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Editors on Truth Serum

Editors at leading publications discuss the new rules of success in print and online

2. Highlight from the Panel

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlight from the Panel FREE!
  3. How the Editors Became Editors (11:48) 11:48 FREE!
    From staying true to one publication and climbing the ladder, to the importance of initiative and thorough idea pitches, the editors share their career maps.
  4. Online Versus Offline (9:06) 9:06 FREE!
    Schulz, Story, and Weisberg continue the discussion of how they became editors. Panelists also discuss their approaches to online and offline publishing: how the two differ in staffing, style, and tone.
  5. Web Strategies (8:19) 8:19 FREE!
    Panelists reveal their approaches to online publishing: amount of staff dedicated to the web, the direction of various web products, and the importance of retaining focus and community in a supersaturated medium.
  6. Editors Are People, Too (11:27) 11:27 FREE!
    The editors mull over brand, tribe, and identity, including the limitations of publishing on the web, such as the disappearance of long-form journalism. Laurel inquires: "What is the dumbest thing you've ever done?"
  7. Audience Q&A: Part 1 (10:30) 10:30 FREE!
    Mistakes in their careers? Holley suggests that magazine covers, like magazines, should be bolder: in an uncertain climate, editors tend to produce "safe" but milquetoast products. Laurel delves into questions from the audience.
  8. Audience Q&A: Part 2 (5:58) 5:58 FREE!
    Laurel recounts the panelists' tips for success, submitted prior to the panel.

Video Details

What is it like at the top? Editors from leading publications discuss the nuts and bolts of their profession. Slate's Jacob Weisberg represents the online perspective while Tom Foster, formerly of Men's Journal, Brandon Holley of Jane, Stacy Morrison of Redbook, and Susan Schulz of CosmoGIRL! present different takes on print publications and the challenges they face in today's turbulent media climate. Richard Story remains a man apart, as the editor-in-chief of American Express' niche publication Departures. Moderated by Laurel Touby, founder and CEO of

6 videos
57 minutes total running time

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