectively Work in Pairs

TeamworkAh, if only we wrote how to effectively work in Paris, now that would be something! Okay, we’re getting a little punchy here in MediaJobsDaily-land but it’s in the spirit of you, our faithful reader!

Whether you’re working as a PR freelancer with a co-founder of your company or whether you’re paired up with a colleague at the day job, there are a few key things to remember about working as a duo.

As pointed out in a piece on Psychology Today, there’s specific insight about how pairs create. Read more

Lonely at Work? You’re Not Alone

isolated at workA piece on Fortune caught our eye. That’s because it examines the impact of being lonely at work. We’ve been there done, that in a former role in an office where everyone’s heads were buried in their cubicles. All. Day. Long.

Not only was it not enjoyable, it wasn’t productive! A recent study proves it. As cited in the piece, in 2011 two professors discovered that greater employee loneliness resulted in “poorer task, team role and relational performance.” Plus, loneliness at work actually triggers emotional withdrawal from the organization itself. Read more