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Revolving Door Newsletter: 12.28.10

This Year's Top 5 Media Departures; Time Inc. Shuffles Execs

December 28, 2010
The Cutline offers its top five media departures of the year. First on the list: Juan Williams. The former NPR commentator caused a stir on both sides of the aisle after he was fired for mentioning "Muslim garb" on the air. Rick Sanchez, cut for calling Jon Stewart a "bigot," also makes the list as do Helen Thomas and David Weigel. Larry King rounds out the top five, but something tells us we'll still hear plenty from the host, even more than the four CNN specials he's contracted to do...

Time Inc. shuffles a bunch of bodies on the business side. Mark Ford jumps to executive vice president and president of the newly created Sports Group, while John Q. Griffin is EVP and president of the News Group. Frank Wall takes over as publisher of Sports Illustrated, replacing new Time publisher Kim Kelleher... Scholastic's Parent & Child Magazine publisher Risa Crandall steps down to join Brand-Aide. She was last in the news for further blurring the edit/ad line... There's "no timetable" for the sale of Lagardere's international titles...

Los Angeles Times restaurant critic S. Irene Virbila won't stop reviewing joints despite losing her cloak of anonymity... The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is profitable... Katy DeLuca gets promoted to features editor at Washington Examiner, while Jacque Jo Bland departs and Leah Fabel returns after an extended sojourn to India...

ESPN hires former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown as an analyst. Brown could provide special insight into the enigma that is LeBron James, a player he coached in Ohio... Torry Holt joins NFL Network as an analyst. He'll feel comfortable alongside former teammates Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, and Trent Green, and debut during NFL Total Access: Pro Bowl Selection Show... Travis Rodgers lands a syndicated radio show. Starting Monday, Jim Rome's former producer will host a three-hour show on Sporting News Radio... David Shuster is officially out at MSNBC... WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange inks a $1.5 million book deal. He'll use the money to keep his site alive... And there are changes at Nextgov, National Journal, and more...

December 28, 2010: Mike Brown has been named NBA analyst at ESPN. He had been head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers. (SportsNewser)

December 28, 2010: Risa Crandall has been named brand integration director at Brand-Aide. She had been publisher at Parent & Child Magazine. (Mediaweek)

December 28, 2010: Lucas Bean has been named senior director of online marketing at Atari. He had been senior director of marketing at (PRNewser)

December 28, 2010: Jason Wallace has been named director of creative services at CooperKatz & Company. He had been manager of creative services there. (PRNewser)

December 28, 2010: Meredith Topalanchik has been named vice president and director, client services at CooperKatz & Company. She had been director, client services there. (PRNewser)

December 28, 2010: Kyle Farnham has been named managing director at MSLGroup. He had been acting managing director there. (PRNewser)

December 28, 2010: Christine Pietz has been named public relations coordinator at NBC Universal. She had been senior publicist at CNN. (PRNewser)

December 28, 2010: Josh Dickey has been named film editor at Variety. He had been deputy editor at The Wrap. (FBLA)

December 27, 2010: Moe Tkacik has been named contributing writer at Washington City Paper. She had been writer there. (FBDC)

December 26, 2010: Chris Grayson has been named director of digital at He had been owner at Chris Grayson & Associates LLC. (mb)

December 25, 2010: Laura Eckstein has been named market editor at Good Housekeeping. She had been a freelance writer and editor. (mb)

December 23, 2010: Elizabeth Goodman Artis has been named deputy editor at She had been executive editor-at-large at Prevention magazine. (mb)

December 23, 2010: Brendan Ripp has been named publisher at Money. He had been publisher at TIME. (Reuters)

December 23, 2010: Frank Wall has been named publisher at Sports Illustrated. He had been publisher at Money. (FBNY)

December 23, 2010: Kim Kelleher has been named publisher at TIME. She had been publisher at Sports Illustrated. (FBNY)

December 23, 2010: John Q. Griffin has been named executive vice president and president of the News Group at Time Inc. He had been publishing president at National Geographic. (FBNY)

December 23, 2010: Mark Ford has been named executive vice president and president of the Sports Group at Time Inc. He had been president of the News & Sports group there. (FBNY)

December 23, 2010: Sam Walsh has been named executive producer at Team One. He had been founder and chief executive officer at Signal Management. (release)

December 22, 2010: Stan Wischnowski has been named editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer. He had been acting editor there. (release)

December 22, 2010: Leah Fabel has been named Fairfax County reporter at Washington Examiner. She had been education reporter there. (FBDC)

December 22, 2010: Jacque Jo Bland has been named media relations specialist at Chesapeake Energy. She had been features editor at Washington Examiner. (FBDC)

December 22, 2010: Katy DeLuca has been named features editor at Washington Examiner. She had been page designer there. (FBDC)

December 22, 2010: Katherine McIntire Peters has been named executive editor at Nextgov. She had been senior correspondent there. (FBDC)

December 22, 2010: Jessica Taylor has been named House Race Hotline editor at National Journal. She had been assistant editor at Politico. (FBDC)

December 22, 2010: Mark Peterson has been named vice president of newsstand at Meredith. He had been executive vice president and managing director at DJG Marketing. (release)

December 22, 2010: Marya Gullo has been named gallery director at Wonderland Gallery. She had been director of photography at UFC Magazine. (mb)

December 22, 2010: Christian Heinze has been named blogger at The Hill. He will continue to blog for GOP12 under The Hill. (FBDC)

December 22, 2010: Gregg Birnbaum has been named senior editor at Politico. He had been political editor at New York Post. (FBNY)

December 21, 2010: Miyoko Ohtake has been named editor at Dwell. She had been associate editor there. (mb)

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