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Professional Experience

I'm a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist and #1 bestselling Hachette co-author who freelances for various media outlets. I also co-author and ghostwrite books. I worked as a reporter at the Los Angeles Daily News and other newspapers for two decades and as executive editor and senior editor at several magazines. I've won over two dozen journalism awards, including 2011 and 2012 Folio: Eddie Awards, two 2015 Florida Magazine Association Charlie Awards, and a Pulitzer Prize nomination. I'm a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the nation's premier association of nonfiction writers who have met ASJA's exacting standards of professional achievement. I'm also a member of the Association of Ghostwriters and Investigative Reporters & Editors. I'm represented by one of the nation's top literary agencies whose authors have sold over 250 million books.


30 Years
11 Years
Book Author
6 Years


30 Years
14 Years
Books & Literature
6 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
11 Years
Newspaper - National
30 Years
Online/new media
11 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

30 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

The Huffington Post (100 million readers) (3-5), Reuters (1 billion readers) (10+), Newsmax (14 million readers) (10+), Outreach (30,000 circ.) (10+), Pacific Research Institute (6-10), Rebel (100,000 circ.) (6-10), (1.2 million readers) (6-10), Charisma (5 million readers) (10+), (3-5), NBIZ Magazine (30,000 circ.) (10+), Inland Empire (190,000 circ.) (3-5), Angies List (3-5), Christianity Today (2.6 million readers) (6-10), Human Events (1.4 million readers) (3-5), Consumers Digest (700,000 circ.) (1-2), Los Angeles Daily Journal (20,000 circ.) (1-2), National Wildlife (650,000 circ.) (1-2), (Bankrate Insurance) (10+), EB5 Investors Magazine (20,000 circ.) (10+), Townhall (11 million readers) (1-2), Godspeed Magazine (10+), The American Spectator (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Gener8Xion Entertainment (10+), WDC Media (10+), SpareFoot (6-10), Los Angeles County Business Federation (6-10), Significant Federation (3-5)

Other Work History

- Book Co-Author & Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer, and Executive Editor and Communications Director at The Return International (2021-Present) - Godspeed Magazine: Senior Editor (2020-2021) - Charisma and Charisma Media (5 million readers): Executive Editor (2014-2016) - Magazine Writer / Reuters (2011-2014) - The Press-Enterprise (2 million readers): Editorial Writer / Assistant Editorial Page Editor (2011) - Los Angeles Daily News (2.5 million readers): County Government / Enterprise Reporter (1999-2010) - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin: Local Government / Investigative Reporter (1997-1998) - Medford Mail Tribune: Police / General Assignment Reporter (1996) - Nevada Appeal: Capitol Bureau Chief / Investigative Reporter (1991-1995) - Cottage Grove Sentinel: Intern (1991) - University of Oregon News Bureau: Hometown Writer (1990-1991) - Oregon Daily Emerald: Freelance Writer (1989-1991)

Technical Skills

Editing, Editorial Design, Photography, and Screenwriting.

Computer Skills

CCI Newspaper Editing System, InDesign, Joomla, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Computer-Assisted Reporting, Blogging, Internet Research, Facebook, Twitter, Excel, Word and other software.


Pentax K100 Digital Camera, Laptop Computer, Canon Digital Video Camera and Digital Audio Recorder.

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Available upon request.


During my career, I've won more than two dozen local, state and national writing awards, including 2011 and 2012 Eddie Awards (Folio: magazine's prestigious journalism awards). As executive editor of Charisma, the magazine won two 2015 Charlie Awards (the top award from the Florida Magazine Association) for best overall writing and design, and two 2015 Folio: Eddie Awards' honorable mentions for full issues of Charisma. In 2004, I was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for a Los Angeles Daily News foster care series that contributed to what were described as "revolutionary" national reforms. In 1998, I won a national first place award from the Donrey Media Group for an investigative series in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.


