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Let the March Madness Begin! New Survey Reveals Who’s Most Likely to Participate in Office Pools

NCAAAh, it’s that time of year again. Sure, the first day of spring infuses a sigh of relief into many exhausted wintry commuters but today’s also a sign that the annual NCAA basketball tournament is in full effect.

So, naturally this brings us to talking about office pools. Per a new CareerBuilder survey, one in five workers have participated in a March Madness office pool.

Apparently, people in management are most likely to participate in office pools related to the tournament. Directors, managers and team leaders are most likely to participate whereas entry level and administrative workers are least likely to participate. Read more

Smart Move? Toiling Away Long Hours at the Office to Prove Dedication

hangoverHave you ever stayed at the office past typical working hours even though you weren’t really productive?

Join the club. Per this piece in today’s New York Post, people stay at the office until their boss leaves. At that point, they follow suit and head to the nearest exist as well. One New York-based professional explained he “wouldn’t look dedicated” to his job if he left 90 minutes before everyone else.

We have to wonder aside from social cues, if you stay longer does that mean you’re more available for opportunities that come along after hours? Or does it look like you’re inefficient since you’re not getting work done during the actual day itself?

Bruce Tulgan, founder of management research firm Rainmaker Thinking and author of It’s Okay to Be the Boss, told the newspaper, “The people who get ahead aren’t the people who go home. The hero is the one who stays in the office the longest.” Read more

New Research Says Playing on Smartphones at Work is Beneficial to You & Employer

simply hired mobileIf you’ve ever squeezed in a tweet here or there during your day job, you’re not alone.

And according to new research, you’re making excellent strides since it’s apparently a boon to business.

According to BusinessNewsDaily, two members of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology say it’s actually not necessarily a bad idea for employees to play on their smartphones during the day. Read more

New Study Shows Employees Working From Home are Happier & More Productive

work from home2If you’re working from home and enjoying it more than the office, you’re not alone. A recent study conducted by Stanford University indicated when employers allow their workers to work from home, they’re ultimately happier, less likely to quit and more productive.

Call center employees were given the opportunity to work from home, researchers noticed people at home made 13.5 more calls compared to their cubicle counterparts. They also quit 50 percent less than office dwellers and revealed they were “much happier” on the job. Read more

What’s Your Productivity Hack? One Executive Says 4 a.m. is the Key

work from homeLinkedIn’s latest Influencer series got us thinking. What’s your productivity hack? Does it entail tackling the most challenging item first on your list? Limiting phone calls and messages until the afternoon? Creating clear boundaries between your work and home lives or intertwining them instead? Waking up at the crack of dawn?

Sallie Krawcheck, business leader at 85 Broads, mentions in her post the “most precious commodity in business is time.” The executive has discovered her highest peaks of productivity occur in the early morning. And we do mean early. Read more

New Survey Reveals Majority of Workers Succumb to Cyber Monday Shopping (at Work)

cyber mondayAh, we know the drill.

You’re at work. A click here, a click there, a click everywhere. After all, it’s Cyber Monday and there are steals and deals to be had!

As per a new CareerBuilder survey (via AOL Jobs), 54 percent of employees expect to spend some time today shopping online for the holidays. This is an increase compared to 49 percent from 2012.

We’re not going to get preachy here to say you should wait until lunchtime or a break before you hop online but we will say to watch the clock so a lot of your day isn’t eaten up by online purchases. Your wallet will thank you and also your boss. One out of five workers will apparently spend between one and three hours browsing for deals during the holiday season and 10 percent will spend more than three hours. Read more

Hey Managers, Want to Spike Productivity? Here’s a Hint: Give Team a Raise

moneyWant to put a little spring in your step while boosting the wallet of someone on your team? If you’re a manager, you may see the benefits of giving an unexpected salary increase.

As per Fortune, the average salary increase has been approximately three percent each year. How can the typical worker stay motivated to work hard when compensation isn’t exactly linked to performance?

Well, according to a study conducted by Harvard Business School, there’s a quick and effective way to boost productivity and morale. After you hire new employees, spike their pay! Read more

Four Things Successful People Do Before Winding Down the Day

midnightWe’ve often heard about what successful people do to start the day like meditate, wake up 30 minutes earlier and avoid checking messages right away but winding down the day is equally important.

According to a piece on Business Insider, there are a few pointers we can learn from successful folks as to how they end their day on a high note.

1. Focus on the next day. Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express, writes down the top three things on his mind to accomplish the next day.

There’s a lot of weight in not only planning ahead but writing things down to make them more concrete. The piece indicates, “This helps him prioritize first thing the next morning.” Read more

Survey Reveals Emails are Constant Time Drain

According to Modeuro Consulting researchers from the University of Glasgow and U.K., when leaders ease up on their emails a whole lot of goodness starts happening.

Per a piece in The Wall Street Journal, they looked at seven executives in London and how they literally spent their waking hours. Results pointed to emails as a major time drain to the tune of 90 minutes per day. On average, executives emailed 56 times each day.  Read more

Want to Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity? Kick Off Your Shoes (Really)

When we read this piece on Quartz, we really dug it.

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk and secretly taking off your shoes to let your feet breathe? (Or maybe that’s just us?)

Anyway, there’s a growing shoeless movement. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, one in four companies across the nation have a casual dress code during the summer and about one-third are casual year-round. It’s not clear what the policies are around footwear or lack thereof but according to the piece, shoeless workers may feel less stressed and work more productively, so says The Barefoot AllianceRead more