Joanne Bamberger
  Having an opinion never goes out of style!
Professional/Personal Overview
  The election is over, but the world of politics isn't going away. Looking for a unique voice for analysis & commentary? Look no further. I'm editor-in-chief of the popular political blog, PunditMom, a site where women talk openly about their various political views. I have a weekly column at & am a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. My book on mothers & politics will be published by Bright Sky Press, Oct. 2010.

My commentary has been featured on CNN, Fox News,, BBC, XM Radio POTUS '08 & Take Five, and more!

I'm also an award winning freelancer who's written for The Washington Post, MSN and Marketplace Radio, as well as many other publications.

Contact me today at joanne (at) punditmom (dot) com for articles, commentary or appearances.

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  Joanne Bamberger
Washington, DC 

Website: Questions

What book is on your nightstand right now?
Free Food for Millionaires, Min Jin Lee

What's the best job you've ever had?
Besides being a mother and freelance writer, being an enterprise TV reporter where I was responsible for generating my own stories every day.

What's the hardest work project you've ever tackled?
Raising my daughter! After dealing with a nine-year-old all day, conducting a tough interview is a piece of cake! After that, investigating a large securities fraud case as an attorney at the SEC.

What's your idea of a perfect Saturday night?
A leisurely dinner with my husband or relaxing with friends with a nice bottle of wine (preferably a Tuscan red or a French white).

In ten years, I want to be:
Writing regularly for publications I respect and to be a published book author, and a well-established pundit!

What do you wish you'd learned sooner?
I wish I had learned sooner the importance of following your dreams. Getting sidetracked in a job that isn't really what you want to do, even though others think you're good at it, doesn't bring job satisfaction.

What's your idea of a perfect Monday morning?
Getting my daughter to school on time and then a nice, hot cup of coffee!

