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Archives: August 2011

Freelancers Shun Social Media, Expect Good Year, And More Freelance Forecast Highlights

The third annual Freelance Forecast survey, an online survey of freelancers worldwide, is out.

Among the highlights: freelancers said their business in 2010 was better than in 2009, and more than half (57 percent) expected to have an even better 2011.

Freelancers said that referrals were their best source of new clients. Social media was sixth on the list, behind even freelancers’ own websites.

While the survey by its nature covered a self-selected group, you would expect freelancers active enough on the Internet to respond to an online survey would be more active in social media, not less.

Most of the respondents were involved in content creation or editing/copyediting/proofreading; most were full-time freelancers, and more than half of the respondents had been freelancing for a decade or more.

Only 17 percent of respondents always require a new client to sign a contract. Half either “sometimes” or never ask for contracts. Seriously?

And more than one third (39 percent) aren’t contributing to any retirement plans. Fellow freelancers, we know it’s rough out there, but you have to save something.

Finally, here’s a chart that shows that print is not actually dead, at least among freelancers:

Twitter Strengthens DC Policy Team

Twitter’s hired a new head of public policy, PaidContent reports.

Colin Crowell, who has more than 20 years’ experience working on telecommunications issues, will start in mid-September, according to his Twitter.

Twitter is not the first social network to get involved in government, of course: Facebook has had policy advisors and lobbyists since at least 2009, and made headlines earlier this year when it announced it was hiring international policy directors.

And this is not Twitter’s first foray into Washington: Crowell joins Adam Sharp, who was hired last November to serve as government liaison.

In Defense Of The NYT Business Section | Ad Agency Recruitment Video | More Yesterday’s News

Lawrence Ingrassia, editor of the NYT’s business section, has leapt to the defense of his section after public editor Arthur Brisbane took a swipe at it in his Sunday column….fight! Fight! Fight!….Chiat LA makes a recruitment video they don’t call a recruitment video… moves, and more….

Jobs Of The Day: Irene? Who’s That?

The sopping-wet annoyance of this weekend’s hurricane is behind us, and thankfully, we were spared major damage in most places. So put those memories behind you and get ready for whitewashed walls, seafood, and relaxation: Coastal Living is hiring an associate features editor. Unlike many Time Inc. magazines, Coastal Living is based in Birmingham (not so coastal, but hey) and we can’t think of a more relaxing magazine to work on.

The American Junior Golf Association wants a (paid) intern. (Braselton, GA)
WQXR needs an assistant producer. (New York, NY)
JuntoBox Films is hiring a digital marketing manager. (Santa Monica, CA)
Ethis Communications Inc seeks a program/editorial manager. (New York, NY)
Pearson is seeking an editorial assistant. (New York, NY)
The American Psychoanalytic Association is seeking a director of public affairs. (New York, NY)
Mashable is looking for an editorial assistant. (New York, NY)
Mullen seeks a digital connectivity planner. (Winston-Salem, NC)
The Consumer Healthcare Products Association is hiring a marketing manager. (Washington, DC)
Portfolio Media Inc seeks an editor. (New York, NY)

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

As of the time of this posting, there were 1398 jobs on our board.

Jack Shafer: ‘Always Be Looking’

Newly-laid-off media critic Jack Shafer took time out of his day today to chat with staffers and readers about what it was like losing his gig at Slate.

He said:
“Do you know the play/movie Glengarry Glen Ross? There’s a cliche the boiler-room salesmen in it use: “ABC,” which stands for Always Be Closing. I believe in ABL for journalists: Always Be Looking. No matter how good your job is–and mine was great–you should always be looking for your next gig.”

We’ve collected a few more of his answers here, but read the whole chat—it’s good.

On the toughest challenge he’ll face in his job search:
“Getting up in the morning. I really like to sleep, and I don’t care who you are, the most inviting way to start a day is not applying for jobs. If I can get out of bed, get some coffee, and stay awake all day, that will be my toughest assignment.”

On freelancing:
“Slate… didn’t mind me reviewing books for the NYTimes, the WashPost, BookForum, the SF Chronicle, and other places. I think my strategy is to turn down no assignment!….But remember, as my friend Mike Dolan says, every assignment has three elements: price, deadline, and quality. The assigning editor gets to pick two.”

On the future of print journalism (asked by someone who apologized “for being Negative Pants”):
“I don’t think any of us have been print journalists since 1996. Doesn’t the entire NYT and WPost go up on the web before it rolls off the presses? Don’t all the networks and TV stations use the web as a medium? What’s really changed is that all the various mediums–which used to be separate–all compete against one another for stories (and advertising) on one shared medium. The Web. Don’t apologize for being Negative. Negative is the new Positive.”