American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA) Investigative Reporters & Editors Association of Ghostwriters

Work Samples

New Articles

Imagine waking up one day to learn you're being sued by your own, yet-to-be embryos. Sounds absurd, right? Well, it's actually already happened.
It's changed cultures, altered the course of history, and influenced the lives of millions. Now, the world's most famous book - the Bible, written over thousands of years in three different languages by kings, prophets, poets and fisherman - is getting its own museum in Washington, D.C.
President-elect Joe Biden has spent the last couple of weeks rolling out cabinet appointees and nominations. We’re starting to get an idea of how he plans to win the trade war with China and fend off the communist country’s aggression. It doesn’t look promising by any stretch.
When religious-freedom advocate Johnie Moore first heard about the mass beheadings and crucifixions of Christians in the Middle East, he was skeptical.
Shortly after his first Easter Sunday service in 1980, Pastor Rick Warren baptized the first nine people at what would become one of America's largest megachurches. This weekend, Warren and other pastors at Saddleback Church's 19 campuses baptized their 50,000th person — setting a record in church history.
In an exclusive interview with Townhall, New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza discussed his controversial new film — Death of Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time? — his recent pardon by President Donald Trump, and the impact the movie is having ahead of the midterm elections.
In his new film, Death of a Nation, conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza exposes the Democrats’ “big lie” that conservatives are fascists and racists.
While conservative documentaries are often panned by Hollywood critics and seldom garner film festival awards, many draw impressive crowds to theaters, rack up eye-popping box office totals, and have exerted a significant impact on American culture and politics.
After 32 years as a military chaplain, U.S. Army Col. David J. Giammona retired in June 2018. In the months that followed, as he watched the eruption of chaos, economic turmoil, and occupation zones across the homeland, the husband and father of three experienced a sensation as terrible as it was familiar. "I know what war feels like ... and it feels just like this," Giammona, a Bronze Star recipient, told Newsmax recently in an exclusive interview. "You don't know about the future. You have anxiety, you have fear. And with all of that combined, you have to trust the Lord, and know that He's got your life in His hands."
Socialism is in vogue, filling the airwaves with promises of "free college," "Medicare for All," and "free...everything."
Anti-abortion protesters rallied at scores of Planned Parenthood clinics on Saturday to urge Congress and President Donald Trump to strip the health services provider of federal funding, while supporters of the organization staged counter-demonstrations around the United States.
In the first century, Jesus Christ’s disciples, the Apostle Paul, and others penned the New Testament, the second part of the Holy Bible that would become the best-selling and most widely distributed book in history with more than 5 billion copies printed, according to Guinness World Records. While the Bible was completed nearly 2,000 years ago, today’s pastors, philosophers, journalists, physicians, and others have written countless books commentating on Scripture that have sold hundreds of millions of copies, profoundly influenced the world, and inspired many people to live lives of faith.


