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Getting Back to Basics: Cover Letter Essentials

It’s often overlooked and quite frankly, it shouldn’t be. The cover letter, as you’re probably already aware, can help your resume shine. That is, if you have an effective one.

According to a piece on Fast Company, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Per the piece, Slate editor Katherine Goldstein strongly suggests focusing on the cover letter to land a new job. Read more

Revising Your Resume? Check Out Where Recruiters Spend Their Six Seconds of Review

Instead of agonizing over the fonts on your resume or other visuals like how big to make the margins, keep this statistic in mind.

According to a survey conducted by TheLadders, most recruiters spend only six seconds reviewing your resume. That’s worth repeating — six tiny seconds! One thousand one, one thousand two, see we’re almost there ourselves…

They’re not alone with their results. As pointed out by ERE, BeHiring mentioned the average time is five to seven seconds. Although the time is certainly succinct, each second counts. Read more

Top 10 Ways People Lie on a Resume (Translation: Don’t be That Guy or Gal)

Want to Google something? Go ahead and type “lying on.”

As for the very first word to appear? That would be “resume.”

Believe it or not, people frequently lie on their resumes. As in a lot. We won’t get into the startling stats; the whole take-away here underscores the importance of being honest on that CV. Whether people stretch a date or blatantly lie about a degree they never earned, none of it leads to anything good. In fact, Marquet International, a security consulting firm, compiled a list of the most common lies.

People in the resume liars club have forged any or all of the following:

1. Stretching employment dates.
2. Inflating past accomplishments and skills.
3. Enhancing job titles and responsibilities.
4. Exaggerating educational background to the tune of degrees that haven’t been earned.
5. Inventing periods of unexplained gaps.
6. Omitting past employment altogether.
7. Faking credentials.
8. Falsifying reasons for leaving prior employment.
9. Providing false references.
10. Misrepresenting a military record. Read more

Four Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

Okay, we know it may be kind of trite but what could be more metaphorical than spring cleaning your career than the arrival of spring this week?

1. Revamp that resume. Even if you’re not job hunting, few things can be as powerful as powering up your CV.

That is, make it ready for circulation even if you’re not looking. It’s your ticket to the next step in your career so even if you don’t send it out right away to a few contacts, might as well dust it off, update it to your current job and make a few tweaks. Read more

Four Major Resume Faux Pas & How to Avoid ‘Em

Please don’t be that guy or gal. You know, the type who has a four page resume printed on lavender colored and scented paper. Puhleeze.

When we read this post on Forbes about major blunders job seekers make with their CV, we couldn’t agree more. If you’ve been accustomed to making these blunders please quietly nod in agreement and make a pact with yourself to heed our advice to never do it again.

1. There’s not enough “white space.” This could go on and on — the fonts are too small (and while we’re discussing fonts, please don’t use Comic Sans. Actually, please don’t use Comic Sans at any point. Ever. It lacks a professional, polished look.) Read more

Four Tips For Resume Writing in an Online Applicant Tracking System

Okay, we admit the headline makes this piece sound a bit boring but fret not! The online applicant tracking system is the database recruiters use to scour hundreds upon hundreds of resumes to find a gold mine. As in, yours.

As such, you need to make your resume not only user-friendly for potential interviewers and fit into one or two pages, yada yada, but it also needs to be database-ready for the system to pick up key words.

As per a piece in The Wall Street Journal, there are several pointers to consider… Read more

Four Reasons Why Your Resume Gets Rejected

Ever wondered why maybe you’re not getting a call from a recruiter after submitting your sparkling resume?

Well, maybe it’s not as spot on as you may think. According to a piece in India Real Time (sister site to The Wall Street Journal), there are a few reasons why your top notch experience may not be presented the right way on the ol’ trusty CV. This is assuming your skills and experience match the job qualifications (if you’re not qualified, well let’s just say that’s the numero uno reason why you’re not getting a phone call.) Read more

Unique Job Post Indicates Resumes are Not Necessary to Submit

Here’s a breath of fresh air for you. A job posting for a games business support job at 12 Gigs in San Francisco reveals the hiring manager does not (we repeat — does not) want a resume!

Instead, they want to receive three to five reasons why you’d be awesome for the role and why you should get the job. The cross-device gaming network founded by execs from Zynga and tapjoy seems to want people who are excited about being part of a startup.

The job posting reads: “We don’t care about your resume or experience. We don’t care where you worked or where you went to school. We want smart and passionate people who pursue excellence and can work as part of a top-notch team.”

College Student Submits Nicolas Cage Photo to Career Center Instead of Resume

How’s this for accuracy?  Or better yet, a major faux pas.

Just yesterday we issued a friendly reminder about the importance of submitting accurate job applications but a student at York University in Toronto made a major blunder while sending an e-mail.

As a job seeker, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake (let alone have it go viral), but in the spirit of keeping things light with the job search, we can’t resist from sharing.

The Wall Street Journal reported Vanessa Hojda accidentally attached a photo of Nicolas Cage to her job application. She e-mailed the career center at York regarding an administrative assistant opening. In lieu of her resume and cover letter, Hojda attached a deer-in-headlights headshot of the actor! Read more

Four Things to Bring On Your Next Interview

Have you ever shown up for an interview with just a purse or a man tote? We didn’t think so. Chances are, you at least brought a portfolio but you’d be surprised at how many people forget some of the basics. Hence, it’s time for a refresher course!

As pointed out by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter on U.S. News & World Report, there are several things to bring so you’re not only prepared, you’re polished as well. Read more