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Three Ways to Respond to an Overly Critical Boss

It’s a funny thing about bosses. You may not appreciate a good one until they’re gone. Then when you have a new, overly critical one you’re immediately searching for the nearest exit door and longing for that former boss.

Well, there are a few ways to handle these types of hyper-critical bosses. For starters, as pointed out by Annie Fisher, “Ask Annie” columnist for Fortune, it’s important to not take it personally.

1. Don’t take anything personally. It’s not you, it’s him or her. Seriously.

Keep your stress levels at a minimum by reminding yourself other people who have worked for the same boss probably experienced the same criticism. Fisher writes, “You’ll be much less stressed if you can keep some emotional distance. Practice reminding yourself that this is just the way he is.” Read more

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How to Handle a Slacker Co-Worker

Ah, we know it all too well. You’re busting your hump over the midnight oil to meet a looming deadline while your co-worker is nowhere to be found.

Not only are you doing your share and his share of work, your colleagues are picking up his slack as well.

So, how are you going to handle it? First, says Annie Fisher in her column, “Ask Annie,” on Fortune, your dilemma is “far from unique.” Although it’s a hot topic and frequently occurs in the workplace, it’s rare for people to confront the culprit.

Sometimes you may just grin and bear it — the idea of confronting a co-worker you still have to see on a daily basis may seem more daunting than the work itself. Buyer beware, however: This could lead to a build up of emotions and frustrations to really blow your stack. Read more