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10 InDesign Favorites

Celebrate InDesign's tenth birthday with ten awesome tips from our expert instructor

1. Introduction (1:27)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (1:27) 1:27 FREE!
  2. Live Hyperlinks in PDF (4:41) 4:41 FREE!
  3. Printing Selected Pages (2:22) 2:22 FREE!
  4. Open Untitled Copy (2:30) 2:30 FREE!
  5. Vertical View (4:22) 4:22 FREE!
  6. Frame from Clipping Path (2:40) 2:40 FREE!
  7. Copy and Paste in Same Spot (3:04) 3:04 FREE!
  8. Draw and Thread Frames & Add Pages (4:01) 4:01 FREE!
  9. End Nested Style Keyboard Shortcut (3:28) 3:28 FREE!
  10. Put Characters into Text (3:14) 3:14 FREE!
  11. Fill Frame with Dummy Text (4:15) 4:15 FREE!
  12. Conclusion (3:12) 3:12 FREE!

Video Details

Celebrate InDesign's tenth birthday with ten awesome tips from our expert instructor. Joseph Caserto's time-savers and secret shortcuts include a way to lay out pages of text with one mouse-click, a keyboard shortcut for ending nested styles, and how to draw a frame from a clipping path.

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Joseph Caserto
Joseph Caserto is an award winning Graphic Artist based in New York City who specializes in publication art direction and design. He earned a BFA with honors in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, where he completed one of the first classes in graphic design produced with a Macintosh. With over 15 years of professional experience, mostly from national consumer magazines with circulations in the multi-millions, he is currently a freelance art director and designer whose clients include BusinessWeek, Marie Claire, PC, TV Guide, and Vibe magazines. Joseph is a member of The Graphic Artists' Guild and The Society of Publication Designers, and has taught at The City College of New York and NYU. A lifetime resident of New York State, he grew up in the State's historic Mid-Hudson Valley, and has lived in Brooklyn since the late 1980s. He was recently awarded a 2008 American Graphic Design Award, and a 2008 Create Award, Silver, for the cover of the April 2008 issue of BW Chicago, a BusinessWeek publication.