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Media Futurist Says The Future Media Maybe Seemingly Free Content

6a00d8341c59be53ef01156ffd4cef970b-320wi.jpgWith the AP vowing to go after content scrapers and the New York Times considering pay walls for their content, the collective thought on new business models for media outlets is that everything will not be free.

Well in his report on “8 key trends and some foresights for the next 5 years,” media futurist Gerd Leonhard, says that that is not going to be the case, exactly. While content will seem free as it does right now, a shift towards paying for your content through your Internet Service Provider (or ISP), is probably the most likely solution to this revenue dilemma. Instead of subscriptions or a pay by use basis, your Time Warner plan is going to start to come with built in packages of content (i.e. sign up with Time Warner and you’ll get a free subscription to NYT online).

Collective blanket licenses that legalize and unlock legitimate access to basic content services via any digital network will emerge, and are likely to take over as the primary way of content consumption, around the world (but in Asia, first). Just like water or electricity which is readily available when moving into a new home, the basic access to content will be bundled into access to digital networks, i.e. via ISPs, operators, telecoms, portals etc. This shift is starting with music (as already done by TDC in Denmark, and Google in China), and will be quickly followed by films, TV, books and newspapers. Access may often – but in local variations – ‘feel like free’ to the user but will in fact generate 10s of Billions of $$ via blanket licensing fees…

I think that governments around the world will call for and / or support the implementation of collective content licenses that will finally legalize content usage on the Internet, similar to how governments pushed for the radio and broadcasting licenses approx. 100 years ago. Whether these blanket licenses will be voluntary or compulsory remains to be seen – in any case the only alternative is to perpetuate a severely dysfunctional telemedia ecosystem that criminalizes almost all users and stifles innovation while generating virtually zero new revenues for the creators.

Wow, could someone get this guy a mainline to Arthur Sulzberger ASAP? For more predictions about where the future is going with digital media, check out Leonhard’s full report here.

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When One Magazine Closes A New One Opens: An Interview With People StyleWatch’s New Executive Editor Suzanne D’Amato

art-skin_sense_80x72.jpgWe were all a little disheartened when Conde Nast announced they would be shuttering their promising, four-year-old design publication Domino in January. The larger question on industry insiders’ mind was where was their staff&#151with industry big wigs like Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello and Dara Caponigro&#151going to end up? Perhaps that’s why we were so excited when the press release came to us announcing former Domino features editor Suzanne D’Amato had found a new home with Time Warner‘s newest venture People StyleWatch. We had to go right out and exclusively interview Suzanne about the ups and downs of the industry as well as her exciting new job. Check out some of the highlights from our interview below.

The closing of Domino was certainly a sad event. What were some things you did immediately after you were notified that helped pave the way for your new career opportunity?

The week we got the news, I was pretty shaken up, but soon after that, I dusted off my resume and emailed every person I knew in New York (former bosses, old coworkers, friends, friends of friends, you name it) to try to set up meetings. People had heard the news and wanted to help. I pursued every lead I received&#151even those that seemed unlikely to pan out or weren’t quite related to my background. You just never know.

What advice would you give people currently in a similar position?

Treat each day like a work day, and each meeting like an interview. Try to meet with as many people as possible&#151you never know who someone knows. And I don’t mean this to sound glib, but try to make the most of your time off. It might end sooner than you think!

For more from our exclusive interview, check out the article after the jump.

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Former AOL CEO Finds New Job With News Corp.

jonathan_miller_aol.jpgThe former head of AOL, Jon Miller, is joining News Corp in the new role of CEO, Digital Media reports BoomTown. In this capacity, Miller will oversee the global internet and mobile businesses as well as developing new digital strategies across all News Corp. sites.

Since 2006, Miller has been working with the venture capital firm Velocity, which he founded. This new role is an interesting turn as Miller is just emerging from his non-compete contract with Time Warner, which he has been under since he left the role of AOL CEO three years ago. Previously Miller was barred from taking a seat on Yahoo‘s board of directors by this same contract. Even now Miller can not officially take this new position heading News Corp’s digital media group as his contract is still binding for another three days. News Corp expects to officially announce Miller’s appointment on Tuesday or Wednesday. This is not the only battle Miller will have to face when it comes to News Corp. More on this after the jump.

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