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The Top Reasons Editors Reject Pitches

The benefits of being a freelancer are plenty — flexible hours, working from home and being your own boss, just to name a few. But it brings its own set of challenges, and dealing with rejection might be the toughest one. A pitch that you’ve spent a lot of effort crafting could be met with silence, or a meager “Thanks, but no” response.  Luckily, not all hope is lost, and there’s always room to learn from your rejected pitches.

In the latest article for Mediabistro’s Journalism Advice series, freelance writer Kristen Fischer dissects some of the typical rejection responses that editors are known to give. Did you know that “we’re not assigning features at this time” is editor-speak for “Try pitching front-of-book pieces instead?”

For more on how you can learn from rejected pitches, check out The Real Reason Your Pitch Was Rejected. [subscription required]

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AvantGuild: How To Say Goodbye

farewell.jpgLeaving your job—whether willingly or less cheerfully—requires tact: no trashing your boss’s office if you were laid off, and no dancing in the halls, screaming “So long, suckers!” if you’re quitting. That tact extends to the goodbye e-mail you’ll send out, which may be the last impression your colleagues get of you until you come begging them for a reference. So what’s the best way to send that e-mail? Kristen Fischer answered that question in today’s AvantGuild feature.

Too many people disappear — regardless of why they leave. “It leaves a negative impression, even if there was a positive relationship. Termination can be difficult, and people don’t know how to do it, so they basically run for it.”

Instead, [Carrie] Stack [, a life coach,] says saying goodbye and acknowledging your departure is imperative, as is doing so with class and grace. “Send a goodbye email to recognize you are leaving, and appreciate the experience you had there, and the relationships you built. People will remember that, and you never know who you will cross paths with again,” Stack says. “Taking the high road always pays off.”

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