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Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins on the 21st Century Book

Eileen Gittins of Blurb takes on the topic of the 21st century book

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  2. Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins on the 21st Century Book, Part 1 (18:30) 18:30 FREE!
  3. Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins on the 21st Century Book, Part 2 (20:25) 20:25 FREE!

Video Details

There's plenty of debate swirling around the book business today: print or digital, consume vs. keep, losing yourself in a book vs. getting lost in the web. Eileen Gittins, founder and CEO of Blurb, speaks to the passion that drove her to start Blurb, thoughts on the cultural impact of self publishing, and what it means to be a book in the 21st century.

Eileen Gittins is founder and CEO of Blurb, the creative publishing and marketing platform that enables anyone to design, publish, market and sell professional-quality books. She has been at the intersection of the Internet, consumer and enterprise software, imaging systems, search, and digital photography throughout her career. A passionate advocate for enabling technologies that offer new ways to do valuable things, Eileen is democratizing publishing for the rest of us with Blurb, which has published more than 1 million book titles since she launched the company in 2006.

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