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October 12, 2011
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Referral bonuses are common enough that they don't hit my radar when I'm looking for HR news. But Pardot, a marketing automation company, grabbed my attention with the news that it's offering a $10,0001 bonus for anyone who refers a new hire, not just current employees. (I almost didn't want to tell you, since it increases the competition!) With an amount significant enough to widen the pool of people helping to find talent, Pardot's unusual strategy is working. Game on, people.

If a 10K bonus isn't in your budget, a number of other low-cost initiatives are available to make a name for your company. Have an influential staff member start her own blog, or hire an outside blogger. Having an established online presence is invaluable when you need to manage a public relations situation. Your company can also post a story or press release on Reddit and let the site's voting system and influential users spread the message for free.

Organizations can also better grab the attention of Generation Z by connecting with them through mobile and social media and pitching open positions in terms of projects instead of job titles. Citigroup created a mobile app to help college students easily find out when recruiting events were happening on campus, watch videos showing "a day in the life," and follow its Twitter feed.

Much of the advice for recruiting for startups can also benefit established companies. Factor in whether you can see a potential employee growing with the company -- enthusiasm can compensate for missing, but teachable skills. Because filling jobs involves marketing your company, treat candidates like your best customers. Even if they're not the right fit for a current opening, you never know when something better could be available.

But, for now, I need to get back to more serious matters. Hmm, now which software engineers can I recommend to Pardot?

Jacky Carter
Community Manager

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--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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