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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

November 9, 2011
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I've never thought about working at a car dealership, but the tone of this ad pulled me in. I have shoes that match! And a burning desire to succeed! This is the kind of job ad that engages people so much they get excited about applying (especially since pay is based on level of awesomeness). Even if the position doesn't fit with their background, job seekers still reach out to let you know how much they want to work at your company. The humor and personal touch don't just get people's attention; they attract better qualified candidates too.

Writing a fresh job ad that stands out against boring lists and vague qualifications will also generate buzz about your company. And, in a world where potential candidates are always going to check you out in advance, this is the kind of positive information you want out there.

Another way to attract candidates with the background you're looking for is to use pay-per-click advertising for recruitment. PPC advertising can be tailored to show ads to users based on keyword search, location and demographics. Someone who's doing a search for your company is already interested in you, but they'll only see a recruitment ad if they meet your criteria. By doing the work for you and targeting the right people, PPC advertising can save you time and money.

One downfall of technology in the job application process is that applicants can apply for jobs from their phones. It's no surprise that constant connectivity to the Internet on mobile devices has led to this but, if applicants aren't careful, it comes off as lazy. If you're so excited about a position that you can't wait to send your resume, make sure to convey your enthusiasm from your smartphone and to copy edit your cover letter multiple times. With more companies creating mobile apps to aid in recruitment, it will be interesting to hear what HR professionals think of the quality of resumes that come in as a result.

Jacky Carter
Community Manager

U.S. Economy Added 80,000 Jobs in October (BLS)
That's 20,000 fewer jobs than were added in September, with most of the declines coming from reductions in public sector workers. The unemployment rate was 9 percent. Nearly 9 million people were underemployed, working part time because they couldn't find full-time work. Almost one million (967,000) people were out of work but not counted as unemployed, because they had stopped searching for jobs.

LinkedIn Announces Talent Pipeline (The New York Times)
"The Talent Pipeline also enables recruiters to connect the names on a résumé to their LinkedIn profiles. The idea is to enable them to build a bigger internal database with more information in it, including notes on a candidate that the hiring managers can share with each other, thus making LinkedIn more important to them."

Using Social Media to Find Candidates (BrazenCareerist)
Don't use LinkedIn just for expensive paid search. In fact, there's tons of value to be gotten from LinkedIn without paying a dime.

The Verticalization of Professional Networks Begins (Business Insider)
LinkedIn is the biggest and most generalist professional social network, but social networks for professionals in specific verticals are cropping up. This won't affect LinkedIn's viability in the short term, BI says, but these niche networks are growing. If you're seeking a particular candidate it may no longer be enough to check the "big three" social networks.

A Conversation About the Conversation About the Conversation (
Your candidates are probably going to Google "Working at [your company]." So, if you don't want to turn candidates away even before they get to the interview, engaging in reputation management (and fixing the underlying problems) is definitely an HR/recruiting issue.

Use Pay Per Click Advertising To Attract Passive Candidates (RecruitingBlogs)
Screen people using keywords like "job" and get clicks from passive candidates who might not otherwise have considered your company. "Marketers use PPC because they can customize ad placements based on age demographics, geo-location and search keywords – in other words, PPC allows them to concentrate their ads towards their actual target groups. Well, if it's all about reaching out to most likely consumers, then shouldn't you be using it to find your most likely candidates?"

Should Candidates Apply For Jobs From Their Phones? (MediaJobsDaily)
In one case, the resulting email was so typo-ridden that it barely made sense. Is this a technology program or, as they say, "user error"?

The Freelance Economy Will Mean New Recruiting Practices (
Freelancers are valuable potential employees, but employer brands emphasize long-term relationships. Retool that brand to attract freelancers, and you can land talent that is 40 to 50 percent more connected in their industry, considered thought leaders, and highly talented.

Your Help Wanted Advertisement Sucks (Fistful of Talent)
"I spoke to the people I was trying to recruit in their language. Shop talk. Shop talk is the banter that the guys in the garage have with each other. Shop talk is fun. Shop talk is you talking to your buddy like you would talk over a beer... I BEGAN TO RECEIVE RELEVANT RESUMES AND APPLICATIONS!"

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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