Work Samples
The Washington Post  
Think an all-purpose resume is going to stand out in a crowded field of applicants? Think again. Here's how to create a resume to wow your next employer. (For
Need to find some extra motivation to get off your bottom and to the gym? Humor, reported piece on unusual workout motivators. (Honorable Mention, Feature Article, Writer's Digest 2005 Competition).
Reported humor piece exploring why people still send snail mail chain letters and the perceived benefits we get by perpetuating the chain.
Adoptive Families Magazine  
Cover story. Adoptive parents pushing the mid-century mark are joining playgroups and digging Dora the Explorer. What's age got to do with it?
A look at how families who have adopted children of different cultures and ethnicities can prepare themselves for dealing with intolerance. (Honorable Mention, Feature Article, Writer's Digest 2005 Competition).
Legal Times  
Half the women coming out of law schools today are women, but the numbers of women in leadership positions aren't keeping pace. Why? The answer isn't what you think.
It's summer and the living isn't as easy as it used to be for big law firm summer associates. Reported piece on the evolution and today's status of law firm summer associates and the work they do. Honorable Mention, 2006 Writer's Digest Feature Article Competition.
Women who graduated from law school in 1988 were expected to be at the top of the legal pyramid by now. Are they? A look at the choices many have made.
The Washington Examiner  
ABC News missed a chance to show that networks aren't afraid for women to anchor solo permanently ... why is that? Opinion column.
Those who are left of Nixon's men have wasted no time bashing Mark Felt, aka "Deep Throat," portraying him as a traitor. Now is the time for everyone to revisit that crisis so we don't forget the lessons of Watergate. Op-ed.
Do we need to be perfect mothers? Op-ed following publication of Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety.
Go, AirTran In-flight Magazine  
Project Runway finalist Wendy Pepper is making the most of her 15 minutes of fame! She's ready to turn her small design business into a bigger venture. How will she do it?
Have a petulant pooch? Give the Dog Whisperer a call! Profile of Cesar Millan, who has created a niche business of solving the behavior problems of dogs and grown a successful small business at the same time. (Honorable Mention, Feature Article, Writer's Digest, 2006 Competition).
In an age of toddler interviews and fierce pre-K competition, parents of little children are hiring admissions consultants to help them navigate the system and give their kids and edge. Has Harvard-track mania come to the nation's Capital?
Mothers are becoming more political, but not necessarily in the ways you might think. Meet some mothers who are helping to change the world so it will be better for their children.
(MSN, 3/1/2008)
Sure there are plenty of notable and accomplished women we've heard of and discuss, especially during Women's History Month. But name recognition doesn't always equate substantial accomplishments. Here's a look at 10 amazing women who deserve more attnetion.
During October -- Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- campaigns to sell all things pink to support research to cure breast cancer abound like daisies on a spring day. But are they all they're cracked up to be?
Arrive (Acela/Amtrak)  
For corporations, surviving and competing in a global economy sometimes takes more than just a great business plan. International pro bono efforts are increasingly becoming a part of going global.
"Making partner" used to be the big payoff for toiling away in the corporate hive. Today, though, it means more work, more time at the office and, sure, more money. But is it worth it? A look at generational attitude changes about the golden handcuffs of partnership.
The Huffington Post  
Many on the right claimed to be afraid of how Sonia Sotomayor's life experiences would impact her judgment and application of the law. But as we've learned from many, including Elle Woods, it's not always a good thing to separate the two.
The media continue to write about Michelle Obama's story as if she is the only woman in America who came from modest circumstances and became a professional success. Maybe it's time for the media to take a closer look at more working mothers.
I won't defend Sarah Palin's politics, but I will defend her right to make the most of her 15 minutes in the spotlight. Commentary
Does anyone really think that Sarah Palin will leave the political stage gracefully? "Betcha" a dollar she's got her eye on a Senate seat. Commentary
When I saw Kit, the American Girl movie, I assured our eight-year-old daughter that her dad wouldn't lose his job like the one in the movie. For many American families, I may have spoken too soon. Commentary
Everyone woman knows someone like Sarah Palin. She's the perky girl from high school who got ahead, even though she wasn't the smartest. She just knew how to play the game. Commentary
Sarah Palin is getting a lot of press -- perhaps more about her motherhood and whether she can do it all than whether she's qualified to be VP. Is it Mommy Wars redux? Commentary.
Are some women voters having a hard time supporting Barack Obama because he reminds them of younger men in the workplace who've surpassed more experienced women? Commentary
Women make up half the bloggers online, and that means about 36 million women. Are they just being chatty, or is there a new movement afoot? Opinion
If mothers are the key demographic that advertisers want to reach, why aren't we also being courted by the presidential candidates? They say the 'women's vote' will determine the next election, but you'd never know it by the way the candidates are acting. Commentary.
Willing to give up a few lattes a month in exchange for real political influence? It's time for women to think about that. Commentary.
Fox News/Fox & Friends  
