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Creative Storytelling: Innovative Design in Advertising & Branding

Top creatives discuss innovation in the current environment. Presented with Creative Week NYC.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Graphic Change (8:53) 8:53 FREE!
    Brian shows a brief summary of his work, and begins by talking about an experience he had in Hale County, Alabama with Project M, using graphic design as a catalyst of social change with the project.
  3. Curation, Design, and the Senses (8:50) 8:50 FREE!
    Sebastien Agneessens showcases his work, including balloon art, giant erotic paintings, and collaborations with a wide variety of artists for Diesel and Lexus. He describes early camouflage projects that were aimed to confuse the senses, and how it inspired a Reebok campaign. Brian asks: How has being a curator informed your work as a designer?
  4. Multimedia Marvels (13:25) 13:25 FREE!
    Vivian Rosenthal speaks about the Blue House, a project on the intersection of digital and physical space, then outlines three case studies including the "Bloom" project for Sharp, a sculpture and video installation for Hewlitt Packard's corporate headquarters, and the Target "Revolutions" campaign. Brian asks about how the working relationship works with various clients.
  5. Shoes and Spheres (17:06) 17:06 FREE!
    Dan Lacivita describes his work with Firstborn, developing digital experiences on a variety of platforms. He begins by describing the process behind an interactive web video project for Puma shoes. Brian asks about how Dan worked with Droga to develop the proposal. Dan describes a second project for the relaunch of Microsoft Live in cooperation with Operation Smile, a two-story sphere with photos projected on it to create a generative piece. Brian asks about how music and sound design connect to the rest of the project.
  6. Vodka, Football, and Kisses (15:16) 15:16 FREE!
    Jason Koxvold shows work from the rebranding of Stoli, and the recreation of the Umbro English football kit as seen through a digital tailor shop. He then shows his interactive campaign for Mentos: just feed the on-screen character a mint, then kiss your webcam for an encounter with the digital kiss-cam. Hilarious. Brian asks the panel: how do you find the right story to tell?
  7. Questions and Answers (17:00) 17:00 FREE!
    Brian takes questions from the audience. Where do you get that Puma shoe? How is it owning a business in this economy? How do you find good collaborators? How do you know a relationship isn't working? How do you guys get such good gigs? Have you ever gotten in deeper than you expected? What advice would you give someone who wants to open their own company?

Video Details

As content and advertising continue to move away from print to online, how can designers differentiate themselves and their clients in a powerful way? What multimedia elements need to be considered for a campaign--video, animation, an interactive experience? Or is experiential marketing the best way to cut through the noise? 

In this panel discussion, you'll hear from designers who are looking at client campaigns through a new optic. They're creating compelling stories, solving business problems, and connecting clients to customers through innovative advertising, branding, and interactive design. They will present some of their best campaigns, and discuss how they are approaching work in the current environment.

Moderated by Brian Collins (COLLINS:), designer and creative director who was named American Master of Design by Fast Company in 2005.

6 videos
1 hour, 23 minutes total running time

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