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I am a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, bestselling author and the former executive editor of Charisma magazine and Charisma Media. I spent two decades working as a reporter, bureau chief, editorial writer and editor at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers. I have also written for Reuters, Newsmax, National Wildlife, Christianity Today, Human Events and other media outlets. During my career, I have won more than two dozen writing awards, 2011 and 2012 Eddie Awards, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and was featured as an investigative reporter in The McGraw-Hill Companies book, Careers For Puzzle-Solvers & Other Methodical Thinkers. I am a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the nation's premier association of nonfiction writers who have met ASJA's exacting standards of professional achievement. I am the co-author of the bestselling Hachette book, The Babylon Code. I am represented by one of the nation's top literary agencies.


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24 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (7 million readers) (6-10), Reuters (1 billion readers) (10+), Newsmax (14 million readers) (10+), Outreach (30,000 circ.) (6-10), Pacific Research Institute\\\'s (6-10), Rebel (100,000 circ.) (6-10), (1.2 million readers) (6-10), Charisma (5 million readers) (10+), Christianity Today (2.5 million readers) (6-10), (3-5), NBIZ Magazine (30,000 circ.) (3-5), Inland Empire (190,000 circ.) (3-5), Angie\\\'s List (2 million readers) (3-5), Government Security News (35,000 circ.) (3-5), Human Events (1.4 million readers) (3-5), Consumers Digest (700,000 circ.) (1-2), Los Angeles Daily Journal (20,000 circ.) (1-2), National Wildlife (650,000 circ.) (1-2), Ministry Today (25,000 circ.) (6-10)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Gener8Xion Entertainment (10+), WDC Media (10+), SpareFoot (6-10), Los Angeles County Business Federation (6-10), Significant Federation (3-5), Breck Designs (1-2)

Other Work History

- Magazine Writer / Author / Speaker / Filmmaker - Charisma and Charisma Media (5 million readers): Executive Editor (2014-2016) - Magazine Writer / Reuters (2011-2014) - The Press-Enterprise (2 million readers): Editorial Writer / Assistant Editorial Page Editor (2011) - Los Angeles Daily News (2.5 million readers): County Government / Enterprise Reporter (1999-2010) - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin: Local Government / Investigative Reporter (1997-1998) - Medford Mail Tribune: Police / General Assignment Reporter (1996) - Nevada Appeal: Capitol Bureau Chief / Investigative Reporter (1991-1995) - Cottage Grove Sentinel: Intern (1991) - University of Oregon News Bureau: Hometown Writer (1990-1991) - Oregon Daily Emerald: Freelance Writer (1989-1991)

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Editing, Layout and Photography.

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CCI Newspaper Editing System, InDesign, Computer-Assisted Reporting, Blogging, Internet Research, Facebook, Twitter, Excel, Word and other software.


Pentax K100 Digital Camera, Laptop Computer, Canon Digital Video Camera and Digital Audio Recorder.

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Available upon request.


During my career, I\\\'ve won more than two dozen local, state and national writing awards, including 2011 and 2012 Eddie Awards (Folio: magazine\\\'s prestigious journalism awards). As executive editor of Charisma, we won two 2015 Charlie Awards (the top award from the Florida Magazine Association) for best overall writing and design and two 2015 Folio: Eddie Awards\\\' honorable mentions for full issues of Charisma. In 2004, I was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for a Los Angeles Daily News foster care series that contributed to what were described as \\\"revolutionary\\\" national reforms. In 1998, I won a national first place award from the Donrey Media Group for an investigative series in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.


American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA) Investigative Reporters & Editors

