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Revolving Door Newsletter: 02.11.11

Barbara Fairchild Lands a New Gig; Gabriel Sherman to Pen Book About Fox News

February 11, 2011
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Time Inc. launches a digital subscription service on the Android platform. Sports Illustrated is the first title available and it will cost $48 per year for the digital and print subscription (or $4.99 per month, $3.99 per month for just the digital sub). TechCrunch applauds the move, writing "sports is the next frontier for tablet content," and wondering if the transition to tablet will keep SI around for a few more years. (Here's some news: It's not going away anytime soon, digital subscriptions or no digital subscriptions.)...

Theresa O'Rourke joins Martha Stewart's Whole Living as executive editor... Phaedra Hise is the new senior editor at Colloquy... OK! bumps senior reporter Laura Lane up to news editor... Architectural Digest managing editor Lawrence Karol leaves for Lucky...

Peter Lauria is out at The Daily Beast after just 10 months. Keith Kelly doesn't know what happened, but he hears that there were hard feelings between the former New York Post media reporter and Tina Brown after Lauria appeared on the Today Show to talk about a scoop... The upward career trajectory of Drew Grant continues as she moves from deputy editor at Crushable to pop culture writer at Salon... T Online freelancer Violet Gaynor takes a permanent gig as senior fashion editor at New York Daily News assistant managing editor Scott Wenger moves up to managing editor of the money and business sections...

Gabriel Sherman scores a book deal to expand his recent New York cover story about Fox News and Roger Ailes. The Loudest Voice in the Room will be published by Random House, and Jonathan Jao is set to edit the inside look at the network... Brian McMahon and Catherine Roberts-Abel score promotions at Prometheus Books...

Barbara Fairchild finds a new home. The former Bon Appetit editor joins Real Eats where she'll write a food column. The mobile magazine is part of former Newsweek president Mark Edmiston's Nomad Editions venture... The Washington Post Co. will launch a news aggregation website called Trove that readers can customize to match their tastes... posts record traffic in January... Former U.S. Treasury Department chief of staff Jim Wilkinson will head Brunswick Group... And there are changes at ESPN Rise, PublicAffairs and more...

February 11, 2011: John Bryan has been named president, domestic television distribution at MGM. He had been executive vice president, domestic television there. (release)

February 11, 2011: Israel Diaz has been named EVP/chief creative officer at Y&R Toronto. He had been SVP/managing partner/ECD at David&Goliath. (AgencySpy)

February 11, 2011: Jennifer Wright has been named editor-in-chief at TheGloss. She had been deputy editor there. (WebNewser)

February 11, 2011: Lilit Marcus has been named editor-in-chief at Crushable. She had been editor-in-chief at TheGloss. (WebNewser)

February 11, 2011: Meghan Keane has been named editorial director at B5Media. She had been editor-in-chief at Crushable. (WebNewser)

February 11, 2011: Natalie Raabe has been named director of communications at The Atlantic. She had been director of publicity at Good Morning America. (FBDC)

February 11, 2011: Lacey Rose has been named senior TV writer at The Hollywood Reporter. She had been TV writer at Forbes. (FishbowlLA)

February 11, 2011: Amir Kassaei has been named chief creative officer at DDB Worldwide. He had been CCO/associate partner at DDB Germany. (AgencySpy)

February 11, 2011: Jamie Ferreira has been named group creative director at Digitas. He had been head of digital creative at Mullen. (AgencySpy)

February 11, 2011: Nicole Duran has been named reporter at The Deal. She had been lead editor of the quarterly reports to Congress at Troubled Asset Relief Program. (FishbowlDC)

February 11, 2011: Brett Neely has been named D.C. correspondent at Minnesota Public Radio. He had been reporter and editor at NPR. (FishbowlDC)

February 11, 2011: Gennady Kolker has been named publicity director at The Nation. He had been online communications manager at Demos. (FishbowlNY)

February 11, 2011: Michael Safran has been named associate publisher of sales at Time. He had been national sales director at Sports Illustrated. (FishbowlNY)

February 11, 2011: Vanessa Holden has been named VP of creative services at West Elm. She had been editor-in-chief at Martha Stewart Living. (FishbowlNY)

February 11, 2011: Jake Katz has been named manager of insights innovation at MTV. He had been analyst of consumer insights there. (mb)

