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Archives: May 2010

News Corp Shopping Around BeliefNet

News Corp (NWS) is hoping to unload some of its online properties, including religion-centered social network Beliefnet, Kara Swisher reports.

Murdoch’s company purchased Beliefnet in late 2007 for an undisclosed sum.

The company may also be planning to unload Jamba/Jamster, which it bought 51 percent of in 2006 for $187.5 million, and finalized the purchase in 2008.

The Fox Digital Media group, which is the segment of News Corp that owns Beliefnet, lost money last quarter. News Corp’s most recent earnings report doesn’t state the exact amount of the losses but notes that they worsened since last year, “principally due to lower search and advertising revenue.”

Jobs Of The Day: Rhymenoceros & Hiphopopotamus Need A Marketing Hand

conchords.png is hiring a marketing manager. You know what’s on HBO? The Flight of the Conchords, that’s what. Need we say more?*

The Penguin Group wants a community manager. (New York, NY)
Signature Styles needs a web designer. (New York, NY)
Knowledge@Wharton is looking for freelance writers. (Anywhere)
Solution Tree Press is hiring a designer. (Bloomington, IN)
The Dickinson Press is looking for a reporter. (Dickinson, ND)
The Wall Street Journal needs a reporter. (New York, NY)
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is seeking an associate director of PR. (Memphis, TN) wants a video producer. (Emmaus, PA)
Sony Computer Entertainment America is seeking a senior social media specialist. (San Mateo, CA)
Deer Mountain Day Camp needs a marketing/communications coordinator. (Pomona, NY)
Vizeum is hiring an international media planner. (Santa Monica, CA)

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

As of the time of this posting, there were 1332 jobs on our board.

*Not saying this job has anything to do with the Flight of the Conchords. We just love those crazy Kiwis.

Designers (Finally) Got Raises In 2009

Designers’ salaries rose slightly more than inflation in 2009, after a decade of bare-minimum, cost-of-living increases, according to the new AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries released this week.

Regrettably, for a design organization, the report is mind-numbingly hard to read: see the graph below for what we’re talking about. If we’re reading it right, though, pretty much everyone’s salaries from art directors to web developers rose a little in 2009, except for solo practitioners.

AIGA closed the report with words to designers from designers about how to get that raise again next year: “be a super-designer Renaissance person,” said one tip, from Michael Konetzka, a principal at Dennis | Konetzka | Design Group.

Do check out the original report as it includes breakdowns of salary by region, job title, size of company, and so forth–definitely plenty of material here for the designer or aspiring designer.

Senior Editor Sacked At The Lancet

TheLancetApril.jpgThe Lancet has fired senior editor Rhona MacDonald for what MacDonald said was a violation of the journal’s confidentiality policy, reports The Scientist.

MacDonald said that she was fired after sending out two versions of an editorial she’d written for the journal, a draft and the final version; she said she sent both versions to prove that editor Richard Horton, “changed the whole meaning of the editorial without giving me…the opportunity to make any comments or suggestions before the editorial went to press.”

She told The Scientist that after she sent out those two drafts, she was fired.

Lancet publisher Elsevier wouldn’t confirm or deny the circumstances of MacDonald’s dismissal: We have respected the confidentiality of the circumstances of Rhona’s departure from the company and wish to continue to do so,” Elsevier spokesperson Tom Reller told The Scientist. “We consider it appropriate to make it clear that the company does not agree with the statements Rhona has made upon her departure, but we do not consider it appropriate to comment further.”

J-Students Totally Unprepared For Journalism

If two anecdotes make a trend, then woe to the current crop of J-students.

Two journalism professors at Howard University in Washington DC are disappointed in the students in their spring 2010 classes: Jack White wrote on his blog that he failed half his class. (The blog’s since been deleted, but parts of it are selectively quoted here in Richard Prince‘s column.)

“The students who flunked were, to use a word the old folks favored, truly triflin’. They did not turn in work on time even though making deadlines is essential for a journalist. They missed classes. They did not keep up with current events. Their lack of mastery of the basics of English composition—spelling and grammar—was appalling. Their carelessness was breathtaking,” White wrote.

At the same time, Dwight Cunningham wrote that he flunked 40% of his class. The 60% that passed “at least demonstrated some effort.” Not high praise, exactly.

“They don’t know that mid-year elections come every two years, that 33 (or 34) U.S. Senate seats are up for grabs, that “ensure” means something totally different than “insure” — and they don’t care about their collective ignorance.

