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ICYMI: Career and Job Search Advice to Catch Up On This Weekend

Make the most of your weekend and catch up on these articles and prepare to get going on your job search

Whatever you do between now and Monday morning, be sure to carve out a few minutes to for some reading that’ll do some good for your career.

We understand how busy you are at work, so we’ve rounded up our best recent career and job search advice so you can spend some downtime in the next few days fueling your job search.

5 Steps to Proving You’re Committed to Diversity—With Your Job Listing: HR reps and hiring managers: Learn how to vet your job listing to assure it’s not discriminatory—and that it attracts the best applicants.

Track—and Tout—Your Successes For Your Career and Your Job Search: It’s always a good idea to have a running list of your career wins to prove your worth, whether you’re searching for a new job or are trying to bolster your career. Here’s how to do it.

Warning: These 8 Common Pitfalls Could Bomb Your Next Interview: Read carefully these phrases, topics and questions to avoid at all costs if want to move to the next level, and ultimately get the offer.

Get Back to Job-Search Basics With These Fundamentals You May Have Forgotten: Restart your job search from square one with these fundamentals you can’t afford to ignore.

5 Simple Tools to Help You Create Great Video Content for Your Job Search: Video is becoming an indispensible job skill. Here are tools that can showcase your work—and make you more hireable—with just a little effort.

8 Warning Signs You’ve Gotten an Offer From a Bad Employer: Congrats! You got the job offer! But oops — something seems off. Here are eight warning signs that your prospective employer might not be the best.

What Does a Copy Editor Do?: Get the scoop on what’s involved in this vital role.

Talking Too Much in an Interview Can Cost You the Job. Here’s How to Fix It: Learn how to relax, and not talk so much, in your next job interview.

5 Secrets to Becoming a Six-Figure Freelancer: Here’s how to bring home the bacon with your freelancing, from pros who already do it.

Why You Need a New Resume—Even If You’re Not Looking for a Job Yet: Here’s how to get a clean, concise, targeted CV, and be ready for any opportunity that might come along.

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