February 11, 2011: Jared Hendler has been named EVP and global director of digital and creative services at MWW Group. He had been head of digital & social media strategy, creative & content programming at Katalyst Media. (PRNewser)

February 11, 2011: Mark Palmer has been named partner at Brunswick Group. He had been VP of corporate communications and organizational effectiveness at Sysco Corporation. (PRNewser)

February 10, 2011: Shannon Jamieson Driver has been named VP, consumer marketing at DIY Network. She had been director, partnership & brand extension marketing at HGTV. (mb)

February 10, 2011: Ross Babbit has been named SVP, programming & partnerships at DIY Network. He had been VP, programming partnerships & special projects there. (mb)

February 10, 2011: Jim Wilkinson has been named managing partner at Brunswick Group. He had been chief of staff at U.S. Treasury Department. (PRNewser)

February 10, 2011: Aimee Crawford has been named editor-in-chief at ESPN Rise. She had been senior editor at Sports Illustrated. (New York Post)

February 10, 2011: Drew Grant has been named pop culture writer at Salon. She had been deputy editor at Crushable. (mb)

February 10, 2011: Matt DeMazza has been named managing editor at Indian Country Today Media Network. He had been managing editor at Interview. (mb)

February 10, 2011: Tina Johnson has been named editor-in-chief at ESPNw. She had been interim chief editor at ESPN Rise. (NY Post)

February 10, 2011: Brian McMahon has been named assistant editor at Prometheus Books. He had been editorial assistant there. (mb)

February 10, 2011: Barbara Fairchild has been named columnist of Real Eats at Nomad Editions. She had been editor-in-chief at Bon Appetit. (release)

February 10, 2011: Violet Gaynor has been named senior fashion editor at She had been freelancer at T online. (WWD)

February 10, 2011: Catherine Roberts-Abel has been named head of production and traffic at Prometheus Books. She had been editorial assistant and permissions editor there. (mb)

February 10, 2011: Lawrence Karol has been named managing editor at Lucky. He had been managing editor at Architectural Digest. (WWD)

February 10, 2011: Clara Platter has been named senior editor at PublicAffairs. She had been history editor at Princeton University Press. (release)

February 10, 2011: Brandon Proia has been named editor at PublicAffairs. He had been associate editor at Basic Books. (release)

February 10, 2011: Elizabeth Brotherton has been named media senior writer and editor at Green Media Toolshed. She had been lead writer at Roll Call's HOH gossip column. (FBDC)

February 10, 2011: Jake Braun has been named executive vice president at Resolute Consulting. He had been director of White House and public liaison at the Department of Homeland Security. (PRNewser)

February 10, 2011: Katie Fehlinger has been named weathercaster at WCBS. She had been host and producer at AccuWeather. (TVSpy)

February 10, 2011: Steve Chamraz has been named anchor/reporter at WTMJ in Milwaukee. He had been reporter at WFLD Fox in Chicago. (TVSpy)

February 10, 2011: Jenn Wolf has been named vice president at Janou Pakter, Inc. She had been senior talent manager at Syndicatebleu Creative Talent. (mb)

February 10, 2011: Michelle LeBlanc has been named social media specialist at IIR USA. She had been marketing copywriter at Morris Visitor Publications. (mb)

February 10, 2011: George Mallet has been named evening anchor at WPTZ Burlington, VT. He had been reporter/anchor at WTMJ. (mb)

February 9, 2011: Syma Chowdhry has been named morning news anchor at WWJ-TV Detroit. She had been anchor at News 12 New Jersey. (release)

February 9, 2011: Laura Lane has been named news editor at OK!. She had been senior reporter there. (mb)

February 9, 2011: Scott Wenger has been named managing editor of money and business at New York Daily News. He had been assistant managing editor there. (mb)

February 9, 2011: Sam Chadha has been named executive vice president, managing director at MediaVest. He had been senior director of marketing innovation at KFC. (mb)

February 9, 2011: Theresa O'Rourke has been named executive editor at Whole Living. She had been executive editor at Every Day with Rachael Ray. (mb)

February 8, 2011: Elizabeth Ackerman has been named executive editor, science at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She had been executive editor at Learning A-Z. (mb)

February 8, 2011: Elisa Chemayne Agostinho has been named executive editor at Luxe Interiors + Design. She had been senior features editor there. (mb)

February 8, 2011: Phaedra Hise has been named senior editor at Colloquy. She had been a freelancer at Inc. and The Wall Street Journal. (mb)

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