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Design for Nonprofits: Special Events

Designing for nonprofit special events is an often overlooked sector for graphic designers.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
    Watch a free preview of Design for Nonprofits: Special Events
  2. The Nonprofit Spectrum FREE!
  3. Nonprofit Icons: Farm Aid FREE!
  4. Nonprofit Icons: Make a Wish Foundation FREE!
  5. Questions to Ask Before You Start FREE!
  6. The Creation of a Nonprofit Logo FREE!
  7. Nonprofit Logo Application FREE!
  8. Case Study: Woofstock FREE!
  9. Think Globally, Design Locally FREE!
  10. As an Event Evolves... FREE!

Video Details

Designing for nonprofit special events is an often overlooked sector for graphic designers. This video provides an overview on nonprofits and their special events, and what the designer needs to consider before creating promotional materials for these events.

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Zoe Fedeles
Zoe Fedeles is a graphic designer and owner of Zoe Graphics in New York City. Having received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, she went on to freelance as a designer in New York City. Relocating to South Florida in the early 1990s, she established her studio as an award winning organization. While Zoe Graphics creates work for a variety of clients, over the last decade, the company has acquired a positive reputation among nonprofit organizations as a design studio that understands the needs of this special sector.