“They just want a passing grade, to get them to some unknown next level of stupid oblivion,” he wrote.

To be sure, this problem is not limited to journalism students or students at Howard. There are students everywhere who shouldn’t be in college and are just doing it because they were told it’s what they were supposed to do.

Until America figures that out, however, it puts the J-students who do give a damn at a huge advantage.

If You Wrote About Non-Forbesy Stuff On True/Slant, Find A New Outlet To Write For…Plus, Another Failure Of Online

trueslant_logo.pngWhen Forbes acquired True/Slant earlier this week nobody really knew what it meant for the blog network’s 300 contributors, though the rumors were not pretty.

Thanks to Jeff Bercovici at DailyFinance, who is also a True/Slant contributor, we have some of the dirt.

In short: if you don’t write about Forbesy topics, start looking.

Bercovici said that in a Wednesday morning conference call with T/S contributors, founder Lewis Dvorkin explained that niche blogs, like a blog about a single football team, are not likely to make the cut, but neither are generalist blogs.

All contributors will stay on through June and will be paid during that time, and those who aren’t asked to stay with Forbes will be given technical assistance migrating their blog archives to WordPress, a move Bercovici classified as “humane.”

So what’s the deal with this acquisition anyway? When T/S was doing so well with its innovative business model and record amounts of traffic?

Dvorkin said on the conference call: “Our monetization is fairly small, almost infinitesimal right now compared to what it would need to be to be a truly successful business enterprise.”

Ah. Gotcha.

Weekly Jobless Claims Still Volatile As First-Time Filings Fall To 460,000

First-time unemployment claims by newly laid-off workers fell 14,000 to 460,000 last week, even as the four-week average of claims rose by 2250 to 456,500.

Analysts had expected the number would fall further, to 455,000.

For the week of May 16, 49000 workers stopped receiving regular unemployment benefits. The week of May 8, 41000 workers stopped receiving extended benefits. The government doesn’t track why these workers stopped receiving benefits: either because they expired or because the worker found a new job.

That still leaves nearly 10 million unemployed workers on the unemployment rolls, and unemployment is still at 9.9 percent, though analysts predict that in next week’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate for May will have dropped to 9.8 percent.

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Jobs Of The Day: Rise From The Ashes

boston_phoenix_logo.pngThe Boston Phoenix needs a staff editor, so of course we’re going to use the most clichéd headline there is. Just getting that out there.

Skyhorse Publishing seeks a freelance copyeditor or proofreader. (New York, NY)
C-span wants a temporary logistics editor. (Washington, DC)
The New York Post wants a reporter. (New York, NY)
Conde Nast is looking for a senior marketing executive. (New York, NY)
The Fairfax County Park Authority seeks a communications specialist. (Fairfax, VA)
The New York Road Runners is hiring an editor of communications and brand management. (New York, NY)
The Georgia Lottery Corporation is hiring a digital communications specialist. (Suwanee, GA)
The National Center for Lesbian Rights is hiring a director of communications. (San Francisco, CA)
Siemens seeks a media relations coordinator. (Alpharetta, GA)
BrainPOP seeks a production coordinator. (New York, NY) is hiring a media planner. (Los Angeles, CA)

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

As of the time of this posting, there were 1353 jobs on our board.

Well, That Was Fast: Wonkette Posts A Couple Openings

We told you earlier today that there could be some openings at Wonkette now that Jim Newell is leaving for Gawker.

That turned out to be true, but not in the way we’d expected.

In a blog post called “Want To Write For Wonkette? Okay Then READ CAREFULLY” current editor Ken Layne explains that Newell’s position is being eliminated after he leaves. But the site is adding a couple freelancers:

We will be adding a WASHINGTON DC daytime political-comedy blogger, someone who currently lives in Washington DC, the nation’s capital, home of The Capitol — and if you believe you are that person, send a note to Wonkette. Go ahead and direct us to a few samples if you already know how to do what it is that we do when we do it, here at Wonkette. And, as Josh already fills the required Wonkette Ginger Spot, try being something else, like a “Person of Color,” or “Female,” or “Not German.” This is NOT a full-time thing. You are never going to get rich or even “make a modest living” from blogging, sorry. What do you think this is, 2007?

The other openings are for folks who work at The Awl? So, uh, blog funny if you dare…but don’t expect to make much money, apparently.