(Reuters) - California Governor Jerry Brown and lawmakers have reached a deal to raise public employees' retirement ages, have them pay more into their pension accounts, and cap retirement payments in a vast overhaul of the state's pension system that he says will save $30 billion.
(Reuters) - Tens of thousands of fans are expected to attend Junior Seau's public memorial in a San Diego stadium on Friday, more than a week after the former National Football League star killed himself in his beachfront home.
Ever since Daniel Defoe penned Robinson Crusoe in 1719, the mystique of being marooned on a deserted island has captured the imagination of millions the world over.
CIA officers are masters at detecting lies and deceit. In fact, knowing the difference between the truth and deception is often a matter of life or death for intelligence agents.
No one knows Mother Nature's fury like Daniel and Mary Rios. In a tragic confluence of misfortune, the Rios family has lost three San Fernando Valley homes to natural disasters. First it was the Sylmar Earthquake of 1971. Then the Northridge Earthquake of 1994. And now, the Sayre Fire.
After spending his childhood in a devout Christian home caring for his ill mother, Scott Harrison rebelled at age 18, grew out his hair, joined a rock band and moved to New York City to become rich and famous.
LOS ANGELES, March 21 (Reuters) - Police investigating the 1974 murder of a U.S. Marine whose body was identified only recently said they have so far found no links to a serial killer active in California at the time but have not ruled out a connection.
Shaken by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Congress heaped billions of dollars on America's police and rescuers for a new mission: Protect the nation, one chunk of turf at a time.
Ah, muscle cars. The name evokes the aroma of burning rubber and hot motor oil, the rush of driving a fast, powerful car and a wilder, crazier time in America.
One of the most elaborately and colorfully decorated Victorian homes in Los Angeles is just a blur to those speeding by along the Arroyo Seco - the first freeway in California. But for those who take the time to visit the historic Hale House, an enchanting - if not otherworldly - adventure awaits.
Jeff Villepique usually carries bear spray when he goes into the mountains. But the California Department of Fish and Game biologist isn't worried about bears as he walks to the edge of a steep, rocky wash near the Mount Baldy Ski Lifts resort in Southern California.
Peter Shankman believes so strongly in the idiom "time is money" that he carries two smartphones loaded with travel apps whenever he's on the road.
Awakened by late-night pounding and his doorbell ringing, Palmdale resident Jesus Bejarano found a social worker and two sheriff's deputies demanding he turn over his 20-month-old daughter, Kelly.
Up to half of Los Angeles County's foster children were needlessly placed in a system that is often more dangerous than their own homes because of financial incentives in state and federal laws, a two-year Daily News investigation has found.
The Press-Enterprise editorials I wrote about local, state and national topics.
Deep inside one of 260 caves in California's Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Shane Fryer stared for 20 minutes at a square-meter of ground, seeing little of interest. Then he noticed a tiny, moving dust flake.
It's the Day of Pentecost—not long after Jesus' resurrection and ascension to heaven. Suddenly, a cacophony of voices begins to build. A sound, like a "rushing mighty wind," fills the house in Jerusalem.
Gazing out a large window in the pastor's office at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Arlene Epps-Gray explains how a mother who once owned a four-bedroom home surrounded by a pond and a barn became a homeless drug addict. She recalls a pivotal event, a childhood trauma seared into her memory.
I may be one of the most unlikely Olympic decathletes in the history of the games. I'm shorter and lighter than most decathletes. In fact, I'm the smallest decathlete to ever win an Olympic gold medal.
Not so long ago, shopping was easy. Goods had a set price, and if customers liked the price, they bought the item. If they didn't, they went elsewhere. Today, prices can change from hour to hour - even minute to minute.
Declining U.S. and global fertility rates could have dire consequences, including threatening economic stability - even pushing nations to the brink of war, a groundbreaking new book warns. At home, the decline could wreak havoc on Social Security, already on course to run dry within 10 years.
Despite the dramatic rise in interfaith marriages in America, many people never discuss their religious upbringings while dating or even what religion they want their children to practice.
Already facing calls for a congressional investigation into his ties to Georgia's most notorious abortion doctor, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. may be headed for more trouble.
Despite all the recent attacks on faith, or perhaps, because of them, these are definitely the best of times for Christian apologists such as Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig, Ben Witherington III, Darrell Bock, and J. P. Moreland.
The prevailing wisdom holds that existing public pensions - once converted into Cadillac plans - can't be turned back into Oldsmobiles.
In the middle of the 17th century, a Jewish scribe in Kolin, Czechoslovakia, sat down at a table with a feather quill and a bottle of special ink and spent a year writing the "Five Books of Moses" on the skin of a kosher animal.
Mold mania swept the United States a decade ago after lawsuits filed by celebrities Ed McMahon, Erin Brockovich and Michael Jordan stoked fears about "killer mold." Now, a new threat has emerged - a "house-eating fungus" that can devour homes in months.
Somewhere around the 500th baptism of the day, a decidedly unspiritual thought popped into Pastor Rick Warren's mind. "They're all fat," America's most famous pastor remembers saying to himself. "I'm dunking everybody underwater, and everybody's fat."
Adam Braun's Pencils of Promise, with a little help from Justin Bieber, is bringing education to impoverished children.
One issue getting barely a mention in this year's presidential contest is the rising collateral damage from the war on drugs, including swelling U.S prison populations and cartel violence that has claimed nearly 50,000 lives in Mexico since 2006.
For some travelers, spontaneity is the elixir of life. And it's easy to see the allure of great destinations.
Nick Vujicic grew up hoping people wouldn't focus on what he didn't have and focus on what he did have - courage, strength, and tenacity.
Jeanie Truslow doesn't focus on the minutiae; she leaves that to the bean counters.
Americans love going overseas to visit the historic castles of Europe. But the fact is we have our own castles here in the United States, complete with towering turrets, romantic drawbridges, and secret passageways.