That’s what appears to be happening, if two stories that arrived almost simultaneously in our RSS reader are any indication.

A third of respondents to a SmartBrief poll about social media said that they would unfollow anyone who posts 3-7 updates on a social network per day. Three updates a day? That’s less than we suspect most people post, yet a whopping one in three people found that to be too much.

Eight percent think that “a few times per week” is too much Tweeting.

Blogger Mirna Bard interprets:
“This poll has made it very apparent that there is no single correct answer. There are too many factors involved. It depends on the social network, the audience, the type of business, the objective, context and value of the posts, etc.”

At the same time, though, we can appreciate the burned-out feeling. An editorial in TVNewsCheck proposes (partially satirically, we think) a “three-year moratorium on new media.

“Starting Jan. 1, no individual or company may conceive, research, develop, improve, work on, tinker with or otherwise conjure up any program, device or service aimed at disseminating information of any kind to the general public.

“With all we’ve got now, from AM to Zillow, we can go for three years without any more and we’ll all be happier,” writes TVNewsCheck editor Harry Jessell.

We wrote “partially satirically” because the suggestions further down in the piece seem deadly earnest, if a bit misguided:
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