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Revolving Door Newsletter: 02.07.12

Post Columnist's Dramatic Exit; Time Nabs A Beast

February 7, 2012
Mandy Stadtmiller rather dramatically quits the New York Post after six years. She had written the "About Last Night" column, which chronicled her various shenanigans in charming, honest and accurate ways. In her farewell tweet, she links to her site (tagline: Writer. Comedian. Sexytime.) that features News Whore, an upcoming eBook detailing her time in Rupert Murdoch's empire. Self-promotion just reached a new high. Or a new low. Or perhaps both. Regardless of how you feel, it's a brilliant way to leave (and we'll certainly be reading the book)...

Bloomberg News fires Paris-based features writer Craig Copetas... Photographer Bryan Patrick loses his job at the Sacramento Bee after editors found three instances where he doctored images... Time hires Tom Weber as assistant managing editor. He has previously been editor at and managing editor of Newsweek/Daily Beast... Jeff Tkach is the new publisher of Organic Gardening. He gets promoted from associate publisher, a position he has held since 2009. Last year marked a decade at Rodale for the man... Kassie Means scores a promotion from associate publisher to publisher and chief revenue officer at Country Living. She has been with the publication since 1996...

CNN promotes Jim Acosta to national political correspondent. He had been a correspondent since jumping from CBS News. The 24-hour News Network also snags ABC News veteran Miguel Marquez as a Los Angeles-based correspondent. He previously worked at CNN from 2003 through 2005... The Huffington Post's social media editor Mandy Jenkins leaves for a job at Digital First Media, but not before sharing her thoughts about the perils of her previous position... Jim Newell returns to Wonkette with a pretty hilarious re-entry post...

Facebook snags Apple vet Rebecca Van Dyck as head of global marketing... There's now a product for anyone trying to get poached... And there are changes at Politico, Eater Vegas and more...

February 7, 2012: Cristina Schwarz has been named vice president of programming and production at Univision Communications Inc. She had been partner at CSLR, Ltd. (release)

February 7, 2012: Shane Rahmani has been named vice president of business development and strategy at Thrillist Media Group. He had been senior director of strategy and operations at MTV Networks Digital Media Group. (mb)

February 7, 2012: Adam Chandler has been named president of sales and chief revenue officer at Thrillist Media Group. He had been chief revenue officer at Martini Media. (mb)

February 7, 2012: Marie Gentile has been named vice president at Widmeyer Communications. She had been director of corporate relations at Science Screen Report. (release)

February 7, 2012: Adele Martin has been named senior project manager, digital, at Bemis Balkind. She had been resource manager at Trailer Park Interactive. (release)

February 7, 2012: Elisabeth Lucas has been named creative director, digital, at Bemis Balkind. She had been creative director at Lunchbox LLC. (release)

February 7, 2012: Bob Simone has been named vice president and general manager at WLNS-TV in Lansing, Mich. He had been president and general manager at Belo Corp. (release)

February 7, 2012: Sven Shelgren has been named executive producer at Crash+Sues. He will continue as executive producer at RCR Inc. (release)

February 7, 2012: Gautham Nagesh has been named editor at Executive Briefing on Technology. He had been blogger and reporter for "Hillicon Valley" at The Hill. (FishbowlDC)

February 7, 2012: Jim Acosta has been named national political correspondent at CNN. He had been correspondent there. (FishbowlDC)

February 7, 2012: Lois Romano has been named senior political reporter at Politico. She had been writer at The Newsweek Daily Beast Company. (FishbowlDC)

February 7, 2012: Brenda Angelilli has been named creative director at All You. She had been design director there. (mb)

February 6, 2012: Bobbie Boucher has been named director of creative technology at BLT & Associates. He had been group director, technology, at BLITZ. (mb)

February 6, 2012: Miguel Marquez has been named Los Angeles correspondent at CNN. He had been London-based correspondent at ABC News. (FishbowlLA)

February 6, 2012: Tom Weber has been named assistant managing editor at Time. He had been editor at (FishbowlNY)

February 6, 2012: Jeff Tkach has been named publisher at Organic Gardening. He had been associate publisher there. (FishbowlNY)

February 6, 2012: Kassie Means has been named publisher at Country Living. She had been associate publisher there. (FishbowlNY)

February 6, 2012: Jennifer O'Connell has been named director, account development, at HB Agency. She had been director, new business development, at Partners + Simons. (mb)

February 6, 2012: Suzanne Balaban has been named president at BMM Worldwide. She had been VP of communications at Shalem Center. (mb)

February 4, 2012: Susan Stapleton has been named editor at Eater Vegas. She had been a freelance writer. (mb)

February 3, 2012: Tricia Etienne has been named vice president of sales and business development at Data-Dynamix, Inc.. She had been VP of advertising verticals at The Los Angeles Newspaper Group. (mb)

February 3, 2012: Marla Schimke has been named VP of marketing at Zumobi. She had been VP of marketing at AudienceScience. (mb)

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