Work Samples

Writing Samples

(Los Angeles Daily News 9/1/2004)
Shaken by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Congress heaped billions of dollars on America's police and rescuers for a new mission: Protect the nation, one chunk of turf at a time.
(Charisma 9/1/2009)
Some Christians say the world is coming to an end. Others reject that fear. What can we know for sure about the end times?
( 6/7/2012)
At first glance, the lawsuit that insurance giant State Farm filed against tattoo artist and reality TV star Kat Von D seems "outrageous," one insurance expert says. State Farm paid $909,199 after a fire burned down the home the former "L.A. Ink" star was leasing in the Hollywood Hills.
(Charisma 4/1/2014)
Not long after the Iran hostage crisis, the authorities arrested Hormoz Shariat's 16-year-old brother, Hamraz, on a minor political charge. In 1984, after two years in jail, Shariat's brother was executed by a firing squad.
(Outreach 12/30/2013)
Raised in a Catholic home in Chicago, Jack Rogers would go to confessional and talk to the priest, but he never felt "totally relieved of my sins." Over the years, Rogers would attend various churches, but he never felt connected to God.
(Christianity Today 8/1/2007)
It was 2004 and Korn's lead guitarist Brian "Head" Welch had hit rock bottom. As a member of the controversial nu-metal band that became the voice for youth worldwide with lyrics about alienation and abuse, the pressures of the rock star life had torn his marriage apart.
(Los Angeles Daily News 5/1/2007)
Flamboyant and ostentatious, they drive luxury cars, unwind in multimillion-dollar mansions, flaunt designer clothes and flash dazzling jewels. But behind the glitz lurks what law enforcement officials say is a brazen new breed of organized criminal - Eurasian mobsters .
(Crafted in California 1/1/2007)
Sam Maloof doesn't believe his ancestors helped build Solomon's Temple. But it's a fair question to ask the son of immigrants from a mountain village in Lebanon - a stone's throw away from the famous cedars used to build God's temple on earth.
( 9/15/2012)
In 1949, George Orwell wrote his masterpiece - "Nineteen Eighty-Four," a classic novel about a society where "Big Brother" watches everything that citizens do.
(Charisma 10/1/2013)
A 23-page, seven-month investigation into where donations to Israel-related ministries go.
( 4/8/2013)
Ah, muscle cars. The name evokes the aroma of burning rubber and hot motor oil, the rush of driving a fast, powerful car and a wilder, crazier time in America.
(Los Angeles Daily News 3/1/2008)
Like another famous swashbuckling treasure hunter, he has a fear of snakes. He's not adverse to associating with mystics, charlatans and crooks in his quest for prized artifacts. But unlike his fictional alter ego, the "British Indiana Jones" claims he's discovered the genuine Ark of the Covenant.
(Angie's List 6/26/2013)
One of the most elaborately and colorfully decorated Victorian homes in Los Angeles is just a blur to those speeding by along the Arroyo Seco - the first freeway in California. But for those who take the time to visit the historic Hale House, an enchanting - if not otherworldly - adventure awaits.
(Charisma 9/1/2007)
During his six-year journey to make the movie Amazing Grace, producer Ken Wales visited St. Mary Woolnoth, the London church where the pastor and former slave trader John Newton wrote the beloved song for which the film was named.
(NBIZ Magazine 12/1/2007)
Pastor John W. Bowie's father followed the Lord's admonition to build his church on the "rock" when he built the True Light Missionary Baptist Church 73 years ago.
(Outreach 8/17/2013)
As someone who watched his life implode following a painful manic episode, Community of Grace Lutheran Church Pastor Brad Hoefs understands just how serious America's mental health crisis really is.
(Los Angeles Daily News 6/30/2008)
Awakened by late-night pounding and his doorbell ringing, Palmdale resident Jesus Bejarano found a social worker and two sheriff's deputies demanding he turn over his 20-month-old daughter, Kelly.
(Inland Empire 3/1/2007)
On the wall behind the easel at his Claremont studio, world-renowned painter Karl Benjamin displays a simple drawing of a dog jumping up on a table, a gift a child gave to him decades ago when Benjamin was an elemetary school teacher.
(High Country News 6/1/2008)
Jeff Villepique usually carries bear spray when he goes into the mountains. But the California Department of Fish and Game biologist isn't worried about bears as he walks to the edge of a steep, rocky wash near the Mount Baldy Ski Lifts resort in Southern California.
(Angie's List 4/26/2013)
When Christine Coyle Johnson first saw the basement of the Burbank, Calif., home where she lived since 1997, she was stunned to discover walls covered with vibrant and colorful circus scenes remarkably reminiscent of those in Walt Disney's beloved film, "Dumbo."
( 2/23/2010)
As the $17 billion annual taxpayer tab for government employees' pensions and retiree health care increases at a rate of several billion dollars a year, Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach says California is heading for an economic meltdown.?
(Newsmax 10/8/2013)
Peter Shankman believes so strongly in the idiom "time is money" that he carries two smartphones loaded with travel apps whenever he's on the road.
(Ministry Today 7/1/2014)
(Cover Story) Other Christian magazines annually report on the "fastest-growing churches in America." But what about those church plants-ones that you might not quite be familiar with-that Jesus has blessed with phenomenal growth in a short period of time?
(Charisma 12/1/2012)
When New York Times best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg tells audiences that America isn't mentioned in Bible prophecy, many are stunned and ask how the wealthiest, most powerful nation in history isn't a specifically defined player in the last days.
(Outreach 8/1/2012)
One morning in December 2005, I awoke from a vivid dream, and the first thought that came to my mind was, "I want you to podcast the Bible." I sat up, shook off the dream and made a pot of coffee. But "I want you to podcast the Bible" became the tape playing over and over in my subconscious.


