Shane DuBow

Shane DuBow
Shane DuBow spent 13 years as a full-time freelance writer. His nonfiction has appeared in numerous national magazines, including GQ, Glamour, Harper's, The LA Times Magazine, Men's Journal, National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian, Spin, and on the public radio program, This American Life. Shane's subjects have included everything from food and travel, to bank robbers, rugby players, dog fighters, farmers, prostitutes, horses, trains, and music. His work has been anthologized. Shane's received fellowships from the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference and Columbia University's School of the Arts. He currently works in television writing, producing, and directing documentaries for The National Geographic Channel and A&E.

Shane DuBow's Courses
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Shane's Advanced Freelancing seminar was excellent. I appreciated his focus on the craft and not just the business of freelancing, and his humorous approach. He was generous with his time and very accessible during breaks and after class. It was helpful to see the query letters that got him his assignments as well as the articles that resulted. I would definitely recommend this class. -- Rita Pyrillis, former student

"I really enjoyed Shane's seminar. I had met him at a previous panel and really liked his style and willingness to share what he's learned. The material was great and the handouts were terrific. It's always great to be able to leave with something tangible and be able to write notes on something specific." -- Jennifer Lyng, freelance writer

"Shane's Advanced Freelancing seminar was sensational. It was a shot in the arm that got me reinvigorated about writing again. Shane doesn't come across as a teacher, he comes across as a colleague with fresh ideas, sincerely motivated to help you master your craft and work out style concerns. The seminar paid for itself a thousand times. -- Jenny Davis, freelancer

"I enjoyed Shane's seminar very much. As someone who is new to freelancing, I had been concentrating a lot on the business aspect of it. Shane's class reminded me to keep my eye on the writing. His writing is great fun to read. I'm glad he took the time to copy so many of his pieces for us. Shane was an engaging speaker. Energetic and fast-paced, he presented options that could be molded for individual abilities and tastes. I travel to these workshops from the Indianapolis area and I would attend another workshop presented by Shane -- and I'm almost willing to say I'd attend regardless of the topic." -- Jeff Schafer, writer

"There is something in this class for everyone, whether you're a beginner or a more advanced journalist looking to expand your horizons and/or pitch big magazines, such as Harper's Bazaar, GQ, National Geographic. Shane DuBow did a terrific job covering many aspects in three interesting and entertaining hours. As a beginner, I now have more confidence, as well as a better idea of what I want and need to do next." -- Salima Benchoukroun