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Revolving Door Newsletter: 11.09.10

Salon Swaps EICs; Conan, Olbermann Return to TV

November 9, 2010
Conan O'Brien returns to television after a 10-month absence. The host of a new TBS late-night show called Conan (named so because "I'd be harder to replace") took some shots at his old employer NBC but mostly hit above the belt. The ratings were excellent, helped no doubt by CNN, which did its best to help its Turner Broadcasting partner. The news network mentioned Conan 20 times on Monday, including a live take outside his studio. Nothing says exciting television quite like a Steadicam shot of a building...

John Koblin talks to Adam Moss and new New York Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren about their perhaps frayed relationship. There's a rivalry simmering under the surface, but the worst either will say about the other in print is Lindgren's accusation that his former boss at New York and NYTM is a micromanager. Still, it should be fun to watch this unfold, especially in January when Lindgren debuts his new-look book... Uptown ups its rate base by 50,000 to 250,000... Bloomberg BusinessWeek names Kristin Powers as managing editor... AOL News loses James Graff to The Week where he'll be managing editor... Bicycling continues to revamp its stable... Forbes taps Eric Savitz as San Francisco bureau chief...

After a two-day suspension, Keith Olbermann returns to the air. Network president Phil Griffin decided the punishment fit the crime and allowed his highly-rated anchor back. Olbermann apologized to his fans, but not to the network... ESPN breaks up the announcing duo of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. The latter didn't have his contract renewed, while the longtime play-by-play man may move to Sunday night radio telecasts... Bill Walton will provide color commentary for four Boston Celtics games on Comcast SportsNet... Nancy O'Dell replaces Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight...

Salon editor-in-chief Joan Walsh leaves the post she's held since 2005 to write a book. She'll continue to blog as editor-at-large while she's crafting her tome. Executive editor Kerry Lauerman fills the vacancy... Pam Sutherland is the new group information officer at Oxford University Press. She comes from Oxford Journals, where she was operations director. Meanwhile, the OUP also signs up Ernst Kallus and Casper Grathwohl... Nathan Hull joins Penguin UK as digital publisher...

The Washington Post shuffles its national politics team, moving Shailagh Murray to focus on the dynamic between the White House and Congress, while Paul Kane handles the GOP House majority beat. Paul Rucker lands Congress, David Fahrenthold tells readers about the rules and regulations of the House and Senate, and Perry Bacon will follow Barack Obama... Mark Miller steps into the editor position at the Texas Tribune. He had been editorial director at Newsweek and editor of the publication's digital arm...

AOL has hired 600 journalists for its Patch platform in 2010. They will cover 500 towns and regions around the country... Jim Brady leaves startup TBD after reportedly clashing with publisher Robert Allbritton... And there are changes at Condé Nast, WTOP, and more...

November 9, 2010: Brian Moran has been named managing editor at Broadcasting & Cable. He had been managing editor at American Express Publishing. (FBNY)

November 9, 2010: Sage Edson has been named national lifestyle director at House Beautiful . She had been Eastern advertising director at Ladies' Home Journal. (mb)

November 9, 2010: Dan Franklin has been named digital editor at Random House UK. He had been digital editor at Canongate UK. (Publishers Lunch)

November 9, 2010: Lisa Faith Phillips has been named director of digital strategy and development at Hachette Book Group. She had been digital marketing consultant at Flip Global Marketing. (Publishers Lunch)

November 8, 2010: Heather LeFevre has been named director of planning at StrawberryFrog Amsterdam. She had been senior international strategist at Tribal DDB. (mb)

November 8, 2010: Jamie Ludwig has been named music editor at Venus Zine. She had been editor at Alarm. (mb)

November 8, 2010: Kristin Powers has been named managing editor at Bloomberg Businessweek. She had been associate publisher at Miramax/Weinstein Books. (MediaJobsDaily)

November 8, 2010: Kerry Lauerman has been named editor-in-chief at Salon. He had been executive editor there. (NYT)

November 8, 2010: Steve Komarow has been named head of the defense and foreign policy team at Bloomberg News / Bloomberg Government. He had been deputy Washington bureau chief at The Associated Press. (FBDC)

November 8, 2010: Eric Savitz has been named San Francisco bureau chief at Forbes. He had been West Coast editor at Barron's. (release)

November 8, 2010: Mark Martin has been named managing editor at Verso Books. He had been production editor there. (Publishers Lunch)

November 8, 2010: Audrea Lim has been named associate editor at Verso Books. She had been assistant editor there. (Publishers Lunch)

November 8, 2010: Jonathan Stolper has been named vice president and general manager at Nielsen BookScan US. He had been vice president and associate publisher, Octopus Books USA, at Hachette Book Group. (Publishers Lunch)

November 8, 2010: Nathan Hull has been named digital publisher at Penguin UK. He had been head of digital strategy at Universal Music. (Publishers Lunch)

November 8, 2010: Ernst Kallus has been named digital media director for English Language Teaching at Oxford University Press. (Publishers Lunch)

November 8, 2010: Casper Grathwohl has been named online and reference publisher, Global Academic Business, at Oxford University Press. (Publishers Lunch)

November 8, 2010: Pam Sutherland has been named group chief information officer at Oxford University Press. She had been operations director at Oxford Journals. (Publishers Lunch)

November 8, 2010: Nathan Bransford has been named social media strategist at CNET. He had been literary agent at Curtis Brown. (GalleyCat)

November 8, 2010: Christine Mattheis has been named online editor at Bicycling. She had been associate editor there. (FBNY)

November 8, 2010: Lou Mazzante has been named articles editor at Bicycling. He had been editor at Mountain Bike. (FBNY)

November 8, 2010: Andrew Bernstein has been named gear editor at Bicycling. He had been sports editor at The Saratogian. (FBNY)

November 8, 2010: Leah Flickinger has been named executive editor at Bicycling. She had been deputy editor at Women's Health. (FBNY)

November 8, 2010: James Graff has been named managing editor at The Week. He had been world editor at Aol News. (FBNY)

November 8, 2010: Neal Augenstein has been named reporter at WTOP. He had been reporter/producer at UPI Radio. (mb)

November 8, 2010: Val Boreland has been named senior vice president of programming, promotion, and multiplatform strategy at Comedy Central. She had been vice president of program and promotion scheduling there. (release)

November 8, 2010: Mark Miller has been named editor at Texas Tribune. He had been editorial director at Newsweek and editor of Newsweek Digital. (release)

November 6, 2010: Katie Sherman has been named copy manager at Condé Nast. She had been associate managing editor at (mb)

November 5, 2010: Deanna Siste has been named broadcast specialist and account manager at Grayling Connecting Point. She had been line producer and segment producer for CNN Newsroom and CNN Saturday and Sunday at Turner Broadcasting. (mb)

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