(Newsmax 4/27/2014)
Rwandan President Paul Kagame told a jam-packed crowd at a California event commemorating the 20th anniversary of one of the worst mass slaughters in modern history that the Central African nation embodies the best and worst of humanity.
(The Huffington Post 3/29/2012)
(Reuters) - A group of activist parents in this impoverished community were thwarted again in their bid to become the first in the nation to seize control of a public school under a controversial "parent trigger" law designed to shake up chronically failing schools.
(Newsmax 5/26/2012)
Somewhere around the 500th baptism of the day, a decidedly unspiritual thought popped into Pastor Rick Warren's mind. "They're all fat," America's most famous pastor remembers saying to himself. "I'm dunking everybody underwater, and everybody's fat."
(Newsmax 12/5/2013)
A new wave of faith-based dormitories at public universities is a hit with many students and parents, but the facilities are drawing the ire of those who support strict church-state separation.
(Newsmax 12/30/2013)
Despite the dramatic rise in interfaith marriages in America, many people never discuss their religious upbringings while dating or even what religion they want their children to practice.
(Christianity Today 6/17/2008)
Despite all the recent attacks on faith, or perhaps, because of them, these are definitely the best of times for Christian apologists such as Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig, Ben Witherington III, Darrell Bock, and J. P. Moreland.
( 1/25/2012)
Mold mania swept the United States a decade ago after lawsuits filed by celebrities Ed McMahon, Erin Brockovich and Michael Jordan stoked fears about "killer mold." Now, a new threat has emerged - a "house-eating fungus" that can devour homes in months.
(Rebel 2/1/2012)
Adam Braun's Pencils of Promise, with a little help from Justin Bieber, is bringing education to impoverished children.
(Newsmax 8/23/2012)
One issue getting barely a mention in this year's presidential contest is the rising collateral damage from the war on drugs, including swelling U.S prison populations and cartel violence that has claimed nearly 50,000 lives in Mexico since 2006.
(Newsmax 8/23/2012)
Hollywood has officially been born again - at least when it comes to Bible movies. Not since the 1950s and '60s when director Cecil B. DeMille and others brought a flood of faith stories to the big screen (think "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston), has Hollywood had so many stories of faith.
(Newsmax 10/20/2012)
I set out two years ago to discover the secret that made America the freest and most prosperous country the world has ever known.
(Reuters 8/29/2012)
(Reuters) - California Governor Jerry Brown and lawmakers have reached a deal to raise public employees' retirement ages, have them pay more into their pension accounts, and cap retirement payments in a vast overhaul of the state's pension system that he says will save $30 billion.
(Reuters 10/14/2012)
(Reuters) - The retired space shuttle Endeavour rolled at a snail-like pace through narrow city streets on Saturday, arriving five hours late at a key checkpoint but steadily closing in on its final destination at a museum.
(Christianity Today 5/15/2009)
Gazing out a large window in the pastor's office at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Arlene Epps-Gray explains how a mother who once owned a four-bedroom home surrounded by a pond and a barn became a homeless drug addict. She recalls a pivotal event, a childhood trauma seared into her memory.
(Newsmax 3/1/2013)
CIA officers are masters at detecting lies and deceit. In fact, knowing the difference between the truth and deception is often a matter of life or death for intelligence agents.
(Rebel 3/2/2012)
Innovative entrepreneur Shaun King has mastered the art of using social media for social good.
(Newsmax 2/28/2013)
Declining U.S. and global fertility rates could have dire consequences, including threatening economic stability - even pushing nations to the brink of war, a groundbreaking new book warns. At home, the decline could wreak havoc on Social Security, already on course to run dry within 10 years.
(Los Angeles Daily News 8/15/2009)
At a time when government agencies are cutting back on law enforcement, health care for children and services for the poor, the number of public servants collecting $100,000-plus pensions - including one raking in nearly $500,000 a year - has exploded in recent years.
(Newsmax 2/2/2013)
Nick Vujicic grew up hoping people wouldn't focus on what he didn't have and focus on what he did have - courage, strength, and tenacity.
(Charisma 3/1/2009)
He surfs. He swims. He's going to be in the Los Angeles Marathon in March. He has a contagiously optimistic outlook on life. And yet he has no arms or legs.
(The Press-Enterprise 11/4/2011)
The Press-Enterprise editorials I wrote about local, state and national topics.
(National Wildlife 1/19/2010)
Deep inside one of 260 caves in California's Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Shane Fryer stared for 20 minutes at a square-meter of ground, seeing little of interest. Then he noticed a tiny, moving dust flake.
