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Archives: March 2013

How to Read Between the Lines of a Job Posting

Job seekers should always have their detective hats on: You never know what valuable insights you may glean from a job posting. Scrutinizing the language typically used on job boards can also offer useful information that will help you land and ace an interview. In the latest Mediabistro feature, job experts help you decipher and take advantage of the hidden signs. Check out an excerpt:

What Does “Other Duties as Assigned” Mean?

“Ending job posts with the line ‘other duties as assigned’ often means that the hiring manager doesn’t know exactly what he wants,” said Vance Crowe, CEO of Articulate Ventures, a St. Louis-based communications firm. “But these should be signals to job seekers that management will value your willingness to do the less desirable work.”

So, how do you sell yourself if the hiring manager is flexible about the duties? Get all the advice in How to Read Between the Lines of a Job Posting. [Mediabistro AvantGuild subscription required]

Lori Greiner Talks About the Oprah Effect and What Inventors Need to Be Successful

Lori Greiner knows firsthand the power of Oprah Winfrey to sell product.

In part two of our conversation with Greiner, the “Queen of QVC” and regular on ABC’s “Shark Tank” tells SocialTimes editor Devon Glenn what happens when one of your products makes the list of Oprah’s favorite things, how every inventor thinks they have the greatest thing in the world and what they need to do to make sure they’re right.

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How to Tactfully Halt Giving Free Advice to Your Friends & Their Friends, Too

When we read this piece on Fortune about whether or not you should charge your friends for advice, we nodded in collective agreement.

Let’s say you’re a blogger. Chances are a friend or a friend of a friend has reached out to pick your brain about how to blog, how to use SEO, how to get hits on your own site. Or maybe you’re a graphic designer, perhaps someone in your inner circle has asked about redesigning your own site. We get it, that’s part of being a friend and knowing who to go to for what and having a casual conversation.

What happens when your friends cross the line? Granted, you may ask them for advice  depending on their expertise so it’s a give or take and that technically comes along with territory of being a friend but seriously, what happens when it gets out of hand?   Read more

Four Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

Okay, we know it may be kind of trite but what could be more metaphorical than spring cleaning your career than the arrival of spring this week?

1. Revamp that resume. Even if you’re not job hunting, few things can be as powerful as powering up your CV.

That is, make it ready for circulation even if you’re not looking. It’s your ticket to the next step in your career so even if you don’t send it out right away to a few contacts, might as well dust it off, update it to your current job and make a few tweaks. Read more

Media Beat: Lori Greiner Talks About Swimming with the Sharks

If you like watching rich people buy things on TV or prefer doing it yourself while watching QVC, then you’re probably familiar with Lori Greiner.

Greiner, known as the “Queen of QVC,” is also a regular on the ABC show “Shark Tank” where those that have millions listen to pitches from those that have little more than a million dollar idea.

SocialTimes editor Devon Glenn sat down with Greiner to talk about the show, her reign on QVC and if any of the products she’s invested in on “Shark Tank” have any bite.

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Avoiding Job Hopper Status: How Many Months Should You Stick Out a New Job Before Moving On?

Picture this: You’re three months into a new job and it’s not quite what you expected. You want to jump ship but you’re concerned about looking like a job hopper on your resume. Should you stick it out at least nine more months so you’re there at least a year?

Gregory Giangrande, chief HR officer for Time, Inc. doesn’t think so. In today’s New York Post, he writes:

“How much time it takes to truly know whether you’ve made a mistake will vary widely, depending on the circumstances. Whether it’s three months, six months or more, whenever you’re certain that the situation is not what you want, and there is little chance it will change, then you should start looking for a new job — otherwise, you risk feeling stuck, getting bitter and yelling at your co-workers.” Read more

Forget Happy Hour & Lunch Hour; Introducing ‘Exercise Hour’

Move over, lunch hour. Step aside, happy hour. There’s a new hour in town. Check that, exercise hour.

At Overit Media, it’s become the norm. Managing director Jen Graybeal told FastCompany, “It kind of started off more as a joke.”

She announced, “Listen, ladies and gentlemen. We’re gonna do some exercising.” And thus, a power walk during lunch time was born which evolved into a full on exercise program. In fact, now it’s part of the company culture.  Read more

‘Boston Phoenix’ Announces Closure; 50 Staffers Will Lose Their Jobs

The Boston Phoenix announces it’s folding and this means 50 people will be out of their jobs.

Apparently it cost more than $1 million each year to keep the publication in business. The alt-weekly was founded in 1966 and is closing immediately. As in now.

Publisher Stephen Minich released a memo that was posted on JimRomenesko. Here’s an excerpt:

“I can state with certainty that this is the single most difficult communication I’ve ever had to deliver and there’s no other way to state it than straightforwardly –

As of now the Boston Phoenix has ceased publishing and will not continue as it is….

I cannot find the words to express how sad a moment this is for me, and I know, for you as well, so I won’t try….

And obviously as well, my sincere gratitude to our millions of readers and tens of thousands of advertisers without whom none of what we did accomplish could have been possible or meaningful.

So, that’s it. We have had an extraordinary run.”

eHarmony Moves Into Recruiting Business

Yes, you read that right.

eHarmony, the online dating website, announced that it will expand into the recruiting space before the end of the calendar year. Huh?

Apparently, the company will pair people to people just as it does in dating. Read more

New York City Issues Law to Ban Discrimination Against Unemployed Job Seekers

The Associated Press reports New York City will become the fourth location in the country with a new law against discrimination against job seekers who are currently unemployed. It will be in effect three months from now.

New Jersey, Oregon and Washington, D.C. are among the other places to say it’s unlawful for help wanted ads to indicate candidates must be employed. NYC is packing a punch though; they’re saying rejected applicants may sue employers for damages.

The City Council overrode Mayor Bloomberg’s veto. He previously indicated hiring decisions are too complicated to legislate.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn told The Associated Press, “We cannot and will not allow New Yorkers who are qualified and ready to work and looking to work to have the door of opportunity slammed in their faces.”