On whether it’s a good idea to write a “f— you” note to your editor on the way out the door, as the journalists in a June Shafer column did: Read more

Lessiter Publications Sues Former Employees

A feud between niche media publisher Lessiter Publications and three former employees has just turned nasty.

According to a lawsuit filed in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, three former employees of Lessiter, Todd Rank, Paul Markgraff, and Michael Podoll, left to start a competing magazine company, Three Cycle Media.

But according to Lessiter, Three Cycle Media LLC and three domain names were started before Rank, Markgraff, and Podoll had actually quit. Lessiter also says that Three Cycle Media stole one of Lessiter’s clients. Again, according to the lawsuit, the three employees resigned “separately between April 8 and May 31, and
formed a competitive publishing company… On June 1, the American Football Coaching Association (AFCA), notified Lessiter Publications that it was, without notice nor cause, cancelling its contract with Lessiter Publications’ Coach And Athletic Director publication. Days later, Three Cycle Media LLC announced it had secured a contract with the AFCA to publish This is AFCA magazine.”

The complaint says that the defendants “acted maliciously, deceitfully and fraudulently” toward Lessiter, which is seeking punitive damages.

Anderson Cooper Working Like Crazy As New Talk Show Nears Launch

As Anderson, the new daytime talk show starring Anderson Cooper, draws closer to launch, Cooper’s working to juggle the demands of that show with AC 360 in New York, TV NewsCheck says.

In case Cooper gets called away to do field reporting on a long-term assignment (as he did to cover Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake), he’ll need something for Anderson that can run while he’s gone. So he’s taping fifteen “evergreen” shows that can cover for him, and if he’s not in the field, he’ll tape a week’s worth of shows in three days in order to leave more time for reporting.

On his work schedule, he told TVNewsCheck:

I am always hesitant to kind of talk too much about it because, you know, I go to Afghanistan and spend time with Marines who are out on patrol in Helmand Province and what they go through on any given day makes my quote unquote busy-ness pale in comparison. So based on a real job, I know I am extraordinarily lucky and I am happy to be this busy. But I definitely don’t have any tricks or anything.

…Mono-tasking seems the reverse of what I should be trying to do, but otherwise I think I would spin off and become a crazed television person. I want to actually try to still be a real person.

If Paul McCartney Was A Book Author | More Cuts At Slate | Other Weekend’s News

Jobs Of The Day: Get The Top Spot At 7×7 Magazine

Do you love San Francisco as well as understand “what makes San Franciscans tick”? Then you’re needed at 7×7 Magazine, which is looking for an executive editor. You’ll manage the whole staff, assign stories, enforce budgets, and even get your hands dirty top-editing all stories and signing off on final proofs. Sounds like fun.

The Chicago Housing Authority has an open position: a senior communications analyst. (Chicago, IL) is hiring a senior editor. (New York, NY)
Team Epiphany is looking for a social media coordinator. (New York, NY)
Vimeo is hiring a copywriter. (New York, NY)
SLACK Incorporated is hiring an acquisitions editor. (Thorofare, NJ)
ADL is hiring an associate director of media relations. (New York, NY)
Richter7 seeks an email marketing specialist. (Salt Lake City, UT)
Parents magazine (Meredith) has an open position: an editorial assistant. (New York, NY)
St. George Magazine needs a magazine and news page designer. (St. George, UT)
American Media Inc needs a web producer. (New York, NY)

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

As of the time of this posting, there were 1516 jobs on our board.

12 Things You Didn’t Know People Did On LinkedIn

Bozo and His PalsApparently LinkedIn, despite its reputation as a place for professionals to hang out, still attracts some world-class bozos.

On PRDaily, Jure Klepic describes some LinkedIn goofs that he’s personally witnessed.

Among them: asking for a date (really? is too hard for you?) and asking complete strangers for recommendations.

Another don’t: asking questions like the below in LinkedIn’s Q&A section (unless, of course, you’re doing some weird performance art project, which we haven’t ruled out)

Q: “I am divorcing my wife, and I own a C-class corporation. Would you tell me how to hide the corporation so that I don’t have to give that b**** half of it?”

Don’t lie on your profile, use a profile with chest hair showing, or buy contacts. Really, we think these misuses of LinkedIn are so obvious that nobody would actually do them! Or would they?