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June 8, 2011
Sometimes, when you're stumped with a decision, the best thing to do is take a break and regroup. Seeing what other people are doing can give you perspective and help you apply new ideas to your own work. You might be surprised that some of the best recruiting tips won't always come from the HR world.

For example, some companies are trying to attract candidates by looking cool. Don't disregard the idea just yet -- research shows that a focus on "employer branding" actually works. Instead of focusing on a company logo, PepsiCo created videos profiling employees, which can be seen on its career website and iPad application. AT&T used quick response bar codes on recruitment materials at this year's South by Southwest conference to target tech-savvy job seekers. The move paid off, and traffic to the career site increased 20 percent.

Then, there's Yelp, where recruiters follow a "get it done" attitude to fill positions, because they are always hiring. Just as the company encourages "funny, useful, cool" reviews on its site, recruiters look for the same mentality in their employees. They manage to hire aggressively by developing strong relationships with hiring managers and encouraging referrals from all employees, from executives to interns.

Using the right tools and technology will make organizations stand out as trendsetters, too. Companies rolling out mobile career sites are tapping into the 91.4 million people using mobile Internet, while LinkedIn's recruiter packages make it easier to identify ideal applicants, even passive ones who may not be looking for a new gig. Meanwhile, you could become the recruitee, as more of the unemployed look to add HR pros to their job-hunting arsenals.

While software developers aren't typically known for creative recruitment, Joel Spolsky's open-ended questions allow for more insight into the way an applicant thinks. He recommends asking just two questions in an interview: are you smart and do you get things done. (Those are a lot more insightful than the generic "where do you want to be in five years?")

In the HR world, it's always important to stay on your toes even after a position's been filled. learned this the hard way after an executive producer sent a mass email to all bloggers about submitting invoices. The problem? Only a small number of them actually get paid. Ouch.

Jacky Carter
Community Manager

Economy Added Few Jobs In May (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
U.S. employers added just 54,000 jobs in May, making this month one of the slowest in the past six. Analysts had hoped for about three times that many new jobs to be added to the U.S. economy, but, with GDP growth sluggish and employers still laying off workers en masse, it's not surprising that job growth has also slowed.

How Yelp Hires (Jobvite)
ATS provider Jobvite spoke with Yelp recruiters to see how the review juggernaut does its recruiting. There's a lot of good stuff in this hour-long webinar, but key takeaways are that Yelp has launched in four new languages in seven countries in just two years, and its recruiting team has had to grow with it.

LinkedIn Offers New Services For Recruiters (SFGate)
LinkedIn might not put headhunting firms out of business, but the site is a "game changer," writes the Chronicle's Kathleen Pender, on the morning after Linkedin's massive IPO.

In Quest for Job Candidates, Companies Aim to Look Cool (
While the job market is still slow, competition for the best candidates remains tough. Some companies are launching employer branding campaigns for the first time in years, like PepsiCo, which hadn't updated its branding campaign in a decade. AT&T's appeal to the SXSW crowd this March, utilizing QR codes and augmented reality widgets, saw traffic to its careers site jump by 20 percent.

The Mobile Recruitment Revolution (The Hiring Site)
While HR is a bit of a laggard as far as adopting new technologies, some companies are embracing the mobile job seeker. PepsiCo and AT&T, among others, have released job apps, while MTV Networks and more have simply optimized their current careers sites for mobile. Will you be next?

The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (version 3.0) (Joel on Software)
Never hire a "maybe," says Joel Spolsky, a software developer whose recently unearthed interviewing tips could just as easily apply to hiring media folk. Also, "Each interview should consist of one interviewer and one interviewee, in a room with a door that closes."

From the blogs: Whoops: Errant Email Sent To Forbes Bloggers Reveals That Some Get Paid (MediaJobsDaily)
An email sent by mistake angered many Forbes contributors when they learned that some of their colleagues were getting paid to do the same work. Oops!

5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Use A Recruiter (
Do you agree with this list? Will using a recruiter help a jobseeker get a gig in digital or a part-time job? Will it make him or her stand out? What do you think?

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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