Political debate with uber-conservative columnist Cal Thomas and Joanne Bamberger/PunditMom on whether Oprah Winfrey has an obligation to invite VP candidate Sarah Palin on her show.
Joanne's appearance on CNN's Blogger Bunch daily show. This day's topic was President Obama's talk to school children about staying in school
After Gov. Mark Sanford announced his affair, his wife decided she would not stay in the marriage. Commentary on a political wife who chose not to 'stand by her man.'
Political debate between Joanne Bamberger/PunditMom and conservative commentator on how Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will stack up on the campaign trail.
KPFA Radio, Berkeley, CA  
Political debate about during Democratic National Convention about whether Joe Biden is the best pick for Barack Obama's VP.
Women's Media Center  
Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann barely survived her re-election contest after suggesting that Barack Obama is "anti-American." That's not fair game, that's out of bounds, even in politics. Commentary
Listening Post/Al Jazeera English  
Was the media coverage of Hillary Clinton the death of her presidential candidacy? Analysis of media coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign and whether future women candidates will be impacted by how Hillary Clinton was covered.
Motrin decided it was a good idea to make a commercial suggesting that wearing a baby in a sling was just a mother's fashion accessory. When women online spoke out, their efforts were minimized by being labeled "mommybloggers." Attention Madison Avenue -- we're a lot more than that.  
Is it possible that conservatives really think the President is trying to brainwash their children by giving a speech about working hard and staying in school? Commentary
Sometimes we joke about how the world might be different if the "girls" ran things instead of the "boys." I'm not so sure it's a joke anymore.
The Supreme Court has ruled that asking a 13-year-old girl to strip to her underwear in search of some Advil is unconstitutional. That's good, but what are the consequences for school personnel to who don't take ruling to heart?
Just when we thought sexism in the media was done after the 2008 Presidential campaign, it reared its ugly head again during the Supreme Court nomination process of Sonia Sotomayor
The stimulus package may sound food for getting America's economy going, but am I the only one who notices that the jobs being created traditionally go to men?
Swing state voters were a much courted constituency in the 2008 election. What was on their minds and will those issues continue to matter as we move toward 2010? Commentary
Many pundits proclaimed that women were going to be the key to winning the 2008 election. But maybe there needs to be more of a focus on our demographic -- I say, it's going to be the mothers. Commentary
While so many of us have been hashing it out over whether increasing numbers of women are opting out of the workplace because they would rather be stay at home moms, what's really been happening is an economic phenomenon that men are experiencing, too, at least according to a new Congressional repor
Marketplace Radio  
With the Madoff Ponzi scheme in the news, lawmakers are claiming there needs to be an overhaul and an investigation into why the SEC missed such a large fraud. If the Congress wants the real answer, its members need only look in the mirror. Commentary
Work Info
Political Analyst 4 Years
Reporter 16 Years
Writer 25 Years
Lifestyle 6 Years
Adoption 7 Years
Law 21 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
25 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
MOMocrats (11+), MomsRising (11+), The Huffington Post (11+), The Washington Examiner (11+), D.C. Metro Moms (11+), Go, AirTran's in-flight magazine (11+), Adoptive Families Magazine (11+), American Lawyer Media publications (11+), Parent Bloggers Network (11+), Work It, Mom! (11+), BlogHer, Contributing Editor (11+), MSN (6-10), Washington Post (3-5), XM Radio, Commentator (3-5), Rails to Trails Magazine (1-2), Washingtonian (1-2), (1-2), Women's Media Center (1-2), Legal Services Corporation (1-2), Marketplace Radio (1-2), Arrive, Acela magazine (1-2), Capitol File (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Adoptions Together, Inc. (1-2), Book project (1-2), Corporate ghostwriting (1-2), KornFerry International (1-2)
Other Work History
Ten years experience as broadcast reporter, anchor and producer at variety of stations including:
KMBC-TV, Kansas City;
KSNW-TV, Wichita;
WGBY-TV, Springfield, Mass.;
WUTR-TV, Utica, NY.

Deputy Director of Public Affairs at U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

15 years experience as litigation attorney in private and government practice, specializing in business and securities litigation.
Computer Skills
Microsoft Word
Laptop computer, digital camera, 35 mm camera, audio recorder.
Foreign Language Skills
Learning Chinese with my daughter and discovering how to order wine and cheese in as many languages as possible!
Debbie Bruno, Legal Times,; Orion Ray-Jones,
Honorable Mention, Feature Articles, Writer's Digest 2006 Competition, The Dog Whisperer, Go Magazine (AirTran Airways) and This Summer, It's Real, Legal Times (an ALM publication); Honorable Mention, Feature Articles, Writer's Digest 2005 Competition, Riding Your Fantasy Life to Fitness, Washington Post, and Ready for the World, Adoptive Families Magazine.
American Society of Journalists & Authors; National Press Club; admitted to practice law in state and federal courts in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and the Supreme Court of the United States.
Law degree, B.A. in Political Science. Former Deputy Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. 15 years experience as litigation attorney.

I'm close to Baltimore and Virginia, as well.

Participant, Progressive Women's Voices program, Women's Media Center

I am also available for on-camera and voice-over work.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Washington, DC. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.