(Los Angeles Daily News 1/10/2009)
When he first saw the storied 5.05-carat red diamond - a gem colored "as if a drop of blood fell upon the hand of the cutter" - Douglas Kazanjian thought it was heaven-sent.
(Newsmax 4/25/2013)
Not so long ago, shopping was easy. Goods had a set price, and if customers liked the price, they bought the item. If they didn't, they went elsewhere. Today, prices can change from hour to hour - even minute to minute.
(Newsmax 6/25/2013)
Ever since Daniel Defoe penned Robinson Crusoe in 1719, the mystique of being marooned on a deserted island has captured the imagination of millions the world over.
(Los Angeles Daily News 11/23/2008)
No one knows Mother Nature's fury like Daniel and Mary Rios. In a tragic confluence of misfortune, the Rios family has lost three San Fernando Valley homes to natural disasters. First it was the Sylmar Earthquake of 1971. Then the Northridge Earthquake of 1994. And now, the Sayre Fire.
(Newsmax 6/29/2012)
The TV star travels to England to tour the tiny town that spawned a band of outcasts we now call the Pilgrims.
(Human Events 11/8/2012)
Already facing calls for a congressional investigation into his ties to Georgia's most notorious abortion doctor, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. may be headed for more trouble.
(Human Events 10/31/2012)
Eric Holder Jr.'s family is moving fast and furiously to bury the U.S. Attorney General's ties to one of Georgia's most notorious abortion doctors.
(Newsmax 1/2/2013)
For some travelers, spontaneity is the elixir of life. And it's easy to see the allure of great destinations.
(Newsmax 1/2/2013)
Jeanie Truslow doesn't focus on the minutiae; she leaves that to the bean counters.
(Newsmax 1/5/2013)
Those familiar with the fervor of the animal-rights community weren't the least surprised this fall when "Trapping is torture" billboards blanketed Minnesota highways, accompanied by lurid images of bloody wolf carcasses.
(Los Angeles Daily News 4/5/2010)
In a tale worthy of Greek tragedy, the lion king of the Santa Monica Mountains a few years ago murdered his lioness and two of his offspring. Yet the fierce P-1, as scientists call him, has never attacked people or pets.
(Los Angeles Daily News 11/1/2010)
Amid the worst recession in modern history, the salaries of top Los Angeles County officials have shot up 12 to 45 percent in three years and some public servants are now making more than $400,000 annually in total compensation, a Los Angeles Daily News investigation has found.
(Charisma 6/1/2015)
A crowd of 550 people sing, clap and even dance in rhythm to the upbeat Jewish melodies played by LaDonna Taylor, a gifted violinist.
(Rebel 1/31/2011)
After spending his childhood in a devout Christian home caring for his ill mother, Scott Harrison rebelled at age 18, grew out his hair, joined a rock band and moved to New York City to become rich and famous.
(Los Angeles Daily News 10/11/2010)
In the middle of the 17th century, a Jewish scribe in Kolin, Czechoslovakia, sat down at a table with a feather quill and a bottle of special ink and spent a year writing the "Five Books of Moses" on the skin of a kosher animal.
( 2/11/2011)
The prevailing wisdom holds that existing public pensions - once converted into Cadillac plans - can't be turned back into Oldsmobiles.
(Charisma 3/1/2015)
While kneeling at the altar, Randy Clark felt a sharp pain in his eye lasting just a split second. The unusual pain caught his attention because he had only recently received a "crash course" in different ways to receive words of knowledge-downloads of supernatural information from the Holy Spirit.
(Charisma 4/1/2015)
It's the Day of Pentecost-not long after Jesus' resurrection and ascension to heaven. Suddenly, a cacophony of voices begins to build. A sound, like a "rushing mighty wind," fills the house in Jerusalem.
(Charisma 3/25/2015)
In last year's Hollywood blockbuster Noah, the revered biblical prophet played by actor Russell Crowe was portrayed as an "environmental crusader" and fallen angels confined to earth as stone golems helped save his family and two of every kind of animal before launching into the sky in a dazzling...
(Reuters 5/11/2012)
(Reuters) - Tens of thousands of fans are expected to attend Junior Seau's public memorial in a San Diego stadium on Friday, more than a week after the former National Football League star killed himself in his beachfront home.
(Chicago Tribune 3/22/2012)
LOS ANGELES, March 21 (Reuters) - Police investigating the 1974 murder of a U.S. Marine whose body was identified only recently said they have so far found no links to a serial killer active in California at the time but have not ruled out a connection.
(Outreach 6/29/2012)
I may be one of the most unlikely Olympic decathletes in the history of the games. I'm shorter and lighter than most decathletes. In fact, I'm the smallest decathlete to ever win an Olympic gold medal.
(Newsmax 1/26/2013)
Americans love going overseas to visit the historic castles of Europe. But the fact is we have our own castles here in the United States, complete with towering turrets, romantic drawbridges, and secret passageways.