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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

December 11, 2013
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'Tis the season for decked halls, merriment... and office holiday parties. And your actions at said events may determine whether the outlook for 2014 is good or not so good. The last thing you want to do is stand out at your holiday soiree -- for all the wrong reasons. Keep those sips of bubbly in check and use the opportunity to socialize with those colleagues and higher-ups with whom you typically only talk shop. The office party is a time to take a much-needed break from discussing deadlines, strategy and revenue drivers. But beware of getting too personal with your peers, oversharing (not the time to bring up the bonus you did or didn't get) and going on about how much you dislike your cube mate or boss. You want to make the right impression or form a bond that could prove mutually beneficial down the line. As we all know, connections are key to advancement.

And what if you've already committed a holiday office party sin or two? Here are three ways to bounce back. In most cases (unless you work at this ad agency), you can learn from the faux pas and focus on future career successes.

Happy holidays,

Valerie Berrios
Managing Editor, Mediabistro

Unprecedented 'Hour of Code' Event Draws Millions of Participants (The Hiring Site)
What can 5 million people across 160 countries do in one week's time to help bridge the skills gap? It's a question is attempting to answer this week with the launch of the Hour of Code, a campaign to help millions of students of all ages learn the basics of computer science. Through Dec. 15, is providing free tutorials by computer "geeks" such as Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Bosh and Bill Gates.

Media Executives Predict Growth and Mergers in 2014 (Los Angeles Times / Company Town)
The improving global economy has given media executives confidence for fiscal improvement in 2014 -- a year that could be punctuated by mergers and acquisitions in the media and entertainment sectors, according to a new report by consulting firm Ersnt & Young. The firm found that 68 percent of the executives surveyed were confident that the global economy was improving, a dramatic increase from last year.

Jobs Report: 203K Jobs Added in November, Unemployment Down to 7 Percent (Forbes)
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employers added 203,000 jobs in November, above the 180,000 economists expected. The unemployment rate was down to 7 percent from 7.3 percent in October. The increases, however, may be holiday related. Steve Blitz, chief economist at ITG Investment Research, cautioned that while the BLS does make seasonal adjustments, he was not convinced they have caught up to the growth of online shopping.

How Recruiters Use Twitter (AllTwitter)
Using its Social Insights technology to analyze data from Twitter, B2B social marketing agency LeadTail recently came out with a report on how recruiters engage on Twitter. Findings included everything from the top 25 people and brands mentioned in the recruiting space on Twitter, the types of content they engage with most, and more.

Americans at Work: Top 10 Best and Worst Jobs [Infographic] (
It's little surprise to find that the average employee spends more than 2/3 of his or her day at work or on work-related activities. That's more time than we spend sleeping or raising our children. Also consider that Americans work an average of nearly one month more per year now than in 1970. So it matters what you do… doesn't it? On this list, software engineer ranks third of the top-best occupations -- and the worst? A print-media job. Ouch.

Bullying of Staff in Newspapers is a Way of Life (The Guardian / Greenslade)
A survey of 4,000 workers in the media, arts and entertainment industries, released at a conference in London last month, found that 56 percent of those questioned said they had been bullied, harassed or suffered discrimination at work. One stand-out feature was the "exceptionally high" bullying in newspapers at both the national and local level.

Interns Who Sued Admit to Challenges Landing Full-Time Jobs (MediaJobsDaily)
Diana Wang sued Hearst, parent company of Harper's Bazaar, for an unpaid internship, but now she's selling granola in Columbus, Ohio. Wang admitted to challenges in landing full-time employment in New York. Whenever potential employees Google her, she said, they see that lawsuit. For many interns, the stigma of coming forward is real.

7 Real-Life Companies, 7 Creative New Ways to Recruit Technology Talent (The Hiring Site)
While companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are pretty much synonymous with the term "cool employee perks" (bocce ball, anyone?), they're not the only technology companies where workers enjoy unique -- and enviable -- benefits on a daily basis. From letting employees bring their dogs to work to offering unlimited paid vacation, tech companies of all sizes are finding all kinds of cool new ways to lure top technology talent.

Remembering Mandela: His 3 Timeless Workplace Lessons (TLNT)
Although we look for prescriptions and formulas for leadership, business or safety success, there is no substitute for reading about great leaders and the times in which they operated. Take them off their pedestals, and you'll learn much from the errors of George Washington, Lincoln and Grant. And yet, the last time I checked, they changed the world. Here's what you can learn from Nelson Mandela.

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