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Archives: June 2009

Jobs Loss Forecast: 260k-350k

WANTED jobs loss forecast june
WANTED is predicting that the Bureau of Labor Statistics will announce 260,000 jobs were lost in June, which would be a huge improvement over the 345,000 lost in May, and an even bigger improvement over the past few months which have seen losses of over half a million jobs.

WANTED, a hiring consultancy, calculated their numbers based on a combination of payroll data and online job ad volume.

Thomson Reuters predicts a decline of 350,000 jobs in June. Bloomberg polled 72 economists and got the magic number 355,000.

We’ll find out for sure on July 2, when the BLS releases its data. Stay tuned.

Starwood Goes Green…And Saves The Magazine Industry?

Maybe not, but here’s a brilliant idea: Starwood Hotels has teamed up with digital publisher Zinio to offer guests free downloads of their favorite magazines.

Zinio’s ‘digital newsstand’ can be accessed on guests’ laptops in their rooms, or via a kiosk in the lobby. The digital versions can be read online or off and are identical to the printed versions…so, probably a PITA for users, but it saves a whole bunch of paper, and Starwood can offer guests magazines they actually want to read instead of a generic selection.

One hopes that the money Starwood’s paying Zinio—and thus the magazine publishers—is enough to offset the loss the publishers are taking if the hotel chain’s buying that many fewer paper copies.

Personally, we’d rather read a magazine on the Web that’s optimized for the Web, and carry around a paper copy for train rides and such. But Starwood’s hotels are on the more luxurious side, and maybe their travelers are more likely to have tablet PCs or a Kindle or something that makes reading “e-paper” less effing annoying.
(h/t Springwise)

The Economy’s Improving. Where Are Your Workers?

Here’s a startling fact for you HR types and recruiters: More than half of employed Americans are planning to look for a new job when the economy turns around, according to a new survey from Harris Interactive on behalf of the Adecco Group. This means that the most serious threat to companies in the recession may be the recession’s end.

“Employers could see an unprecedented exodus of talent when the job market rebounds,” Adecco reports.

Gen Y is the most outta-there, with 71 percent of workers between 18 and 29 saying that they’re at least somewhat likely to look for a new job when the upturn starts.

Other findings from the survey:
More workers over 60 are delaying retirement now (44%) than six months ago (33%).
Fewer workers in total (22%) are saving money as a cushion for potential unemployment. This is down from 24 percent six months ago, when the last American Workplace Insights Survey was conducted.

Post-Tribune Guild Wants To Buy Newspaper

Gary Post-Tribune IndianaWe think this is awesome. Union employees at the Gary (Ind.) Post-Tribune want to buy the paper from its bankrupt owner, the Sun-Times Media Group.

“The Post Tribune and all the Sun-Times newspapers are on the sales block, and we see no reason why the new owners should not be the employees,” Andy Grimm, president of the Gary Newspaper Guild, told

The Post-Tribune’s daily circulation of 55,767 and its Sunday circulation of 59,469 makes it the second largest paper owned by the Sun-Times. The Post-Tribune’s probably a steal right now, and local ownership wouldn’t be a bad thing, but according to, there are a few issues with the idea. Namely, the P-T currently is printed by a Sun-Times press, and its online edition is produced out of a Sun-Times office in Illinois. To break off from the Sun-Times would mean that those operations would no longer be free. “The newspaper would realize increased costs if it did those operations on its own,” reports drily.

Still, maybe local ownership is for the best. With newspapers no longer the profit centers they once were, they’re much less attractive to big companies trying to make money, and more attractive to concerned citizens. Why not buy local?

Your HR Webcast Calendar For The Next Two Weeks

There are so many training opps out there it’s hard to keep track of them all. Better yourself with one of these webinars—most are an hour or less, and many are free.

How Do You Know If The Recession’s Over?

Kiplinger’s put together a list of six economic indicators that, when at least half have recovered, may signal an end to the recession.


So far, as you can see, we ain’t doing so hot. The only high point is the lowness of our interest rate spread, which is a measure of how willing banks are to loan to each other. After hitting a high point in about November 2008 of 4.5 percent, the spread is back below a healthy .5 percent.

Meanwhile, however, jobless claims remain over 600,000 weekly—Kiplinger’s says four weeks below 550,000 would be a good sign—durable goods orders are near the lowest point in two years, home sales have a long way to go, and consumer confidence is in the gutter.

Kiplinger’s will be updating their page regularly, so check back for better news.

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Judge Wants To Copyright News?

Federal appellate judge Richard Posner proposed earlier this week banning Web sites from accessing, linking to or paraphrasing copyrighted material without the owner’s consent. This would, apparently, save journalism.

Never mind that facts can’t be copyrighted and giving exclusive rights to publish to one media outlet is against free speech principles, MediaPost writes. If copyright law were extended this severely, after TMZ broke the news of Michael Jackson’s death yesterday, no news outlets would have been able to follow up.

This proposal is so ridiculous it almost seems like a joke…news sites want Google to crawl them, so aren’t the copyright holders (the news sites) giving permission to Google to link to their content? (Yes.) There’s this nifty little thing called robots.txt that will cut your traffic to 10% of what it once was if you’re so concerned about your copyright…

Posner’s original blog entry has 34 comments already. Ahem.

Top 30 U.S. Recruiting Sites Released: No Media

Potentialpark Communications, which studies online recruiting and employment branding, has released the top 30 recruiting sites in the U.S. Top of the list: Banks, accounting firms, and the like. Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bank, and Accenture top the list, followed by Microsoft, Ernst & Young, and other big names.

Missing? Hearst, Hachette, Gannett, Edelman, Penguin, Cp+B…you get the idea.

Come on. We’re creative thinkers and brilliant people. Surely we can have a jobs page more interesting than a bank.

Of course, if you’re in an industry that’s thought of as inherently interesting, you don’t need to advertise as much. But will things change when young talented graduates realize just how low salaries in media are falling? Don’t know the answer. What we do know is that a good recruiting site:

  • Clearly explains the company culture
  • Makes the available jobs sound interesting/fun
  • Isn’t impossible to use when you actually try to apply for a job

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