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Content Discovery: Getting Your Brand in Front of the Right Customers

Get your content noticed by all the right people.

1. Highlights (2:16)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:16) 2:16 FREE!
  2. Content Discovery, Part 1 (15:16) 15:16 FREE!
  3. Content Discovery, Part 2 (16:15) 16:15 FREE!
  4. Content Discovery, Part 3 (14:50) 14:50 FREE!
  5. Content Discovery, Part 4 (8:38) 8:38 FREE!

Video Details

This panel from mediabistro's ThinkMobile Spring 2010 conference, will discuss how to make your mobile content attract customers. In the early days, customers purchased content based on tiny three-word titles and descriptions on low-res screens. That meant licensed, well-known properties did well, and original IP didn't. Now, the field is wide open. As a result, there are thousands of apps out there, and it's tough to get noticed. Our experts talk about how to do it the right way.

The panel is moderated by Chris Quick, Mobile Media Analyst, The Nielsen Company and features Boris Fridman, CEO, Crisp Wireless; Maria Buck, Associated Press; Myk Willis, CEO and Founder, Myxer; and Patrick Mork, VP, Marketing, GetJar.

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