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Revolving Door Newsletter: 01.04.11

Voice Loses A Veteran; Hearst Closes In On Elle

January 4, 2011
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Hearst Magazines is negotiating exclusively with Lagardere to acquire the majority of the French publishing firm's global magazine portfolio. If the deal goes through, it would make Hearst the second-largest magazine publisher in the world. The price tag should fall between $700 million and $1 billion. Lagardere reportedly wants to keep its French division as well as editorial control over Elle, which leaves WWD wondering how it all would work. If the exclusive window - which runs out January 30 - lapses, Bauer Publications and Meredith Corp. are waiting in the wings...

The Newsweek/Daily Beast merger won't be finalized until mid-January. This isn't exactly a surprise, but you have to feel for interim Newsweek editors Dan Klaidman and Nisid Hajari who have new jobs waiting but are playing out the string for a magazine that has "no morale" left... Time Inc. loses Dawn Bridges. The head of PR since 2004, she is the latest in a string of departures since Jack Griffin took over for Ann Moore... Peter Davis steps in as the new editor at Avenue. He leaves IMG's The Daily where he had been features director...

After 33 years, Wayne Barrett steps down as Runnin' Scared columnist at the Village Voice. He outlasted 14 editors and leaves us with this nugget: "I have written, by my own inexact calculation, more column inches than anyone in the history of the Voice."... Judith Miller (yes, that Judith Miller) joins Newsmax as a contributor. She'll focus on national security and foreign relations issues... Carolyn Washburn leaves the editor job at the Des Moines Register for the same position at the Cincinnati Enquirer. Rick Green, editor of the Palm Springs, CA Desert Sun, replaces her...

Former American Morning anchor John Roberts is headed to Fox News where he'll serve as senior national correspondent... Fred Cantu leaves KEYE after two decades on the Austin, Texas television scene... BBC America taps Rachel Smith for the newly-created position of vice president of original programming. She previously worked at Discovery's Planet Green and had stints at IFC and Bravo as well...

Calvin Klein recruits Christopher Martinelli as director of public relations, men's wear and men's celebrity... Kim Thiel moves to SMG Search as vice president, director... Tamson Weston founds an eponymous book publishing house... Mike Isaac leaves Forbes for where he'll be a reporter... And there are changes at the Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, and more...

January 4, 2011: Rachel Smith has been named vice president of original programming at BBC America. She had been executive at Discovery. (The Wrap)

January 4, 2011: Rick Green has been named editor at the Des Moines Register. He had been editor at the Desert Sun. (Des Moines Register)

January 4, 2011: Benjamin Spiewak has been named account director at The Visionaire Group (TVG). He had been management supervisor at Atmosphere BBDO. (mb)

January 4, 2011: Carolyn Washburn has been named editor at the Cincinnati Enquirer. She had been editor at the Des Moines Register. (Des Moines Register)

January 4, 2011: Kendra Campbell-Milburn has been named account director at The Visionaire Group (TVG). She had been director of brand integration at Engage In-Game Advertising. (mb)

January 4, 2011: Jim Armstrong has been named reporter at WBZ in Boston. He had been special assignment reporter at Fox 25. (TVSpy)

January 4, 2011: Eric Fisher has been named meteorologist at The Weather Channel. He had been anchor at WGGB in Springfield. (TVSpy)

January 4, 2011: Rachel Weiner has been named blogger at The Fix. She had been editor at (FBDC)

January 4, 2011: Kevin Brennan has been named staff reporter at National Journal. He had been graduate student at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism. (FBDC)

January 4, 2011: Alissa Swango has been named assistant digital editor at National Journal. She had been deputy digital editor at Chicago Tribune's TribLocal. (FBDC)

January 4, 2011: Tim Fernholz has been named tax and budget correspondent at National Journal. He had been staff writer at The American Prospect. (FBDC)

January 4, 2011: Nicolas Will has been named creative director at Olson. He had been senior creative at Dolby Laboratories. (AgencySpy)

January 4, 2011: John Roberts has been named senior national correspondent at Fox News. He had been anchor at American Morning. (TVNewser)

January 4, 2011: Kim Thiel has been named vice president, director at SMG Search. She had been vice president of marketing at OptionsXpress. (mb)

January 4, 2011: Ramesh Bulusu has been named senior vice president at SMG Search. He had been divisional vice president, online marketing at Sears Holdings Corporation. (mb)

January 3, 2011: Kevin Prince has been named media and public relations manager at Gawker. He had been producer at The Early Show. (PRNewser)

January 3, 2011: Kevin Flynn has been named president at Caldwell VanRiper. He had been senior marketing executive at Finish Line. (PRNewser)

January 3, 2011: Edgardo Navarro Linares has been named vice president of multicultural marketing at McDonald's USA. He had been vice president and general manager at McDonald's Indianapolis Region. (PRNewser)

January 3, 2011: Gregory T. Slattery has been named publisher at La Cucina Italiana. He had been vice president and publisher at Bauer Media Group. (release)

January 3, 2011: Tamson Weston has been named founder at Tamson Weston Books. She had been senior editor at Disney Hyperion. (mb)

January 3, 2011: Peter Davis has been named editor at Avenue. He had been features director at The Daily. (WWD)

January 3, 2011: Christopher Martinelli has been named director of public relations for men's wear and men's celebrity at Calvin Klein Inc. He had been vice president of communications at Starworks Group. (Fashion Week Daily)

January 1, 2011: John Marchesini has been named senior product manager, digital at The Hollywood Reporter. He had been project manager, digital there. (mb)

December 30, 2010: Jessica Forres has been named extractive industries and humanitarian media officer at Oxfam America. She had been senior media officer at World Resources Institute. (mb)

December 30, 2010: Glenn Kessler has been named fact checker at The Washington Post. He had been diplomatic correspondent there. (FBDC)

December 30, 2010: Judith Miller has been named contributing writer at Newsmax. She had been investigative reporter at The New York Times. (FBNY)

December 29, 2010: Alison Kosik has been named business correspondent at CNN. She had been reporter at Reuters, News12. (mb)

December 28, 2010: Nicole Huber has been named studio manager at Path 1 Communications NY. She had been studio manager at Thomson Reuters. (mb)

December 28, 2010: Mike Isaac has been named reporter at He had been reporter at Forbes. (mb)

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