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Breaking Into Design

Got a good eye? Now get some skills. Stephanie Murg takes you through what you'll need to get a job in graphics.

1. Highlights (1:02)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:02) 1:02 FREE!
  2. Getting Started in Design (1:02) 1:02 FREE!
    We'll give you a quick glimpse of what's up in design right now, and introduce our expert, Stephanie Murg.
  3. Stephanie Murg, blogger for's UnBeige, speaks (4:48) 4:48 FREE!
    Here's the real insider information on where design is now, and where it's going. You'll get tips on how to prepare for a career in design, and insight on industry news.
  4. Resources for Your Search (1:18) 1:18 FREE!
    We provide a summary of Stephanie's key points, and give you some resources to get you started on your job search.

Video Details

In this brief tutorial, you'll get the latest info on opportunities in design, including insight on where the field is going, and the skills you'll need to break in.

Stephanie Murg, blogger for's UnBeige, will be your guide.

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