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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

December 9, 2010
If you're like me, the most stressful aspect of the holiday season is buying gifts -- finding the time to shop, picking out the right gift for each person, hoping the store has it in stock. At the same time, gifts are an important way to show friends and family how much we care about them. The same is true for your employees. You may not feel like you can afford to show them some love, especially with the lump of coal Bureau of Labor Statistics just gave us for a November jobs report, but it's more important than ever. Salary increases are inching up to three percent, and companies are focusing those increases on their top performers, even going so far as to accelerate their traditional calendars to reward those whose pay was frozen.

All of which makes it far more important for employees to be in that top-rated group. Mediabistro advised employees to make themselves invaluable by seizing opportunities to lead, collecting tangible evidence of their accomplishments, and offering frequent (though not annoying) status updates to their bosses. Or, learn from this master networker who focuses on finding insiders at the companies she's targeting. Among her exploits: wrangling an email address out of a Yahoo! exec during a live chat and following random CNN employees on Twitter, then convincing one of them to pass along her resume.

Of course, gift-giving is a two-way street, and overworked HR professionals shouldn't be afraid to ask for their own goodies, like Veechi's SocializedHR product. The coolest feature? ResuReader, which allows recruiters to take a picture of a resume, then scan, parse, and upload it to a company's talent-acquisition system. More innovation comes from CareerBuilder's new Talent Network, which creates a mini-site to "capture active and passive candidates from multiple sources." As points out, these are all things companies could do for themselves, but if you don't have the resources (and a spare $100-150K per year burning a hole in your company coffers), outsourcing the project may make more sense. At the cheaper (read: free) end of the spectrum, there are several ways recruiters can deduce potential candidates' email addresses without resorting to paid services.

Finally, after all the gifts are exchanged, it's time to relax and party! Workforce reports that companies "are more confident about business prospects and feel a need to invest again in morale, reward and recognition." Nationally, 76 percent of employers will hold some type of year-end celebration, up from the decade low of 67 percent last year, though below the peak of 83 percent in 2005. That's good news not only for employees, but also for the hard-hit hospitality industry.

Of course, we at never stopped partying. If you're planning on being in New York December 14, stop by our annual Holiday HR Breakfast for food, fun and a gift exchange.

From all of us at, have a happy, healthy holiday season.

Greg Horowitz
Director, Job Board

Bad News: Unemployment's Up (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Employment rose just 39,000 in the month of November, not enough to keep the unemployment rate from rising to 9.8 percent. Economists had estimated many more jobs would be added in December, so recovery is yet a distant dream.

No Limit on Whose Jobs Go on .Jobs, Says SHRM (
So what's the point of the .jobs domain? That's what recruiters are trying to figure out. The one reason Society for Human Resources Management sought a new domain was to enable companies to post jobs on a company-specific domain; SHRM's now backpedaling on that requirement, saying the domain will be open to anyone.

Are You An E-Stalker? (Fistful of Talent)
Finding candidates' e-mail addresses is a core skill for any recruiter or headhunter these days, even if it makes some candidates worry you're stalking them. (Little do they know that their personal information is plastered all over the Internet.) Here are some tips for sourcing that hard-to-find e-mail.

The End of Paper Based Resumes? (Bersin)
Can you snap a photo of a resume with your iPhone and have it converted to editable text in your ATS? You can now, with SocializedHR. It ain't free, but think how much more awesome it will be to work a job fair.

CareerBuilder Can Do For You What You Should, But Haven't (
If you need a talent network but haven't built one, CareerBuilder's new service integrates seamlessly with your current branding and look and feel. Presto, a social network that captures potential candidates' information before you even know you need it.

Holiday Parties Are Back (Workforce)
After a number of companies canceled their holiday parties in 2009 -- either out of a desire to save money or to look to the public as if they were saving money -- the holiday party is returning. Is your company holding its party this year?

Report on Compensation: Cracks in the Ice (Workforce)
After years of frozen salaries or pay cuts, many employers are bringing back annual raises of three percent or so, modest but enough to beat inflation.

Do You Appreciate This Strategy? (MediaJobsDaily)
Here's a job seeker who really knows how to work her network. We think she's great at being polite but firm. But what do recruiters and HR folk think? If her resume came across your desk, would you be impressed?

How to Become Invaluable to Your Employer (
Ensuring your job security is about more than just doing your work. Here are seven tips to help you become more visible and valuable to your boss.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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